1910 - 1911Ellen Terry lecture tour of North America
16 January 1911

Pathetic Heroines of Shakespeare

Location Taylor Opera House, South Broad Street, Trenton, NJ, USA

Programme, six copies

Date 16 January 1911
Production Date(s) Monday January 16 1911
Venue Taylor Opera House
Venue address Trenton, New Jersey [USA]
Time of performance 8.30pm
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The Civic Forum Lecture Bureau PRESENTS ELLEN TERRY In Shakespearean Discourses with Illustrative Acting TAYLOR OPERA HOUSE Trenton, New Jersey Monday Evening, January 16, 1911, at 8.30 SUBJECT SHAKESPEARE'S HEROINES PATHETIC
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HONORARY RECEPTION COMMITTEE Mrs. Mary Atterbury Doctor and Mrs. C. F. Adams Mrs. Mary A. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Blackwell Miss Clara Blackwell Mr. William Blackwell Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Buchanan Mr. John S. Broughton Doctor and Mrs. Charles Britton Mrs. James Buchanan Breese Doctor and Mrs. William A. Clark Mrs. Grover Cleveland Doctor and Mrs. Paul L. Cort Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Clark Doctor and Mrs. Henry B. Costill Miss Anna L. Dayton Mr. James B. Dayton Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Duffield Doctor and Mrs. Fletcher Durrell Miss Durrell Honorable and Mrs. Huston Dixon Mrs. A. L. Frothingham Miss Frothingham Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Green Doctor and Mrs. James M. Green Mr. and Mrs. Barker Gummere Miss M. A. Hall Miss Katherine J. Hall Mrs. E. C. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Barker G. Hamill Mr. Joseph Harmer Honorable and Mrs. B. B. Hutchinson Miss Laura Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Jamieson Honorable and Mrs. Frank Katzenbach fr. and Mrs. John L. Kuser Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kuser HONORARY RECEPTION COMMITTEE Professor and Mrs. William Libby Mr. and Mrs. Watson Linburg Miss Linburg Mr. and Mrs. Owen Moore, Jr. Doctor and Mrs. William Norris Mumper Mr. and Mrs.John A. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Moore Dr. and Mrs. S. J. MacPherson Miss Ella A. Macpherson Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Oliphant Doctor and Mrs. N. B. Oliphant Colonel and Mrs. Lewis Perrine Captain and Mrs. Henry Pratt Perrine Dean and Mrs. Charles H. Raymond Colonel and Mrs. Washington A. Roebling Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Roebling Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Roebling, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl G. Roebling Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stockton Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Stockton Mrs. William S. Stryker Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Mr. and Mrs. John H. Scudder Doctor and Mrs. Levi Seeley Professor and Mrs. Henry Thompson Reverend and Mrs. Francis L. Patton Honorable and Mrs. G. D. W. Vroom Vice-Chancellor and Mrs. E. R. Walker Mrs. Webster Miss May Webster Professor Andrew J. West Doctor and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson Doctor Henry van Dyke Doctor Paul van Dyke
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