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Archive Location ET PROGS ET-D590-D771, 1883-84 (BL) Loan 125/24/1
Document description programme, cutting
Date Thursday 13 December 1883 [16]
Document form D - Programme; G - Cutting (e.g. item taken from newspaper, journal or book)
Corporate Body Lyceum Theatre Company
Production Date(s) 10 December 1883 to 22 December 1883
Venue Boston Theatre
Venue address [USA]
Time of performance 7.45pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer W. Telbin, Hawes Craven, W. Hann, W. Cuthbert
Music Director Meredith Ball
Language English

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Title The Merchant of Venice
Original author William Shakespeare
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BOSTON, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1883. BOSTON THEATRE TOMPKINS & HILL - Proprietors EUGENE TOMPKINS - Manager --- ENGAGEMENT OF MR. HENRY IRVING, MISS ELLEN TERRY, And the LYCEUM THEATRE COMPANY, under the Direction of Mr. HENRY E. ABBEY. --- THIS EVENING SHAKESPEARE'S THE MERCHANT OF VENICE! Shylock: Mr. HENRY IRVING. Duke of Venice: Mr. H.HOWE. Prince of Morocco : Mr. T.MEAD. Antonio : Mr. WENMAN. Bassanio : Mr. W. TERRISS Salanio : Mr. LYNDAL. Salarino : Mr. HARBURY. Gratiano : Mr. TYARS. Lorenzo : Mr. NORMAN FORBES Tubal: Mr. J. CARTER. Launcelot Gobbo : Mr. S. JOHNSON. Old Gobbo : Mr. ARCHER Gaoler : Mr. HARWOOD. Leonardo : Mr. MARION. Balthazar : Mr. HARVEY. Stephano : Mr. CLIFFORD. Clerk of the Court : Mr. LOUTHER. Nerissa : Miss PAYNE. Jessica : Miss MILLWARD. Portia: Miss ELLEN TERRY Magnificoes, Officers of the Court, Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, Pages, Citizens, Soldiers, Jews, Maskers, Musicians, Serenaders, Gondoliers, Moors, Fruit Sellers, Water Carriers, Servants, etc. -- SCENE - PARTLEY AT VENICE AND PARTLY AT BELMONT SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY ACT I. Scene 1. Venice-a Public Place (W.Talbin) Scene 2. Belmont-portia's House (Hawes Craven) Scene 3· Venice-a Public Place (W.Telbin) ACT II. Scene 1, A Street (W.hann) Scene 2. Another Street (Hawes Craven) Scene 3· Shylock's House By A Bridge (W.Telbin) ACT III. Scene 1, Belmont - A Room In Portia's House (W.hann) Scene 2 . Venice - A Street (W.hann) Scene 3, Belmont - A Room In Portia's House (W.hann) Scene 4· Venice - A Street (W.hann) Scene 5. Belmont - A Room In Portia's House (W.hann) ACT IV. Scene. Venice-a Court Of Justice (W.Cuthbert) ACT V. Scene. Belmont-portia's Garden With Terrace (H Craven). During the evening the Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. J.MEREDITH BALL, will perform the following selections:- Overture "Merchant of Venice" - Hamilton Clarke LYENDE "La VEneziana" - Hamilton Clarke ENTR'ACTE - Hamilton Clarke ENTR'ACTE - Hamilton Clarke Ballet Music "Faust" Gounod. Incidental Music composed by Hamilton Clarke. For Mr. IRVING Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY. Musical Director - Mr MEREDITH BALL. Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. For Mr. ABBEY. General Business Manager - Mr. MARCUS R.MAYER Business Manager and Treas. - Mr. JAMES H.PALSER FRIDAY EVENING, AND SATURDAY MATINEE: THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Shylock: Mr. Henry Irving Portia: Miss Ellen Terry SATURDAY EVENING: THE BELLS The sale of seats for the second and last week of the Irving-Terry season will begin at the Box Office on Thursday morning, Dec. 13, at 9 A.M. DOORS OPEN AT 1.30 BEGINS AT 2 and 7.45

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