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Document description programme
Date 20 January 1883
Document form D - Programme
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Production Date(s) Saturday January 20th 1883
Venue Royal Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 7.45pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer Hawes Craven, W. Cuthbert and William Telbin
Costume Designer Mrs Reid, Auguste & Co.
Choreographer M. Dewinne
Music Director Meredith Ball
General notes 100th performance.
Language English

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Title Much Ado About Nothing
Original author William Shakespeare
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THIS EVENING, SATURDAY, JANUARY 20th 1883, AT A QUARTER TO EIGHT O'CLOCK, WILL BE PRESENTED Shakespeare's Comedy MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING The Scenery by HAWES CRAVEN, W. CUTHBERT and WILLIAM TELBIN. and WILLIAM TELBIN. The Overture and Incidental Music composed and arranged by the Musical Director Mr. MEREDITH BALL. Hymn, "Pardon Goddess of the Night," by the Rev. Canon DUNCOMBE. "Sigh no more, Ladies," STEVENS. The Costumes by Mrs. REID and AUGUSTE et Cie. The Dances Arranged hy M. DEWINNE. Machinist, Mr. KNIGHT. Appointments, Tapestries, &c., by Mr. ARNOTT. Benedick (A Young Lord of Padua): Mr HENRY IRVING. Don Pedro: (Prince of Arragon): Mr. W.TERRISS. Don John (His Bastard Brother): Mr. C.GLENNY. Claudio (A Young Lord of Florence): Mr. FORBES-ROBERTSON Leonato: (Governor of Messina): Mr. FERNANDEZ Antonio : (His Brother): MR. H.HOWE. Balthazar (Attendant on Don Pedro): Mr J.ROBERTSON Borachio, Conrade (Followers of Don John): Mr. F.TYARS, Mr. HUDSON Friar Francis : Mr. MEAD Dogberry, Verges (Two City Officers): Mr. S.JOHNSON, Mr. STANISLAUS CALHAEM. Seacol, Oatcake (Watchmen): Mr. ARCHER, Mr. HARBURY. A Sexton: Mr. CARTER. A Messenger: Mr. HAVILAND A Boy: Miss K.BROWN. Hero (Daughter to Leonate): Miss MILLWARD. Margaret, Ursula (Gentlewomen atending on Hero): Miss. HARWOOD, Miss L.PAYNE. AND Beatrice (Niece to Leonato): Miss ELLEN TERRY. Ladies, Gentlemen, Maskers, Pages, Attendants, Musicians, Guards, Watchmen, Soldiers, Servants &c. &c. SCENE-MESSINA. Synopsis of Scenery ACT I. SCENE. LEONATO'S HOUSE - HAWES CRAVEN ACT II. SCENE 1. BEFORE LEONATO'S HOUSE - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 2. HALL IN LEONATO'S HOUSE - W.CUTHBERT ACT III. SCENE 1. BEFORE LEONATO'S HOUSE - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 2. LEONATO'S GARDEN (Evening) - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 3. LEONATO'S GARDEN (Morning) - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 4. THE CEDAR WALK - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 5. A STREET - HAWES CRAVEN ACT IV SCENE. INSIDE OF A CHURCH - W.TELBIN. ACT V. SCENE 1. A PRISON - W.CUTHBERT SCENE 2. LEONATO'S GARDEN - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 3. THE MONUMENT OF LEONATO - W.TELBIN. SCENE 4. HALL IN LEONATO'S HOUSE - HAWES CRAVEN The intervals after each Act are- 1st Act, 6 minutes; 2nd Act, 8 minutes; 3rd act, 15 minutes; 4th Act, 10 minutes. Programme of Music: Pot-pourri: "Much Ado About Nothing": J. Meredith Ball. Tarantelle: "The Original Napolitaine": Jullien Valse: "Much Ado About Nothing": J. Meredith Ball. Fest March "Tannhouser": Wagner. Entr'acte: "Salterello": Gounod. Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY.

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NOTICE. It having come to Mr. Irving's knowledge that statements have been made to the effect that certain seats in the Theatre are sometimes privately booked, and are not open tor the benefit of the general public, Mr. Irving begs to inform the public that such assertions are utterly unfounded. Seats not reserved for booking at the Theatre are appropriated to the various Librarians. When their supply is exhausted places can generally be had on application to Mr. Hurst at the Box Office of the Theatre, where the large number of places are reserved for the accommodation of the general public. MORNING PERFORMANCES OF MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Saturday, January 27th Saturday, February 3rd. Saturday, February 10th. Doors Open at Half-past One o'Clock. Commence at Two. The Bill of the Play will in every part of the House be supplied without charge. No Fees of any kind are permitted, and Mr. IRVING trusts that in his endeavour to carry out this arrangement, he may rely on the co-operation of the Public, who are requested, should there be any cause of complaints, or especial satisfaction, to refer at once to the Acting Manager The only authorized book of Mr. Irving's acting version of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is to be had in the Theatre, or by post from the Acting manager, price One Shilling. DOORS OPEN AT 7.15. PERFORMANCE COMMENCES AT 7.45. NO FEES OF ANY KIND. Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. Stalls, 10s.; Dress Circle, 6s.; Upper Circle, 4s.; Amphitheatre, 2s.6d.; Pit, 2s.; Gallery, 1s. Private Boxes, £2 2s. to £4 4s. Box Office open 10 till 5, under tbe direction of Mr. JOSEPH HURST, of whom seats can be booked One Month in advance, also by Letter or Telegram. W.S.Johnson, -Nassau Steam Press, 60, St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross, W.C.

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Document ID: ET-D46 Archive location: ET PROGS ET-D1-234, ET-D1-234 1860-1899 (BL) Loan 125/21/1