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Archive Location ET PROGS ET-D418a-551;561a-589, 1917-18 (BL) Loan 125/23A/6
Document description programme
Date 25 February 1918
Document form D - Programme
Document attributes Annotated; Enclosure
Production Date(s) 25 February 1918 to 2 March 1918
Venue London Coliseum
Time of performance 2.30pm 8pm
Stage Manager Henry Crocker
Music Director Alfred Dove
General notes Evening entertainment - collection of songs, recitations and plays. Ellen Terry as Portia and Arthur Phillips as Shylock, with insert.
Language English

Works Cited

Title The Merchant of Venice
Original author William Shakespeare
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The London Coliseum. Haycock-Cadle Co, Camberwell. Price. 1D.

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Winter overcoats. Chas. Baker & Co. hold the largest stock in London and being actual manufacturers are supplying the best value obtainable. The Hurlingham is the most popular style for general wear and is stocked in cheviots, fleeces, elysians. &c. An extensive range of sizes for stout, medium and slim figures ready for wear. The house with a forty years' reputation. Chas. Baker & Co'.s Stores, Ltd. Head Depot and Letter Order Dept. 271 to 274 High Holborn, W.C.1. 41 and 43 Ludgate Hill, E.C.4, 137 to 140 Tottenham Court Rd., W.1, 256 Edgware Road, W.2, 27 to 33 King St., Hammersmith, W.6. 7 to 9 Seven Sisters Road, N.7. Croydon Branch: Whitgift House, North End. The Hurlingham. The London Coliseum Licensed by the Lord Chamberlain to Mr. Gerwald Stall, Chairman and Managing Director, The Coliseum Syndicate, Ltd., Coliseum Buildings, W.C. Managing Director – Oswald Stoll, Manager – Arthur Croxton, Stage Manager – Henry Croker, Musical Director – Alfred Dove – Assistant Manager – H. Pryme. Prices of Admission and Box Office Information. ‘Phone – Gerrard 7541. The Royal Box (to hold 14) with use of retiring rooms, Six Guineas – Tax One Guinea, The Royal Box (to hold 14) without use of retiring rooms, Five Guineas – Tax 14s. The Royal Box divided into two (to hold 4), Two Guineas each section – Tax 6s. Extra Seats 5s. – Tax 9d. Private Boxes, One Guinea – Tax 4s. (Four Persons). Extra Seats, 5s. – Tax 9d.; and 15s. – Tax 3s. 10s. 6d. – Tax 2s. (Four Persons). Extra Seats 4s. – Tax 9d.; and 3s. – Tax 6d. Fauteuils, 5s. – Tax 9d. A few Special. 7s. 6d. – Tax 1s. Balcony Stalls, 4s. – Tax 9d. Orchestra Stalls, 2s. 6d. – Tax 6d. If Reserved in Advance, 3s. – Tax 6d. Grand Tier Stalls, 2s. 6d. – Tax 6d. If Reserved in Advance, 3s. – Tax 6d. Royal Circle, 2s. – Tax 4d. If Reserved in Advance, 2s. 6d. – Tax 6d. Stalls, 2s. – Tax 4d. Bookable only in Advance. Grand Tier, 1s. – Tax 3d. If Reserved in Advance, 1s. 6d. tax 4d. Balcony. 6d. – Tax 2d. Early Doors, 3d. extra – Tax 3d. Saturdays, 10d. – Tax 3d. Children In Arms Not Admitted. Sole Representatives for Advertisements in this Programme. A. E. Tanner & Co. Advertising Agents and Publishers. 93/94, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. To Whom all enquiries should be addressed. ‘Phone: Central 203. Programme week commencing Monday, FEBRUARY 25th. The Management reserve to themselves the right of making any unavoidable alteration in the constitution of the Programme. 1. Overture "Dwan of Freedom"-March, Adolf Lotter Chocolates obtainable from the Attendants and in the tea rooms and Bars. COLISEUM BOX OFFICE INFORMATION Children under twelve half-price to Fauteuils, Balcony Stalls, Orchestra Stalls, Grand Tier Stalls, and Royal Circle at Afternoon Performance. All Seats (except Balcony) can be booked until 1.55 p.m. and 7.25 p.m. ‘Phone 7541 Gerrard (Four Lines). Box Office open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Please Post Remittance with Letter. Seats booked by Telephone will not be kept after 2 p.m. or 7.30 p.m. unless previously paid for. Every afternoon at 2.30. Every Evening at 8. Early doors open 1.30 and 7 p.m. daily. Ordinary doors open 2 and 7.30 p.m. daily. The Right of Refusing Admission Reserved. Change of Programme Weekly. Piano used on Stage by Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew, Ltd. Architects, Messrs. Frank Matcham & Co. Lost Property found by Staff of this Theatre is handed to the Manager, to whom all applications for same should be made.

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Hear WILKIE BARD on 'His Master's Voice' Records. List Post Free from The Gramophone Co. Ltd., Hayes, Middlesex. His Master's Voice. Talk War Seals! Buy War Seals!! Use War Seals!!! Programme – continued. 2-The KAVANAGHS Australians In their Novel Juggling Scena "The SPORTS SHOP" 3-ELVEN HEDGES (Late HEDGES BROS. & JACOBSON) In Ragtime Hits Talk War Seals! Buy War Seals!! Use War Seals!!! Alhambra Leicester Square and Charing Cross Road. THE THEATRE DE LUXE OF THE WORLD. Managing Director OSWALD STOLL Manager DWARD FOSTER EVERY EVENING, 8.15, MATINEES: WED., THUR, AND SAT. at 2.15 Mr OSWALD STOLL PRESENTS Messrs. GROSSMITH and LAURILLARD'S NEW REVUE in TWO ACTS BING BOYS ON BROADWAY Being the adventures of Lucifer Bing and his brother Potifer in America, as told by GEO. GROSSMITH and FRED THOMPSON Written by FRED THOMPSON & HARRY M.VERNON. Music by NAT D, AYER, Lyrics by CLIFFORD M.GREY. The Play produced by HARRY M.VERNON. Production staged by GUS SOHLKE GEORGE ROBEY, VIOLET LORAINE, BESSIE CLIFFORD, PETER WISER, DAN AGAR, LORNA and TOOS POUNDS. Box Office Telephone-GERRARD 5064 Make sure its an Osram. Osram Patent G.E.C. Made in England. Osram G.E.C Drawn Wire Lamps. Get the war seal habit. Programme – continued. 4-BEATIE and BABS In their Entertainment "KITCHEN FROLICS" Criterion Restaurant, luncheon, 3/6, dinner, 5/6. Popular Grill Room, music all day. CLAYTONS' GOLD MEDAL TABLE WATERS, SUPPLIED TO THIS THEATRE Soda Water, Seltzer Water, Tonic Water, Lithia Water, Potass Water, Lemonade, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Dry Ginger Ale, Pale Ale, Non-Alcoholic, Lime Juice Cordial Can be obtained from the Attendants, or in the Refreshment Rooms or Bars

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The Eagle and British Dominions Insurance Company Limited 1807. For the House-Holder. For the House-Owner. "All-In" policy. Covers Contents of the Home 5/- per cent. Covers Building Fabric 1/6 per cent. Covers practically every risk and contingency with one police, one premium one renewal date. Write for Booklet 857. "All-In" Policy Department, 3 Old Broad Street, London, E.C.2. Head Office: British Dominions House, Royal Exchange Avenue, E.C.5. West End: 79 Pall Mall, S> W. 1. Assets Exceed £5,000,000. Applications for Agencies Invited. "The Most Progressive Office for all classes of Insurance". Pinoli's Restaurant 17, Wardour St. Special 2/- supper. Consisting of Soup, Fish Entrée, or Poultry, Ice, Cheese, served from 9 p.m. to 12.15 p.m. Programme continued 5-WILKIE BARD Comedian 6-INTERMISSION (a) "A Slippery Place" - Comic - Rag - March, Phil M.Hacker (b) "Hullo Europe" Alfred Dove Pinoli's Restaurant 17, Wardour St. Special 2/9 Parisian Dinner. Served from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Evans & Evans trading as Fribourg & Treyer Established at 34, Haymarket, S.W. over 200 years. Our Finest Cigarettes, for which we have a World-Wide Reputation, can be obtained in this Theatre. Everything that is required by the discriminating smoker can be obtained at the above address. London, Oxford, Cambridge. Miranda's Dream (Regd.). Oriental Am-Bar. Delicately Perfumed Cigarettes can be obtained in this Theatre, or direct from A. Miranda & Co. 97, Charing Cross Road, W.C. The Coliseum is one of the Wonders of London in War Time. Evening News. Holborn Restaurant. One Minute from the Holborn Tube Station. Luncheon – 3/- (1 to 8 p.m.). Dinner – 3/6 (6 to 9 p.m.) Accompanied by high-class Music. Programme continued. 7- Miss Ellen Terry In the Trial Scene from "THE MERCHANT OF VENICE" Portia: Miss Ellen Terry, Nerissa: Miss Edith Evans, Shylock: Mr. Arthur Phillips, Bassanio: Mr. Norman Howard, Antonio: Mr. Henry Oscar, Gratanio: Mr. Hubert Woodward, The Duke: Mr. Tome Heslewood. Frascati Oxford Street. W. London's Floral Restaurant. Luncheon – 3/6 (1 to 2 p.m.), Dinner – 5/6 (6 to 9 p.m.) Orchestra. The New Middlesex Theatre Drury Lane THE LADS OF THE VILLAGE A MUSICAL-COMEDY MELODRAMA Originated by JOE PETERMAN. Music by JAS. W.TATE ("THAT") Book and Lyrics by CLIFFORD HARRIS and VALENTINE. BOB STEVENS as "Erb, V.C." 10 Novel Scenes and a Realistic Battle Effect Latest Official News by War Office Topical Budget Special on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:- GENERAL ALLENBY'S ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM. POPULAR PRICES. Telephone-GERRARD 1340

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Distinctive Jewellery. Every example in the magnificent display at Saqui & Lawrence's is offered at practically Wholesale Prices. £5/5/- £5/5/- Cross-over Ring, set with 2 Sapphires and Diamond. £5. Charming Gold Brooch, set with fine Diamonds and Rubies, £6/6/-. Lady's Gold Wrist Watch, timed and adjusted and warranted £5/5/-. Distinctive Jewellery Saqui & Lawrence Ltd. Send a postcard for Free Illustrated Art Catalogue. Visit your nearest branch to-day. Saqui & Lawerence Ltd. London's Largest Jewellers Principal London Addresses: Piccadilly: Piccadilly Circus (Cr of Shaftesbury Av.) 54, Strand : Opposite Charing Cross Hospital. Branches throughout London and the Provinces. Get the war seal habit. Programme – continued. 8- BRANSBY WILLIAMS In Selections from his Repertoire 9-The Wonderful POPPESCUS Gymnasts Get the war seal habit. The National Table Water Salutaris Sparking or Still Also Soda Water, Dry Ginger Ale, &c. Bring a pure distilled Water, Salutaris is the finest dilutent for Wines or Spirits. Supplied to this Theatre. Tel: Battersea 1129. Tel.: Kingston P.O. [?] The South-Western Sanitary Laundry, Ltd. Balham Park, S. W., & Kingston-on-Thames with skilled labour, absolute cleanliness, and exceptional hygienic arrangements, we produce Perfect Laundry – Work, and – Perfect Produce Procures Permanent Patrone. In accordance with the requiements of the London County Council: - (a) The public may leave at the end of the performance by all exit and entrance doors and such doors must at that time be open. (b) All gangways, passages and staircases must be kept entirely free from chairs or any other obstructions. (c). Persons must not be permitted to stand or sit in any of the intersection gangways, and if standing be permitted in the gangways at the sides and rear of the seating, sufficient space must be left for persons to pass easily to and fro. (d) The safety-curtain must be lowered about the middle of the performance to as to ensure its being in proper working order. Royal Ediswan Drawn Wire Lamps half-watt and other type lamps are entirely British. 200v 30w Royal Ediswan. Trocadero Afternoon Teas served daily in the Empire Hall Theatre Suppers Special Music. Programme continued 10 – Bioscope War Office Topical Budget. God Save the King – 25/2/1918. The soldier's Match Box Bryant & Mat's ‘Service' Match-Box Cover (Reg. design No. 642237). Keeps matches and box dry in all weathers. The Coliseum Tea and Refreshment Rooms refreshments in the Theatre at Popular Prices. Speciality – Coffee, freshly made for each person (Black or with Milk) – 6d. Tea, per Pot, per Person, freshly made – 5d. Tea, per cup – 3.d. Coffee, per Cup, Black or with Milk – 4d. Cocoa, per Cup – 4d. Milk, Per Glass – 3d. Soda and Milk – 6d. Beef Extracts – 6d. Lemonade or Soda Water, large – 4d. Lemonade or Soda Water, small – 3d. Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer – 4d. Lemon Squash – 8d. Ham or Beef, per Plate – 1/-, Bread & Butter, white or brown, 2 slices – 1d. Cake, Almond, Sultana, Cherry, per piece – 3d. Assorted Cakes – 3d. Savoury Toast – 6d. Two Poached Eggs on Toast – 1s. 3d. One Poached Egg on Toast – 9d. Toasted Scone or Bun – 4d. Sandwiches various – 3d. Buttered Toast – 3d. Schweppe's Mineral Waters. Quick Service – No Waiting. Refreshments, Chocolates, Cigars, Cigarettes, etc.

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The Stoll Picture Theatre (London Opera House) Kingsway. Proprietors – The Opera House Syndicate, Ltd. General Manager – Lloyd Langdon, Chairman and Managing Director – Oswald Stoll, Manager – Randolph E. Richards. Week of FEBRARY 25th, CONTINUOUS PROGRAMME DAILY 2.30 to 11 p.m. MON., TUES., WED. THE LATEST OFFICIAL WAR PICTURE General Allenby's Entry into Jerusalem. The Most Interesting and Historic War Film yet Shown. JACK PICKFORD AND LOUISE HUFF IN THE Ghost House. A Comedy-Drama in Five Acts. BESSIE BARRISCALE IN HATER OF MEN. A "Triangle" Drama in Five Acts. BILLIE BURKE In the Thirteenth Episode of "GLORIA'S ROMANCE" THURS., FRI., SAT. CHARLES DICKENS' FAMOUS NOVEL DOMBEY and SON (SIX ACTS) Featuring NORMAN McKINNELL & LILIAN BRAITHWAITE. GAIL KANE In a Charming Play MOLL O' MY HEART five acts Vocalist - MARJORIE REYNOLDSON. LADIES' SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Under the Direction of Mr. SAMUEL MEY, of the Paris Conservatoire. Dainty Teas & Light Refreshments-Rapid Service POPULAR PRICES-6d. to 2s. (Plus Tax); PRIVATE BOXES 9s. (Tax 1s 6d.) Three Persons. EVERY SUNDAY, 6 to 10.30 SPECIAL CONCERT AND CINEMA In aid of the WAR SEAL FOUNDATION for erecting Homes for Disabled Service Men. New Programme Schweppes soda water, dry ginger ale, sparkling Malvern water etc. supplied at all First Class Hotels, Clubs & Stores throughout the World.

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This Perfectly-cut Tailormade forecasts the correct Style For Early Spring - it is one of the many charming new models that may now be inspected in the Costume Salons at Peter Robinsons's. The "Eastbourne" (as sketch) New Spring Coat and Skirt in excellent quality Navy and Black Coating Serge - perfectly cut on straight lines. Available in four sizes. Special price 89/6 Peter Robinson's OXFORD STREET. Peter Robinson Ltd. Oxford Street W.1.

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LONDON COLISEUM. TIME SHEET. DATE: February 25th. 1918. [table] Scene., Time Allow., 1st. Ho., 2nd.Ho. 1. Overture: 2.30, 8.0 2. The Kavanaghs: 2.34, 8.3 1/2 3. Mr. Elven Hedges: 2.46, 8.15 1/2 4. Beatie & Babs: 2.58 1/2, 8.27 1/2 5. Miss Ellen Terry: 3.24, 8.53 1/2 6. Intermission: 3.55 1/2, 9.24 1/2 7. Mr. Wilkie Bard: 4.3 1/2, 9.31 1/2 8. Mr. Bransby Williams: 4.34 1/2, 10.2 1/2 9. The Wonderful Poppescus: 5.9 1/2, 10.44 1/2 10. Bioscope: 5.19, 10.53 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

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