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Document description programme
Date 21 February 1912
Document form D - Programme
Production Date(s) 21 February 1912 to 22 February 1912
Venue Savoy Theatre
Time of performance 8pm
Stage Manager George Leybourne
Music Director J. C. Holliday
General notes Music by John Crook.
Language English

Works Cited

Title The House
Original author George Gloriel
Title Some of the Heroines From Shakespeare's Plays
Subtitle The Triumphant Heroines
Original author Ellen Terry
Title Pantaloon
Original author J. M. Barrie
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Savoy Theatre. The ancient arms of the Savoy. Programme sixpence. Extract from the Rules made by the Lord Chamberlain. I. The name of the actual and responsible Manager of the Theatre must be printed on every playbill. 2. – The Public can leave the Theatre at the end of the performance by all exit and entrance doors, which must be opened outwards. 3. – Where there is a fireproof screen to the proscenium opening it must be lowered at least once during every performance to ensure its being in proper working order. 4. – Smoking is not permitted in the Auditorium. 5. – All gangways, passages and staircases must be kept free from chairs or any other obstructions, whether permanent or temporary.
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Keith, Prowse & Co., Ltd. are the largest Theatre in the world. Ticket dealers branches all over London. 162 New Bond Street and branches. You want best seats. We have them. Try a wine glass full of ‘Wincarnis'. It is so delicious, stimulating, invigorating and refreshing. Wincarnis is on sale at the Bars. Jacob's Larger Beer on sale at all the Bars of this Theatre. Canada Mortgages 6% to 8% security absolute. Town lots & Farm Lands values rising rapidly. For all particulars apply to Smith's Canadian Land Agency, 13 Victoria Street, London, S.W. Gautier's Brandies (including the Celebrated 20 years old Liqueur Cognac) are exclusively supplied in this Theatre. Gautier Freres, Cognac. Established 1755. Buchanan's "Black & White" Whisky. Obtainable at all the Bars. The Elite Co, Rue de la Poix, Paris. Great Sale of Paris Models. To-morrorw and Following Days. High-class Paris models and copies of models. [?] Bernand, Callot, Drecol, Poriet, Worth, and many other well-known Firms. All these Gowns are perfectly fresh from our Paris House. Every Gown is an exclusive style and every one exceptional Bargain. Important Notice. – No Shop Windows. Our Extensive Show Rooms and Fitting Rooms are on the First Floor, over 82, 84, 86 and 88 Victoria Street, S. W. (Entrance under Porch) Grosvenor Mansions. Our well known "Keep warm" Full-length Motor Coat. Lined throughout dark and rich real Kaluga Fur, with Handsome Fur Collar and Cuffs. 3½ Guineas. The Finest Value in London. Fur coats, stoles, muss, &c. We guarantee to save you 25 per cent. on all Furs. The Stalls Bar of this Theatre is cooled by a Sturtevant Fan. Sturtevant Engineering Co., 147 Queen Victoria Street. Beware of imitations! The original and genuine Lindt Chocolate bears the following trade mark: Fabrique Chocolate Berne Suisse. Rod Lindtfils. Observe the Inventor's signature on every Packet. Of all chocolates the chocolate par excellence to be had from P. Prestat, French Confectioner, 403 Oxford St, London, W. and all first class establishments. Lindt & Sprungli (Berne) (Zurich) sole manufacturers. A. Dufour, Sole Wholesale and Export Agent. 16 Eastcheap, London, E.C. who supplied exclusively all the Chocolates to this Theatre.
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Savoy Theatre Licenced by the Lord Chamberlain to Mr. G. A. Richardson (Secretary Savoy Theatre and Operas, Ltd.) Savoy Hotel, W.C. Miss Ellen Terry and Mr. Albert Chevalier season. To-night at 8 The House. A Play in Two Acts by George Gloriel (By arrangement with Otho Stuart, Esq.) Jack Mudsey – Mr. Albert Chevalier, Joe Creek – Mr. Julian Cross, Eliza Creek – Miss Alice Beet, Mildred Creek – Miss Mabel Garden. Scene – The Creek's Room. Time – If not to day – to-morrow. Followed by Miss Ellen Terry in a discourse upon some of Shakespeare's Heroines. "The Triumphant Heroines." Amongst others Miss Terry will comment and illustrate by acting the following characters: - Beatrice, with Extracts from "Much Ado About Nothing" (including the Church Scene), Rosalind, "As You Like It", Celia, "As You Like It", Virgillia, with Extracts from "Coriolanus", Volumnia, with Extracts from "Corionlanus", Portia – "Merchant of Venice" (including the Mercy Speech). Concluding with Pantaloon. A plea for an ancient family – in One Act. By J. M. Barrie. Music by John Crook. Pantaloon – Mr. Albert Chevalier, Clown – Mr. Harry Brett, Harlequin – Mr. Julian Cross, Columbine – Miss Mabel Garden, Baby Clown – Little Dorrit, Policeman – Mr. Arthur Stuart. The Curtain will fall during the progress of the Play to denote the passing of years. Matinee every Saturday at 2.15 "The House" and "Pantaloon" (only). There will be an interval of 10 minutes after "The House," and 10 minutes after Miss Ellen Terry's recital. The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. J. C. Holliday, will play the following Selection of Music: - (a) Day in Naples – Byng, (b) Three Irish Dances – John. C. Holliday, (c) "Nell Gwyn" Dances – Edward German, (d) Valse, "Bruderlein Fein" – Leo Fall. For Mr. Albert Chevalier, Musical Director – Mr. J. C. Holliday, Stage Manager – Mr. George Leybourne. Private Boxes, £5 5s., £3 3s. & £2 2s. Stalls, 10s. 6d. Balcony Stalls, 7s. 6d. First Circle (Reserved), Front Row, 5s. ; other Rows, 4s. Pit, 2s. 6d. Gallery, 1s. Box Office (Mr. Richard Weaver) open from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Telephone: 2602 Gerrard. Telegrams: "Newsavo, London". Business Manager – Mr. Harry P. Towers. The Savoy Restaurant. The Theatre and Restaurant are in direct communication with each other under cover. Take the Pass Staircase leading from the Theatre Vestibule at the Embankment level to the new Theatre Entrance at the Strand level. Dinners a la carte. (Menus from 12/6 per person and upwards). Suppers after the Theatre a prix fixe, 5/6. The beautiful new annexe to the Foyer and Restaurant is now open.
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The Queen of Apollinaris Table Waters. At al the Bars. Junora wine of health. A light wholesome wine containing lecithinovo – the true nerve food. Junora is a mild stimulant, but a might revitaliser. Ask for it at the Bar. Schweppes soda water, dry ginger ale, lime juice cordial etc. On sale at all Bars in this Theatre. On hire at little more than cab fares. Private Motor Carriages, laundaulettes and open cars. Morning, Two Hours, from 10./6. Afternoon, Two hours, from 12/6, Charge for Evening (Dinner, Theatre) from 10/6 fifteen miles. Weddings a speciality. Best terms in London for tours and monthly & yearly contracts. American and other visitors' requirements specially studied. Complete tariff with illustrations free on application. Motor Jobmasters, Ltd., 26 York Street, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W. Phone 1337 Victoria, Wire: ‘Hirkar, London.' Gilbey's fine old twany Port and fine amontillado Sherry. By appointment to H.M. The King. Sold at all Bars. Papier Poudre for the complexion powder without a puff. In three tints. Papier Poudre removes redness and roughness, leaving the complexion with a soft velvety bloom. No lady, wishing to look this fair and cool, can afford to be without it. Awarded Gold Medal Japan-British Exhibition, 1910. In Dainty 3d/. 4½d., 6d. and 1/-. Books, and 1/- Mirror Cases. None Genuine unless bearing these Trade Marks. "Poppoea" Rouge a Boon to pale people. Produces a rose tint on sallow cheeks. Its presence cannot be detected. It is more like a natural colour than any other similar preparation. It will not rub off. It is guaranteed harmless. None genuine unless the word "Poppoea" is on each leaf. In Pads and Cases, 6d., 1/- and 1/6. Of all Chemists, Hairdressers and Perfumers. Papier Poudre, Ltd., 23 Somerset Street, London, W. Dewar's White Label on sale in this Theatre. Coates & Co original Trade Mark, Plymouth Gin. Coates & Co., Blackfriars Distillery, Plymouth. Sole Manufacturers of the Celebrated original. Plymouth Gin. Medal Health Exhibition, 1884. Protected by perpetual injunctions in Chancery of 1st March, 1884, and 10th February, 1887. To be obtained at all the Bars of this Theatre. Canadian Club Whisky. The age and genuineness of this Whisky are guaranteed by the Excise Department of the Canadian Government by Certificate over the capsule of every bottle. Obtainable throughout the World. On sale at all the Bars of this Theatre. Bass & Co's Pale Ale and Stout in bottle. Exclusively supplied at all Bars in this Theatre. Bottlers: Plowman, Barrett & Co., Ltd. Bryant & May's special patent safety matches only are used throughout this Theatre. 32 Awards for Excellence. The "Savory" Cigarettes by Special Warrant of Appointment to His Late Majesty King Edward VII. These cigarettes exclusively supplied to this Theatre. Sole address H. L. Savory & Co. 47 Piccadilly, London, W. The tea and coffee used in this Theatre is supplied solely by James Lyle & Co., 15 Old Bond Street, W.
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Liberty's Theatre Gowns. In sating hand embroidered £6/6/0. Liberty & Co Ltd, Regent St. London. Wightman Mountain & Andrews Ltd., Printers, 31 & 33 Victoria Street, Westminster, 21 2/12.
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