Document ID SCB6-G5

Archive Location ET SCB6 (BL) Loan 125/61
Document description cutting
Date February 27 1947 [16]
Document form G - Cutting (e.g. item taken from newspaper, journal or book)
Author Phillip Carr
Title Ellen Terry
Publication The Manchester G[uardian]
Volume/page numbers 3
General notes Detailed article on Centenary of Ellen Terry's birth; recollections by Phillip Carr, son of Alice Comyns Carr, about Ellen Terry, mentioning Winchelsea, G. F. Watts and numerous plays.
Language English

Works Cited

Title Vikings
Original author [Henrik Ibsen]
Title Olivia
Title Macbeth
Original author [William Shakespeare]
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Document ID: SCB6-G5 Archive location: ET SCB6 (BL) Loan 125/61