1911 - 1913Ellen Terry UK lecture tour
10 October 1911

Shakespeare's Heroines

Location Winter Gardens, New Brighton, Wallasey, UK


Date 10 October 1911
Production Date(s) Tuesday October 10th 1911
Venue Winter Gardens
Venue address New Brighton, Cheshire
Time of performance 8pm
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Notes Ellen Terry's Shakespeare lecture. Some authorial assistance from Christopher St John.
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Winter Gardens. Winter Gardens, New Brighton. The most charming and refined entertainments. Principal London and Provincial Artists. The most fashionable resort in Cheshire. Unequalled programmes every evening at 8.0 doors open at 7.30. Matinee: - Every Saturday at 3.0 doors open at 2.30.

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To-morrow, Wednesday, and during the week, each evening at 8. Doors open at 7.30. Special Matinee – Saturday, at 3. Doors Open at 2.30. Miss Ella Erskine and Mr. Walter Pearce. In the Great Comedy Success from the Haymarket and Playhouse Theatres, Cousin Kate by Mr. Hubert Henry Davies. (by arrangement with Mr. Geo. D. Day) preceded at each performance at The Eve of the Armada. Written by Mr. Walter Pearce. Played at the New Theatre, London. For the next few weeks, the following first-class engagements have been made exclusively for the Winter Gardens. Return visit of the Browning Company (for three weeks). The Company will include Mr. Ethelbert Edwards, Mr. Charles Harley, Miss Florence Steventon, and other favourites. Mr. Gaston Mayer's No. 1 Company in that Clever and Quaint Play Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. Mr. Mark Blow and Miss Ida Molesworth Company in that fine Play of Dramatic Interest. Under Two Flags. The absorbing play "Raffles," the complete production from London. Albert E. W. Howard licensed dealer in game, fish salesman, &c. Address : 166, Seabank Road, Liscard. (Near Magazine Lane). My aim is to give absolute satisfaction, and thus deserve your confidence. A trial order, respectfully solicited which will be highly esteemed. No better quality in the district. Telephone 192 Liscard. Important Announcement. On Monday, October 16th, for six nights and one matinee. Commencing at 7.45. Doors open at 7.15. Miss Florence Glossop-Harris & Mr. Frank Cellier's Shakespearean company in repertoire Monday, October 16 – The Taming of the Shrew, Tuesday October 17 – The Merchant of Venice, Wednesday October 18 – Romeo and Juliet, Thursday October 9 – The Merry Wives of Windsor, Friday October 20 – Loves Labour Lost, Saturday October 21 – (Matinee) – Twelfth Night, Saturday 21 (Evening) – Othello. Matinee on Saturday at 2.45. Doors open 2.15. prices, 1/6, 1/- and 6d. Our work: garage, repairs, coachwork, hiring, vulcanizing. Alldays and Phoenix Cars. The Addison Motor Co. 114, Rake Lane, Tel: 734 Liscard (day and night) Liscard. Official repairers and district agents for A.A. Linscott's News, dainty silver whist drive prizes in countless variety, latest novelties, lowest prices, special concessions to secretaries. 45, Lord Street, Liverpool.

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Special Notice. The Managers would again call special attention to the desirability of patrons taking up their seats in advance, especially for Saturdays. To leave Tickets at the Box Offices until the last minute causes serious inconvenience and is a great strain upon the officials of the Theatre. With the telephones ringing the whole day through, the Managers cannot possibly be responsible for any mistakes which might occur regarding seats, unless Tickets are secured before the evening. If patrons will kindly call or send for their seats in advance, it would reduce the pressure at night, and add to the convenience and comfort of all. The Assembly Rooms, New Brighton, can be let for Cinderellas, Balls, Whist Drives, Dramatic Performances, Concerts, Meetings, Rehersals, Receptions, etc., etc. "Absolutely the most beautiful commodious and convenient rooms in the whole of the Wirral Peninsula. The best dancing floor. Splendid stage." – Vide Press. For terms and particulars apply to the Managers. Telephone 327 and 739 Liseard. The "Sports" Suits and Jackets the ideal rig for golf and holiday wear. Ready to wear or to measure at Ford's 51, Lord Street, Liverpool. By arrangement with the Quinian International Musical Agency, 318, Regent Street, London, W. Programme. Tuesday Evening, October 10th, 1911. Miss Ellen Terry will give a Shakespearean Recital with illustrative acting, on some of the Heroines from Shakespeare's Plays. The Recital will be divided into Two Parts. In the course of the First Part Miss Terry will comment on the following Heroines of Shakespeare's Plays: - Viola, Desdemona, Emilia, Juliet. In the Second Part the Subjects will be: - Katherine, Lady Anne, Helena, Julia, Constance, Cordelia, Cleopatra, Katherine of Aaragon, Hermione, Imogen, Cressida, Lady Macbeth, Ophelia, Portia. The Pathetic Women. Part 1. Viola – with extracts from "Twelth Night", Desdemona - with scene from "Othello", Emilia with scene from "Othello", Juliet with scenes from "Romeo and Juliet" (including the Potion Scene). Interval. Katherine – "Taming of the Shrew", Lady Anne – "Richard III." Helena – "All's Well that Ends Well", Julia – "Two Gentlemen of Verona", Constance – "King John", Cordelia – with scene from "King Lear", Cleopatra – with extracts from "Antony and Cleopatra", Katherine of Arragon – with extracts from "Henry VIII.", Hermoine with scene from "A Winter's Tale". Imogen – "Cymboline", Cressida – "Troilus and Cressida", Lady Macbeth – with extracts from "Macbeth", Ophelia – with scenes from "Hamlet" (including the Mad Scene). Portia – "The Merchant of Venice" (The Mercy Speech). "God Save the King". Overture "Tannhauser and Lohengrin" – Wagner. Interval "Hungarian Rhapsody" – Liszt. Conductor – Mr. J. R. Webster.

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Winter Gardens Notices. Prices of Admission : - Private Boxes 10/6. Single seat in boxes, 2/6, Front stalls and Balcony, 1/6 & 1/- (booked free): Second seats, 6d. Box office is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Telephone 739 and 826 Liscard ; and 2449 and 3505 Bank. Seats booked by Telephone and not paid for cannot be reserved after 7.45 p.m. For the convenience of our Liverpool Patrons, seats can be booked at Messrs. Cranes Ltd, Crane's Buildings, Church Street, Liverpool. Seats can also be booked at Mr Strother's Music Warehouse, 189, Brighton Street, Egremont. Medical gentlemen and others who are likely to be called up on the Telephone during the Performance, will much oblige by kindly giving their names and the number of the seat they are occupying to one of the attendants so that they can be communicated with at once. The Managers invite suggestions from Patrons and some shall receive careful consideration and all communications should be addressed to Messrs. Jones & Douglass. Last boat from New Brighton at 11-10. Boats from Seacombe every 10 minutes till 11 o'clock, then 11.15 and 11.30 p.m. Electric cars to all parts of the District every few minutes. New route to Wallasey Village. Frequent service of cars from corner. ‘Lets talk shop.' Why no? You have a hobby and delight in talking about it. We delight in talking about it. "Raynbo-Fibre" (The Dustless Carpet Cleanser and Disinfecter). It is usually a most difficult undertaking to talk a possible customer into using or buying one's goods, but we do not experience any difficulty with "Raynbo-Fibre." One trial is sufficient. It sells on its own merits. "Raynbo-Fibre" cleans the very fabric of the carpet. No dust. No beating and no necessity to remove carpets from the floors of your rooms. Your carpets cost money! Treat them wekk!! Try 1/- or 6d. canister will last months. Suction cleaners and carpet sweepers only remove surface dirt. Expensive toys that's all. "Raynbo-Fibre" gets all the dirt from the inside of the Carpet. Sold everywhere. If your dealer is out of stock, write us, Marshall, Lambert Company, Canadian Buildings, James St., Liverpool. Careful Dentistry. Modern Dentistry at strictly moderate fees. Consultations free. At home 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Later by appointment. Telephone 536 Liseard. Really painless extractions by gas or special process. Crown and Bridge work a speciality. Park View, Liscard. Cars stop at Door. Fred J. Lister. What my customers say "Your Pectorine is the best cough mixture made." If you have Bronchial cold or cough, test the truth of this statement by purchasing a 1/- bottle from Peirson, Pharmacist, New Brighton. Madame Bartley. Modiste et Costumiere, Ladies' Tailor Made Costumes, day and evening gowns – complete from £2/2/ ladies own materials made up at moderate charges. Wedding and mourning orders promptly executed. "The Cliffe," 47, Rowson Street, New Brighton. Established 1892. Patrons of Winter Gardens desiring cigars, tobaccos, &c., all of the best Brands, also Turkish and Egyptian cigarettes of the finest quality should call at Nelson's (opposite Winter Gardens). Comfortable apartments provided. Chell's Regd. Coal saver. Saves 25% coal without loss of heat. 9" & 10" 2/- ; 11" & 12" 2/3. Supplied by all ironmongers or from patentee J. F. Chell, Brighton St., Seacombe. Delicious home-made candies high-class chocolates and sweets. The Candy Stores (opposite Winter Gardens), coronation novelties. Morris & Co., Sea Bank Road, Liscard & Grange Road, Birkenhead. Mitchells ‘Febrogen' trade mark (Regd.). Does cure influenza. Post free 1/1½, 2/9, 4/6 per bottle. W. S. Mitchell, homeopathic chemist, 35 King Street, Egremont. Telephone 858 Liscard.

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Beaty Bros. Ltd. The Celebrated Tailors. The Premier Liverpool Firm for good-class tailoring at right prices. Two great specialities: Overcoats at 25/= and 30/=. Best in the trade. Only addresses Church St., and London Rd., Liverpool.

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