Document ID ET-D395a

Archive Location ET PROGS ET-D235-418, 1916 (BL) Loan 125/22/9
Document description programme, supplement
Date 2 May 1916
Document form D - Programme
Document attributes Annotated; Enclosure
Corporate Body The Actors' Association
Production Date(s) Tuesday May 2nd 1916
Venue Theatre Royal
Venue address Drury Lane
General notes Shakespeare Tercentenary Commemoration Performance. Inserted in ET-D395; annotated 'E.T.' [Ellen Terry].
Language English

Works Cited

Title Julius Caesar
Original author William Shakespeare
Title Shakespeare Pageant
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Shakespeare Tercentenary Commemoration Performance Theatre Royal Drury Lane Kindly let my Mr. Arthur Collins and the Directors of Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Ltd. Tuesday Afternoon, May 2nd, 1916 Patrons: His Majesty the King Her Majesty the Queen Her Majesty the Queen Alexandra Their Majesties the King and Queen have graciously consented to be prsent --- The Actors Association Is represented by the following members wbo are taking part in the performance :- in Julius Caesar Henry Ainley M.Arioso Clifton Boyne F. R. Benson Roy Byford Alfred Brydone Lilian Braithwaite lvor Bernard Inez Bensusan Cecil Bevan Holman Clark O. B. Clarence Hubert Carter Donald Calthrop Arthur Cleave W. Cadogan Charles Cruikshank Dorothy Day H.V.Esmond Alma Ellerslie Betty Fairfax E.Story Gofton A. Gordon Lennox A. Goddard Hubert Harben William Home Frederick Harker H.B. Irving Gerald du Maurier Tarver Penna Leon Quartermaine Rossulston Riche H.A. Saintsbury Edward Sass May Saker Marion Turner George Tully Sydney Valentine Henry Vibart Evelyn Vanderzee Fisher White Ben Webster Esther Whitehouse Rathmell Wilson Frank Wheatley Leonard Yorke in the Shakespeare Pageant Sir George Alexander Henry Ainley Garald Aimes Robert Atkins H.K. Ayliff F.R.Benson Acton Bond Lilian Braithwaite Hutin Britton Ivan Berlyn Alfred Brydone Leonard Clavert Hayden Coffin Marianne Caldwell Donald Calthrop Stella Mervyn Campbell Stella Patrick Campbell Hubert Carter O.B. Clarence Clive Currie Geoffrey Douglas Stanley Drewitt Dennis Eadie Winifred Emery H.V. Esmond Norman Forbes Charles France Ben Field Arthur Fayne Clare Greet Dorothy Green Odette Goimbault Margaret Halstan Mubert Harben C Mordley Hulse Helena Head Douglas Jeffires O.Johnston Frederick Keff Stanley Lathbury James Lindsay Fewlass Llewellyn Matheson Lang Miles Malleson Henry Millar Dawson Milward M. Maughan Norman Page Leon Quartermaine Saba Raleigh E. Vivian Reynolds Jerrold Robertshaw Charles Rock Bassett Roe Frederick Ross Edward Sass William Stack Harding Steerman H.A. Saintsbury Leonard Shepherd Athene Seylef Estelle Stead Ellen Terry Sybill Thorndike Madge Titheradge Lady Tree Viola Tree Irene Vanbrugh Lottie Venne Henry Vibart O. Walter Beatrice Wilson Harcourt Williams Rene Waller Ben Webster Fisher White
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Document ID: ET-D395a Archive location: ET PROGS ET-D235-418, 1916 (BL) Loan 125/22/9