1904Ellen Terry provincial tour
7-12 November 1904

Much Ado About Nothing (etc.)

Location Prince of Wales Theatre, Broad Street, Birmingham, UK
Plays performed Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice


Date 7 November 1904
Play(s) Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) 7 November 1904 to 12 November 1904
Venue Prince of Wales Theatre
Venue address Broad St, Birmingham
Time of performance 2pm 7.30pm
Producer Edward Gordon Craig
Stage Manager Charles La Trobe
Scene Designer Edward Gordon Craig
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig [Edith Craig]
Music Director Christopher Wilson, W. Southworth
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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 7-12 November 1904, Image 1 of 5

Broad St. Birmingham. Prince of Wales Theatre. Lessees Rodgers Ltd. Manager & Licensee Mr. J. F. Graham. Tel. Add. "Theatrical". Telephone No. 684. Opera Glasses Best Selection in the Midlands. Prices from 7/6. Lists from. James Lucking & Co., Opticians, 5, Corporation St., Birmingham. S. Thornley Ld., Paints, Oils, Varnishes. Snow Hill, Deritend, Gosta Green, & Gooch Street. Holders Bottled Ales. Specially Brewed for Bottling. Sold by Leading Wine Merchants, Grocers, and Retailers in the District. Send Card for name of Nearest Agent to Midland Brewery. Alfred Dunn, Derby House, 6, New Street. For High-Class China, Glass Earthenware.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 7-12 November 1904, Image 2 of 5

Taylor, for High-Class and Reliable Upholstering, 121, Broad St. (Late 10, Islington Row) 20 years' experience at the work bench. Clincher Tyres are best. The New Local Wholesale Depot is now Open. 73, New Street, (Opposite Post Office.) Achromatic Opera Glasses from 8/6 to 10 Guineas. Spectacles from 2/6 upwards. One Quality Lenses only, the Best, Every Grade of Frames. Spectacles. Optician to the Eye Hospital. R. Bailey, 14 & 15, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham. Hedges' Vigor-tonic. The Great Restorative 1/ & 2/3 per bottle. At all Hedges Shops. Charles Bellamy (Late Joseph Bellamy) Cooper & Packing Box Maker, Dealer in Tobacco Boxes. Granville Street, Birmingham, Orders promptly attended to. F. Adam, Cash Chemist, 256, Broad Street (Near the Theatre) also at 3, Islington Row, & 33, Pigott St. Prescriptions, Drugs, Perfumes, Toilet Requisites, and Theatrical Make-Ups at Lowest Wholesale Prices. All Photographic Goods kept in stock. Gibson's Herbal Pills contain [?], Cascara, Sagrada, Podophyllin, &c., All Purely Herbal Preparations. Purify the Blood, Regulate the Bowels, Rectify the Bile, Promote Digestion, Cleanse and Strengthen the Stomach, Assist the Secretions, Brace the Nerves and give Healthy Tone to the whole system. Gooch Street, Birmingham. Prince of Wales Theatre, Broad Street, Birmingham. Lessees – Rodgers Ltd. Manager and Licensee – Mr. J. F. Graham. Prices for this Engagement : Private Boxes - £2, Stage Boxes - £1 1s, Dress Circle (Reserved) – 6s, Orchestra Stalls (Reserved) – 6s, Upper Boxes – 2s. Pit – 2s, Gallery – 6d. Half-price at 9 o'clock (Gallery Excepted). Children in arms not admitted. Doors open at 7-30 p.m. Early Doors at 6-50 p.m. (or earlier if required), 6d. extra to any part of the House. Tel. Add., "Theatrical" Telephone No. 684. Box Office open at the Theatre from 9 till 5-30. Letters and telegrams respecting seats should be addressed to the Acting Manager Mr. Henry Johnston. Musica Director – Mr. W. Southworth, Mus. Bac., Dunelm. Tradesmen are requested not to supply Goods except on Rodgers Ltd. Printed Order Form signed by Mr. J. F. Graham. The City of Birmingham Tramways' Buses pass the Theatre every Three Minutes. No Money Returned and no Seats Guaranteed unless previously booked. Ring up 1247 if you want a safe or any repairs. Safes. Large stocks. Expert workmen. The B/ham Safe Co. Ltd., 44, Coleshill St., Birmingham. E. R. Recruits wanted for H.M. Army and Militia. A splendid opening for smart youths. For conditions apply Recruiting Office 108 Digbeth. Butler's Wolverhampton Ales in good condition. S. Willis, The Bull's Head Hotel upper priory, Birmingham. R.A.O.B Glen Doone Special Scotch. Up-to-date Smoke Room. The B.B.C. Fruit, Flower, and Vegetable Stores 48, Snow Hill. Specialite : Hotels and Restaurants catered for. Raleigh Cycles rigid, rapid, reliable. Free wheel and rim brakes. 10 Guineas to 21 Guineas. (Speciality three speed gear). Ask for book of "Raleigh." Premier cycles, by special appointment to his Majesty the King. One grade only, the best. One price only 12 Guineas. Sole Agents, Powell Bros., 248, Corporation St., & 36, Aston Road. (Ask for Lists). Monday, November 7, 1904, for six nights at 7-30 and Matinee, Thursday, November 10th, at 2. Important engagement of Miss Ellen Terry and her Company. Monday, Nov. 7th & Friday, Nov. 11th, The Good Hope. An English version of Heijerman's Play – "Op Hoop Van Zegen." By Christopher St. John. (A Tale of the Sea.). Kniertje (a Fisherman's Widow) – Miss Ellen Terry, Her sons Geert – Mr. Matheson Lang, Barend – Mr. E Harcourt Williams, Joe (her Niece) – Miss Hutin Britton, Cobus (her Brother, a Pensioner) – Mr. Leonard Craske, Dantje (another Pensioner) – Mr. Tom Paulton, Clemens Bos (a Smack Owner) – Mr. George Fitzgerald. Mathilde (his Wife) – Miss Edith King, Clementine (his Daughter) – Miss Isabel Roland, Simon (a Shipwright) – Mr. John Willes, Marietje (his Daughter) – Miss Audrey Campbell, Mees (engaged to Marietje) –Mr. Halliwell Hobbes, Kaps (continental Clerk) –Mr. J. T. Shannon, Saait (a Fishermen's Widow) – Miss Ailsa Craig, Truus (a Fishermen's Widow) - Miss Penelope Wheeler, Jelle (a Begger) – Mr. Charles A. Staite, First Harbour Policeman – Mr. Goodwin Nock, Second Harbour Policeman – Mr. Paul Burnard. The Action of the Play takes place in a Dutch Fishing Village. Time - The Present. There will be no interval between Acts 1 and 2, and 2 and 3. Acts 1, 2 and 3 – Kniertje's Cottage. Act 4 – Bos' Office. To be Preceded by Nance Oldfield. Mr. Nathan Oldworthy – Mr. Alfred Bucklaw, Susan Oldfield – Miss Aubrey Campbell, Alexander Oldworthy – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams. Mistress Anne Oldfield – Miss Ellen Terry. Scene – A Room in Mistress Oldfield's House. The Denness Engineering Co. Ld., The Garage, Easy Row, Birmingham. Storage for Motor Cars, Cycles, etc. Telegrams "Denness," Birmingham. Telephone No. 4689. Green's for Wedding Rings. (22-Carat Gold), Engagement and Keeper Rings, Watches, &c. 135 & 136, Digbeth. Established over 70 years. At Whitehead's Dining Rooms, 10 ½, Spiceal St., Bull Ring. Hot Joints from 10 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. All Meats Guaranteed English, Ales, Stouts, and Cigars. The Retreat, 3, County Chambers, Corporation St., Opp. L & N. W. Arcade. Hygienic Complexion Treatment as recommended and approved by leading London Physicians. Special attention given to Fallen Muscles and Nerves. Electrical hair treatment and massage. Particulars on application to Madame Cecile. 11 to 5, Saturdays 11 to 1. Sam Smith, Turk's Head, Worcester Street and City Restaurant, Phillip Street, (Near Market Hall.) Birmingham.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 7-12 November 1904, Image 3 of 5

Harrison Smith & Co., Vauxhall Works. Dollman St. Birmingham. Wood and Iron Buildings, Stables and Coach Houses, Motor Car Houses, Poultry and Kennel Appliances, Greenhouses and Garden Frames. Albion Hotel, Edmund Street, Family & Commercial. Luncheons, Teas, Dinners, Suppers, Choicest Wines and Spirits. Tel. No. 05264. What !!! 2s per week hire for the finest pianos in the world? Neumeyer Piano Depot Station Street. (Five seconds from trains), and we will show you how it is done. Every piano guaranteed for 25 years, and to be superior to any other piano on the market. Annual sale over 3000. Carlton Billiard Rooms, One Fletcher's Café. Fore St., Corporation Street. Electric Lift. 10 Tables. 2 Private Tables. Padmore's Make. Ask your Chemist for "Camwal" Table Waters. Soda, Seltzer, Lithia, &c., Renowned for Purity and High Quality. The New Furnishing Firm. Lee, Longland & Co. (Late with Chamberlain, King & Jones Ltd.) 304, Broad St., Birmingham. Artistic Reliable Furniture, Carpets, Curtains, at Moderate Prices. Cast-off Clothing. Full value given by G. Makepeace 142, Digbeth. Tuesday, Nov. 8th, Wednesday, Nov. 9th. and Saturday, Nov. 12th. Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Don Pedro (Prince of Aragon) – Mr. Charles Thursby, Don John (his Bastard Brother) – Mr. T. A. Shannon, Claudio (a young Lord of Florence) – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams, Benedick, (a young Lord of Padua) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Leonato, (Governor of Messina) – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio (his Brother) – Mr. J. S. Hamilton, Balthazar (attendant on Don Pedro) – Mr. Penderel Price, Followers of Don John, Borachio Mr. Alfred Bucklaw, Conrade – Mr. Eustace Le Grand, Two City Officers, Dogberry – Mr. John Willes, Verges – Mr. Tom Paulton, Friar Francis – Mr. Halliwell Hobbes, A Sexton – Mr. Paul Burnand, A Boy – Miss Phyllis Carr, Oatcake – Mr. Goodwin Nock, Seacole – Mr. Charles A. Staite, Watchman – Mr. James Cazenove, 2nd Watchman – Mr. George Herbert, Messenger – Mr. Leonard Craske, Hero – Miss Hutin Britton, Margaret – Miss Edith King, Ursula – Miss Penelope Wheeler, Beatrice – Miss Ellen Terry. Act 1. Scene - Leonato's House. Act 2. Scenes 1, 2 & 3 - Leonato's Garden. Scene 4 – A Street. Act 3. Scene - A Church. Act 4. Scene 1 - A Prison. Scene 2 - Leonato's Garden. Scene 3 - Monument of Leonato. Scene 4 - Leonato's Garden. Rainproof coats and overcoats in Real Harris, Scotch Homespuns and Pure Shetland Wools. Prices extremely low. Day & Bryant 317, Broad Street (Corner), :Set the Fashion to the World". Rover Cycles. Best value in the trade the Ten Guinea Rover, Rover Cycle Depot, Victoria Square, Birmingham. An admirable food of the Epps's Cocoa. Finest quality and flavour. Nutritious and economical. Telephone 1315. W. Matthews, Cab, Car and Carriage Proprietor. 65, Hagley Road, Birmingham. Private Buses for Balls, Weddings and Parties. All Business Transactions Punctually carried out. J. W. Parfitt, 110 & 111, Monument Rd, and 141, Gt. Tindal Street, Ladywood. Carriages of every description made to order. All kinds of repairs and re-painting done on the shortest notice. Bakers' and Confectioners' new catalogue. Complete Bakehouse Requirements, &c., Free. Send Post Card. Lomas & Co., 155 & 160, Moor St., Birmingham. Thursday Matinee and evening, Nov. 10th, Shakespeare's Comedy, The Merchant of Venice. Dresses by Miss Ailsa Craig. Prince of Morocco (Suitor to Portia) – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio (a Merchant of Venice) Mr Charles Thursby, Bassanio ( his Friend, suitor to Portia) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Friends to Antonia and Bassanio – Gratiano – Mr E. Harcourt Williams, Salarino – Mr. Eustace Le Grand, Solanio – Mr. Halliwell Hobbs, Lorenza in love with Jessica - Mr T. A. Shannon, Shylock (a Jew) M. Alfred Bucklaw, Tubal (a Jew, his friend) – Mr. Charles Whittle, Launcelot (a Clown, Servant to Shylock and afterwards Servant to Bassanio) – Mr. John Willes, Old Gobbo (Father to Launcelot) Mr. Leonard Craske, Servants to Portia – Balthazar – Mr. Paul Burnand, Stephano – Mr. Penderel Price, Nerissa (Waiting Maid to Portia) Miss Audrey Campbell, Jessica (Daughter of Shylock) – Miss Hutin Britton, Portia (a Rich Heiress) Miss Ellen Terry. Manificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaolers, Servants to Portia, and Other Attendants. Act 1 – Venice. Act 2, Scenes 1 and 3 – Venice. Scene 2 – A Street in Venice. Act 3. Scenes 1 and 3 – Portia's House, Belmont. Scenes 2 and 4 – A Street in Venice. Scene 5 – Portia's House, Belmont. Act 4 – A Court of Justice, Venice. Act 5 – The Garden, Belmont. There will be no interval between Acts 1 and 2. For Miss Ellen Terry, General Manager – Mr. Alfred Courtenay, Acting Manager – Mr. Thomas Courtly, Advance Representative - Mr. G. Aubrey Hall, Stage Manager – Mr. Charles La Trobe, Assistant Stage Manager – Mr. Charles Whittle, Musical Director – Mr. Christopher Wilson. The Orchestra under the direction of Mr. W. Southworth, Mus. Bac., Dunelm, will play the following selections of music every evening. Overture "La Brasseur de Preston" – Adam. Three Dances "Nell Gwynn" – German, Selection "La Favorite" – Douizetti, Intermezzo-Pepinette - [?], Peasant Dance – Stretezhi. If you have not yet bought your new bicycle, you would be well advised to purchase a Royal Enfield, "Made like a Gun" Edgbaston and District Agent: - Wilson C. Walker, The Cycle Depot, 29, Upper Hagley Road, Edgbaston. Noted house for refreshments and high-class confectionary. W. E. Powell, 267 & 8, Broad Street. Rob Roy pens. The Rob Roy Pen, Hinks Wells Co. Birmingham. "The Good Points of Rob Roy Make writing a Joy". Write for 30 samples, 2d. Post Free. Hinks Wells & Co., B'Ham & London. Rob Roy Pens. Macdonalds Teeth. Patronised by H.M. War Dept. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Sets, 20/- each. Tooth, 2/- Each. Other Qualities Equally Cheap. 19, New Street (Opposite Grammar School). Advice Free 9 to 9 Daily. Moore's Oyster Bar. Finest in the Midlands. Cannon Street, First Door from New Street on left. English, Dutch, Portuguese, and American. All guaranteed from Pure Waters. Also at Christ Church Passage, Opposite Waterloo Bar. Reeve's Positive Corn Cure in 4 days 1/1½ Post Free. Reeve, Chemist, 18, New Street (Corner City Arcade).

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 7-12 November 1904, Image 4 of 5

Charles. L. Beckett, Photographer 207, Bristol Street, Opposite St Luke's Church. Cabinets from 10/6 per doz. Special terms to the profession. Thos. Upton & Sons. Publicans supply stores, 309, Broad Street, Birmingham. Home brewed and where to get it! G.Griffin's Brewery Ruston Street, Five Ways, Birmingham. Families and the trade supplied. Price and particulars on application. The City Hydro, 10, The Crescent. Mr. Schenkel has made a speciality of footballers' and all sporting injuries, such as water on the knee, and all kinds of sprains. Testimonials can be had on application from all well-known sporting gentlemen. No name ointment, trade mark. Whitehouse, Bearwood, [?]. Used successfully for 36 years for eczema, burns, Ringworms, wounds, scalds, & skin eruptions of every kind. It will cure you. Prices 7½d., 1/1½, and 2/9. Sold by all chemists, or from the proprietor – E. B. Whitehouse, 393, Bearwood Road, Smethwick. Telephone 4549. F. W. Wilkes, horse, traps, gigs, landaus and cabs. For hire by week, day, or month, Gt, Colmore Street, Birmingham. Or orders promptly attended to. W. E. C. Meeke, ladies' and gents' Tailor, 11, Ethel Street, New Street, Birmingham. Riding breeches, motoring garments a speciality. Costumes from 50/-. Nov 14th, for six nights at 7.30, and Matinee on Thursday at 2, Mr. George Dance's Co., in the successful musical comedy "The Girl from Kay's" Box Plan Open. Dress Circle, 5s. Stalls 4s. November 21st, for six nights, at 7-30 and Matinee on Thursday, at 2, Charles Frohman presents Mr. H. B. Irving and Miss Irene Vanbrugh in "Letty." Box Plan Open. Dress Circle, 5s. Stalls 4s. During the summer vacation this Theatre has been installed by Messrs. Mather and Platt, Ltd. Park Works, Manchester, with the Grinnell Automatic Sprinklers and Additional Hydrants to insure the safety of the public in the event of fire. The stock scenery of the Theatre has been rendered fire resistant by the special process of the Non- Flammable Wood Co., Limited, Townmead Road, London. S. & W. H. Reeces, Engravers and Rubber Stamp Makers, &c., 148, Hurst St., Birmingham. Umbrella, sticks, rings, matchboxes, key labels, dog collars, &c., &c., engraved while waited for. Established 40 years. W. J. Wall, The English Cash Tailor is now showing all the latest and newest patterns for the present season. 22, Spring Hill, Birmingham. F. W. Edwards's, Salt & Co's bottled ales and stouts, Corner Stores, Union Passage. Salt's sparking bitter on draught. 8, Midland Arcade, New Street. Choice Table Poultry, New Laid Eggs, Direct from our Farm Daily. Dealers in Game. Surveyors to the Hebrew congregation. Telephone 4594. Anglo Bavarian Ales, The Brewery Shepton Mallet. Stores – 31, Paradise Street. Casks all sizes. Cask & bottle. November 28th, Mr. & Mrs. Kendal in a round of parts from their ever delightful repertoire. December 5th, last week of the season, a farewell visit of the Universal Favourite, "Florodora." In active preparation The Grand Christmas Pantomime. "The Forte Theives." Berlitz School (260 Branches) 32, Paradise Street. Languages taught by Native Graduated Masters. Small Classes and Private Lessons. Terms start at any time. Trial Lesson Free. Telephone 3335 Telegrams "Autocar, Birmingham". Motorcars, motorcycles, Darracq & De Dion's a speciality. Motors on hire. "Heath's Garage" (G. F. Heath & Co., Proprietors. 49, John Bright St., Birmingham. Telephone 55y Holden's Stores tea merchants, grocers, provision dealers. Try our 1/8 Ceylon Blend. (Full Weight Guaranteed). Local Branches, 2, Bristol Street, 24, Ledsam Street, 252, Gooch Street, 345, Dudley Road, 175, High Street, Aston. John Berkley, India-Rubber and Metal Stamp Maker, die sinker, relief stamper, engraver, stencil cutter, &c. 8, Livery Street, Birmingham (Opposite Great Western Hotel). Trade work a specialite. Send for price lists.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 7-12 November 1904, Image 5 of 5

Established 60 years. For every description of Leather Goods, Trunks, Gladstones, Kits, Briefs, etc., see Keane's stock before going elsewhere. First class selection of leggings, purses, dressing cases & bags. Also a large variety of dog requisites. Trunk & bag repairs a speciality. 216, Broad Street, Birmingham. Bridge & Bewlay, 12, Ryland St., Broad St., Birmingham. Locksmiths. Electric & General Bellhangers & Gasfitters. Makers and Erectors of Electric Bells, Burglar Alarms, Telephones, Speaking Tubes &c., fitted up in Private and Public Buildings. General Repairs and Alterations with Best Workmanship and Prompt Attention. John. H. Cruise, White Hart, Broad Street, Free House for Ales, Wines and Spirits. What about phonographs & records. Edison Standard, 4 4s, ; Edison Gem, £2 2s,; Ideal, 18s. 6d., with Cover & Recorder; The King, 9s.; Popular, 4s. 6d. Compare with Town Prices. Edison Bell Records, from 6d. each; Columbia, 1s 3d each; Genuine Edison 1s 6d, bus from town passes door. F. & J. Barrall, noted stores 47 Ledsham St., Birmingham. N. B. – Country Orders sent out same day, packed free. Ryott & Co., Mineral Water Manufacturers. Balsall Heath Road, Birmingham. To be obtained at all the Bars of this Theatre. Speciality: - Stone Beer and Quinne. Ask for Fry's "Five Boys" Milk Chocolate. "Unrivalled as a Chocolate Confection." – Medical Magazine. British Milk and British labour. Can be obtained at the Theatre Bars. Whitehead's cough waifers. Gives instant relief to all sufferers from bronchitis. Quickly cures the most stubborn coughs. In boxes, 7½d., and 1/1½. Sent post free to all mentioning this advertisement, from the proprietor. Herbert J. Whitehead, M.P.S., 72, Ledsam Street, Ladywood, Birmingham. For a first class shave and haircut go to Mr. B. T. Crowe, 1554, Broad St., Five Ways, Birmingham. Castle & Falcon, Family and commercial hotel, Snow Hill, Birmingham. Ales, Wines, and Spirits of the Choicest Brands. J. W. Cowham. Telegraphic address – "Turtle," B'Ham. D. Botwright, Masonic Caterer, and Refreshment Contractor. Wedding breakfasts, banquets, balls, parties, &c. a speciality. Terms on application. Masonic Hall, Severn St., Birmingham. For luncheon and afternoon teas the Kyoto Restaurant, 26, City Arcade, Birmingham. Miss Foulkes. The old original fish and supper bar. For a good fish supper. Seven doors from this Theatre. Percy Thomas, Empire Studio, 71, Smallbrook St., Birmingham. 12 Large Midgets (2 x 1½) for 1/- (One Shilling). Postcards with your own Photograph, 2/- per doz. The White Heather Hand Laundry Co., Ladywood Road. Note the Address – 81, Blythe Street, Ladywood Road. Shirts and Collars, also Blouses a Speciality.

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Edith Craig and Pamela Colman Smith designed scenes for a play by W. B. Yeats.

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