Document ID SCB6-A10

Archive Location ET SCB6 (BL) Loan 125/61
Document description letter, fragment
Date 11 October 1886
Document form A - Letter from Ellen Terry, Edith Craig or family member
Document attributes Signed; Handwritten; Envelope extant
Number of leaves 2
Postmarked OC 11 86  [11 October 1886]
Correspondent Nell [Ellen Terry]
Addressee Mrs Palmer [Queen Palmer]
Addressee address 13 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London
General notes Edith [Craig] is with her at the play; mentions departure of Edward Godwin; message to Fred and Nannie [Held]; Louise Jopling sent the news; asks her not to write.
Language English
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Document ID: SCB6-A10 Archive location: ET SCB6 (BL) Loan 125/61