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Archive Location ET PROGS ET-D418a-551;561a-589, 1899-1911 (BL) Loan 125/23A/1
Document description programme, three copies
Date 28 October 1904
Document form D - Programme
Production Date(s) 28 September [1904] to 1 October [1904]
Venue Grand Theatre
Venue address Boscombe
Time of performance 2.30pm 8pm
Stage Manager Charles La Trobe
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig [Edith Craig]
Music Director Christopher Wilson
Language English

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Title The Merchant of Venice
Original author William Shakespeare
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ELD'S CIGAR AND TOBACCO STORES. 74, Commerical Road, Bournemouth. [14 empty ad boxes containing] TO LET. The Wholesale Tobacco Supply Stores will be glad to see you at 3, Commercial Road, (Next door to the London Hotel) Bournemouth. Alfred Sutton-Proprietor. Importer of Havana & Mexacan Cigars. The Largest Stock in Bournemouth to select from.
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Sole Proprietors of the well-known whisky brands - Bobbie Scott & King Robert. Robert Scott & Co., Wine and Spirit Merchants, 114, Old Christchurch Road. Sole Agents for Messrs. J.W.Rogers & Co., Brewers Bristol. Coals. Coals. Good Kitchen Coal at 21/- per ton. 1/- per ton less for orders of 5 tons or over. Best Coals of other qualities always in stock at lowest current prices. Price list on application. G.T. Walley, Coal Merchant. Latimer Road, Winton, Bournemouth. Te.. No. 771. [empty box] TO LET. PROGRAMME MONDAY, September 26th, for Six Nights at 8, and MATINEE WEDNESDAY, at 2.30. First Visit to Boscombe of Greatest Actress MISS ELLEN TERRY AND HER COMPANY. Wednesday, Sept. 28th, Matinee and Evening, and Saturday Evening, Oct. 1st. SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDY, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. Dresses by Miss Ailsa Craig. --- Duke of Venice: Mr. J.S.Hamilton Prince of Morocco ( Suitor to Portia): Mr. George Fitzgerald Antonio (a Merchant of Venice): Mr. Charles Thursby Bassanio (his Friend, Suitor to Portia): Mr. Matheson Lang Friends to Antonio and Bassanio: Gratiano: Mr. E. Harcourt Salarino: Mr. Eustace Le Grand Solanio: Mr. Halliwell Hobbes Lorenzo (in Love with Jessica): Mr. T.A. Shannon Shylock (a Jew): Mr. Alfred Bucklaw Tubal (a Jew, his Friend): Mr. Charles Whittle Lancelot (a Clown, Servant to Shylock, and afterwards Servant to Bassanio): Mr. John Willes Old Gobbo (Father to Lancelot): Mr. Leonard Craske Servants to Portia: Balthazar: Mr. Paul Burnand Stephano: Mr. Penderel Price Nerissa (Waiting Maid to Portia): Miss Audrey Campbell Jessica (Daughter of Shylock): Miss Hutin Britton Portia (a Rich Heiress): Miss Ellen Terry Magnificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaolers, SErvants to Portia, and other Attendants. --- Act 1: Venice. Act 2-Scenes 1 and 3: Venice, Scenes 2 and 4: A Street in Venice. Act 3-Scenes 1 and 3: Portia's House, Belmont, Scenes 2 and 4: A Street in Venice, Scene 5: Portia's House, Belmont. Act 4: A Court of Justice, Venice Act 5: The Garden, Belmont. There will be no Interval between Acts 1 and 2 --- General Manager (for Miss Ellen Terry) Mr. Alfred Courtenay Acting Manager: Mr. Thomas J. Courtly Advance Representative: Mr. G. Aubrey Hall Stage manager: Mr. Charles La Trobe Musical Director: Mr. Christopher Wilson --- Programme of Music Overture "Poet and Peasant" - Suppe Two Pieces - Matt Three Dances "Henry VIII" German Entr'acte "L'Extase" - Thome Intermezzo "Forget-Me-Not" - Macbeth Entr'acte "Alla Stella Confidente" - Robandi Serenata - Mascagni Conductor Mr. W. Hannan. --- The arrangements for the Electric Lighting of this Theatre are under the direction of Messrs. Bacon & Curtis, Ltd. Bournemouth. --- For the Best laundry work and for prompt delivery employ The Bournemouth Steam Laundry. Good family laundry work specialy studied. We never fail in our deliveries. Apply-The manageress, The Bournemouth Steam Laundry, LIttledown Road, Tel. No.89. --- TO LET. For particulars apply to Rowland Stewart, Manager, Theatre Royal.
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[15 empty ad boxes containing] TO LET. British & best. Caley's Milk Chocolate. Can be obtained at this Theatre.
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Prospective Engagements. Monday, October 3rd, for Six Nights Only. at 8, THE FEMALE SWINDLER. Monday, October 10th, for Six Nights Only. at 8, AS MIDNIGHT CHIMES. Monday, October 17th, for Six Nights Only. at 8, A MODERN JUDAS.
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Document ID: ET-D430 Archive location: ET PROGS ET-D418a-551;561a-589, 1899-1911 (BL) Loan 125/23A/1