1911 - 1913Ellen Terry UK lecture tour
29 November 1911

Shakespeare's Heroines

Location Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, UK


Date 29 November 1911
Production Date(s) November 29 1911
Venue Winter Gardens and Pier
Venue address Bournemouth
Time of performance 3pm
Document ID ET-D569 Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Ellen Terry's Shakespeare lecture. Some authorial assistance from Christopher St John.
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Winter Gardens & Pier Programme. The Municipal Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Dan Godfrey, hon, R.A.M. (Musical Director to the Corporation.) General Manager Dan Godfrey. Secretary and Assistant Manager W. T. Skeates. One Penny. November 29, 1911. Bournemouth. Printed at the Guardian Office, 142 Commercial Road, Bournemouth.

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Shakespeare's Heroines, 29 November 1911, Image 2 of 5

For full & complete reports of all local events read the Bournemouth Guardian. Price One Penny. Enlarged to ten pages. Published on Friday for Saturday. Best advertising medium. Circulates in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne, Swanage, Ringwood, and surrounding villages. Head Publishing Office: - 142 Commercial Road, Bournemouth. Wedding Cards. A choice and varied assortment of wedding cards to select from can be seen at the "Guardian Office", Commercial Road. A dainty and prettily designed card can be obtained at moderate cost. Note Address "Guardian" office. 142, Commercial Rd., Opposite West Hill Post Office, Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Guardian for all local and district news. Tuesdays and Saturdays price one penny. Applications for vacant spaces in this programme should be made at one to the Manager, Guardian Office, Bournemouth. The Grosvenor Garage, Poole Road, Westbourne. High-class Landaulettes and open cars for hire. Best equipped cars in town. Send a P.C. for to-day's list of second-hand cars. Tel. 1359. Sole Agents for Daimler, Rover and Vulcan Cars. Official Repairers to the R.A.C., A.A, and M.U., and A.A of America. Bournemouth Pier. Wednesday Morning, at 11.45. Full Military Band. 1. March "101" – Fanst, 2. Overture "Poet & Peasant" – Suppe, 3. Valse "Eldorado" – Royle, 4. The German Patrol – Eilenberg, 5. Selection "The Chocolate Soldier" – Straus, 6, Three Dances "Henry VIII" – Ed German, 7. March "Cossacks" – Sperber. Deputy-Conductor – Mr. Douglas Gordon. West's Pictures Palace, Twice Daily – Shaftesbury Hall, Bournemouth – 3 and 8. Monday, Nov, 27th, Kinemacolor appeals alike to Monarch and People "Excellent, very excellent indeed" – Fide King George V, - Peasant Life in Aisa Minor. Also "The Thumb Print," "The Lighthouse by the Sea," etc., etc. Important engagement of Miss Alice Floyd, the well known Vocalist and Comedienne. No smoking allowed in any part of the Hall. On December 11th for one week – with Captain Scott, R.N., to the South Pole. Sole exclusive rights, Book early at Fisher's Music Stores (Tel. 1845), the Arcade and the Hall. Prices – 2/6, 2/-, 1/6, 1/-, & 6d. (limited) Children half-price to all except 6d. seats. Manager for T. J. West, T. W. Kingston. A choice and varied assortment of wedding cards to select from can be seen at the Guardian Office, Poole Hill. Clifton Glos' Bournemouth will suit you in does not, try the Clifton Down Hotel. Finest position 300 feet above Sea Level. Premier Family Hotel. Quiet & Comfortable. Illustrated Booklet. Free on application to Gabriel E. Kopp, Managing Proprietor. To Let. Apply Manager "Guardian" office. Copies of the Pier and Winter Gardens Programme may be obtained daily ay Sydenham's Paper Kiosk. The Pier. Where to stay. Apartments, select, West Cliff, close to Sea Front, Winter Gardens; south rooms, well furnished, newly decorated, electric light, bath (h. and c) Special winter terms. – Bourne View, West Hill Rd. Est. 1890. Sefton Lodge, St. Michael's Road. One minute from Winter Gardens and Sea Front. Thoroughly comfortable Winter Home, with educated musical people. Liberal table. Moderate terms. On parle Francais. Berkeley Hall, South Cliff, Superior Apartments, with or without Board. Full South Aspect. Electric light, Bath (h and c.) One minute from Pier, Undercliffe Promenade and Winter Gardens. Tel. 1906. Comfortable Apartments, convenient for shops, trams, sea and Chine, &c. ‘ board if required ; personal attention ; good cooking ; moderate terms – Mrs. Kean, "Claverton," Alum Chine Road, Bournemouth. Allington Boarding House, Lansdowne (15 and 17 Lansdowne Road). Close to Sea and Attractions. Guinea weekly. Stamp. Address Proprietor. Bournemouth West – "The Haven," Alum Chine Road. Refined, comfortable permanent or holiday home offered to paying guests ; near sea, Chine and trams ; English meat only – Terms on application. Bournemouth – "Hazelwood," St. Peter's Road. Superior Board Residence, also Suite of Apartments, "Hazlewood" is a large Detached House, extensive grounds; 5 minutes Pier, Winter Gardens, etc. ; billiards, tennis. Copies of the Pier and Winter Gardens Programme may be obtained daily at Sydenham's Paper Kiosk. The Pier. The Aldine Series Private Christmas Cards. From 2s per dozen. Sample Book sent on application. Guardians office, 142 Commercial Road, Bournemouth. For all local and district news read the Bournemouth Guardian. Tuesday & Saturday price – one penny. Winter Gardens Wednesday Afternoon at 3. Miss Ellen Terry will give a Shakespearean Recital with illustrative acting on some of the Heroines from Shakespeare's Plays. The Recital will be divided into Two Parts, with an Interval of Five Minutes. In the course of the First Part Miss Terry will comment on Beatrice. In the Second Part the subjects will be : - Rosalind, Celia, Virgilia, Volumnia, Portia. P.T.O. Wedding Cards. A dainty and prettily designed Card can be obtained at moderate cost. Note Address "Guardian" Office, 142, Commercial Road, Bournemouth. Opposite West Hill Post Office. For Full and Complete reports of all local events read the Bournemouth Guardian price one penny. Published on Friday for Saturday. Best advertising medium. Circulates in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne, Swanage, Ringwood, and surrounding villages. Head publishing Office : - 142 Commercial Road, Bournemouth. Wedding Cards. A dainty and prettily designed card can be obtained at moderate cost. Note Address "Guardian" Office, 142, Commercial Road, Bournemouth: Opposite West Hill Post Office.

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Shakespeare's Heroines, 29 November 1911, Image 3 of 5

Fisher's Arcade Music Stores. Established 40 years. Unique and Comprehensive stock of sheet music. Gramophone department now open. New models on view and all the latest records. Phone no., 1845. Classes for painting at Frank Richards' studio (adjoining Woodheath), Knyveton Road, Portraits : Landscape : Seascape, etc. Full Particulars – "Memphis," Southern Road, West Southbourne. Change of Address. Mr. Allan Biggs (Licentiate and Local Representative of the Royal Academy of Music) has resumed his Lessons in the higher branches of pianoforte playing. Waverton, Christchurch Road, Boscombe. H. Stanley Fudge Ironmonger, Boscome. Simple, Effective. Sole Depot for the Genuine Godin's Anthracite Stoves. Healthy, Safe. Cheap and Clean. Doctors use them. Easily regulated. We supply suitable coal. Beware of Imitations. Furs at summer prices. Plummer Roddis Ltd., are exhibiting in their Dress Saloon an enormous collection of handsome furs, in the Newest Styles. At exceptional prices, and respectfully invite a visit of inspection. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, Old Christchurch Road and Gervis Place, Bournemouth. Dainty evening gowns. Smart sports coats. Winter Gardens (Continued.) Some of Shakespeare's Heroines. The Triumphant Woman. Part I. Beatrice "Much Ado About Nothing." (With Extracts, including the Church Scene). Interval of Five Minutes. Part II. Rosalind "As You Like It", Celia – "As You Like It", Virgilia "Coriolanus" (with extracts), Volumnia "Coriolanus" (with extracts), Portia "The Merchant of Venice: (Including the Mercy Speech). Tuck's Private Christmas Greeting Cards. Now ready for Foreign Mail. (orders received at the Guardian office, 142, Commercial Road, Bournemouth. Where samples may be viewed. Chiropody. Mr. E. Stockfish. Recommended by the medical profession. Visits Bournemouth monthly. Next Visit: December 2-5, inclusive. Ladies and Gentlemen attended at own Residences. For appointment terms apply or address. G. H. Kent, 14, Albert Road, Near Theatre Royal. The special classes for piano technique (method Leschetizky) and ensemble playing (Symphony Duets in particular) will be resumed by Miss Craigie Ross, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., (Concert Pianist) during the winter months, in addition to her usual lessons in Piano and voice production. Address – "Collwood." Southcote Road. Motors. Motors. To hire a smart car ‘Phone No. 648 or 1383. 12 to 40 H.P. Private Touring and Landaulettes at Moderate Charges. Garage for 30 cars. Petrol, oils &c. Agents for the famous new Arrol-Johnston Cars. Demonstration Car at your service. W.W. Graham & Co. Poole Hill and St. Michael's Road, Bournemouth. Bright's Stores special Christmas show of Ferns, Flowers, Heather, Preserved Maidenhair, in pots and sprays, suitable for Table Decoration. See special window display. 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, Old Christchurch Road. Miss Newlyn. Private lessons given daily in the Waltz, One-Step and Boston. Bournemouth – Children's Class, Saturday 3 o'clock, No. 3, The Quadrant. Boscombe Gymnasium – Adult Class, Monday, 8.3. Boscombe gymnasium – Children's Class, Friday, 4.30. Monday, 5.30. Pupils wishing to arrange their own Parties for instruction specially invited. Private lessons by appointment. For particulars and terms apply "Para," Southern Road, West Soutbourne. Godfrey & Co., Ltd. Special Gramophone Department sole agents for Bechstein Pianos, Chappell Pianos, Etc. All the latest music. Practice rooms (with use of Grand Piano) 6d. per hour. Godfrey & Co., Ltd., 136 & 138 Old Christchurch Road, Tele, 155. Bournemouth. Miss Ellen Terry's Shakespearean Heroines painted on Royal Doulton China. The most costly designs ever produced. Most fascinating pieces, suitable for Christmas Presents, from 2/6. We were the first in the Country to show this lovely China. Tye's China Rooms, Broadway, Boscombe. Close to Free Library. Winter Gardend Wednesday Evening, at 8. Programme of popular British music. Mr. Mark Quinton will play Piano Solos from 7.30 to 8. 1. Marches 2 and 4 "Pomp and Circumstance" – Elgar. 2. Overture di Ballo – Sullivan, 3. Salut d'Amour – Elgar, 4. Song "Good Bye" – Tosti – Miss Maude Newton. Violin Obbligato – Mr. F. King-Hall, 5. Selection "Merrie England" – Ed. German, 6. Mr. E. H. Lucas in Characters and Scenes from Dickens, assisted by his daughter Edna May. Interval of Ten Minutes. Bournemouth's Sunday. If you do not find Bournemouth dull on Sunday, this Advertisement will not interest you. But if you do find our town somewhat dull on Sunday, write for our illustrated Booklet. It has been arranged for your benefit. Condac Motor Depot. West Southbourne. For Trunks, &c. W. H. Smith, 97 Old Christchurch Road. Repairs and exchanges. The Universal Hair Co. Established 1895. Having, for the greater convenience of ladies, opened a West End Branch at The London Louvre 133-135 Oxford Street. We should esteem it a favour if, when in London, they will avail themselves of an early opportunity of inspecting our goods. A stylish Pompadour Transformation 30 or 40.Toupet only, 10.6 or 6.6. A pattern of hair and remittance must accompany each order. Transformations, made of the finest quality Human Hair. A complete covering for the head. Any style, 30 – or, extra full of hair, any style, 42 – The only measurement required is the circumference of the head. 8/6 8/6 A Season of Curls, 16/6, 15/6, 8/6, 6/6, 1/6, 2/6. Fringe nets Made of Human Hair Large Size, 5/6 per doz smaller size, 4/– per doz. Toupets from 6/6. Any style to order. For light grey pale and auburn shades extra is charged. All goods [?] and privately packed. Goods sent on approval upon receipt of half our list price as deposit. Cash refunded (less postage) if not satisfactory, and returned in good condition. Best quality hair only used. Send for new catalogue. A very graceful toupet with slight division on left side, 15/6. Entire transformation 30 or 42. switches of pure human hair 16 ins., 2/9, 18ins., 3/6, 30ins., 5/-, 22ins – 7/6, 24ins., 12/6, 26 ins., 15/6. Any length to order. All communications to be addressed to the Manageress, Head Offices. 84, Foxberry Road.

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Firgrove, Castle Hill, Parkstone School for daughters of gentlewomen. Situated on high ground overlooking Poole Harbour and the Purbeck Hills. Nearly three miles from the Square, Bournemouth (Lower tram route passes the gate.) A limited number of Boarders and Day Pupils can be received. For Prospectus apply to: Miss Clare Brennand (Final Hon. Sch. of Mid. Lang., Oxford ; Cambridge Training College. Highest references. Singing Scholarship. Mr. Bantock Pierpoint begs to announce that he will give a Scholarship called by special permission, the "Dan Godfrey" open scholarship to be competed for on Dec. 11th next, at Messrs. Price & Sons, Handel House. Open to Ladies and Gentlemen under 22 years of age, and tenable for one year. All particulars at Messrs, Price & Sons, Handel House, Bournemouth. London address – 10, Sarre Road, W. Hampstead, N. W. For printing of distinction send your orders to the "Guardian" office. 142 Commercial Road, Bournemouth. How to Sing. Mr. Frank Weir (Late Worcester College, Oxford), recently principal Professor of Singing Voice Production at the South African College of Music, and Instructor to the Dutch Reformed Church Choir, Adderley Street, Cape Town. Mr. Weir undertakes to train Voices according to individual requirements, with better and quicker results than by the use of any one hard and fast method. Lessons given and Prospectus obtained at the principal Music Sellers, or at Frank Weir's Studio, 9, Wootton Gardens, Old Christchurch Road. Slade & Wood. Great sale of pianos, pianolas, pianola-pianos. Any instrument sent on One Month's Approval, Carriage free. Write for List of Bargains. Tel. 1136. Several Instruments returned from Season's Hire, offered at greatly reduced prices. Slade & Wood, 123, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. Pianos for hire. Largest stock of music. Winter Gardens (continued) 7. Welsh Rhapsody – Ed. German, 8. Song "My Rose" – Langtry, Miss Maude Newton, 10. Selection of Sullivan's Songs – C. Godfrey, jun. 11. The Chrono-Bioscope, showing the weekly Gazette of up-to-date events. Conductor – Mr. Dan. Godfrey, Hon. R.A.M. Accompanist – Mr. Mark Quinton. The Chappell Grand Pianoforte supplied by Messrs. Godfrey and Co., Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. Give me a call. Give me a call. Relics of the olden times. Antique furniture, old China paintings, weapons, brasswork, curios. H. F. Hope, Castle St., Christchurch and 5, Boscombe Arcade. Mr. Arthur Walenn, A.R.A.M., has arranged to visit Bournemouth every Monday. Voice production and singing lessons. Studio at Messrs, Slade & Wood. 123, Old Christchurch Road. London Studio: 21, Baker St. For further particulars address: "Louarn," Chatsworth Road, Willesden Green, London. Mlle. Else Rosentower, Violinist. Certificated and highly recommended by Professor Ottokar Sevcik and Professor Emile Sauret. Visits Bournemouth once weekly. For terms regarding lessons, concerts, at homes, address - Mlle. E. Rosentower, C/o Messrs. Broadwood and Sons, Conduit Street, London, W. Professor Sevcik (Prague) writes: "I recommend Mlle. Rosentower most highly as teacher of the Violin." Professor Emile Sauret writes : "Mlle. Rosentower is an excellent artist." Summit Series Private Christmas Cards. Prices from 2s to 5s per dozen. Neat and attractive. Guardian Office, 142, Commercial Road, Bournemouth. Singing Mr. Edwin Trusler (Organist and Director of Music St. Clements Church, Bournemouth). Is now arranging for the Winter Term, and will try any voice at his studio, Knole Cottage, Knole Road, Bournemouth. Mr. Edwin Trusler teaches the following schools and methods: Nava, Bordogni, Concone, Henschell, Merchesi, Lamperti, and Sieber. Also the 17th, 18th and early 19th Century Italian School, embracing : - Valente, Leo, Cimarosa, Porpora, Hasse, Durrante, Rossini, Martini, Zingarelli, Restrelli, and Cosumacci. Mrs. Watson wardrobe dealer, 88 Commercial Road, Bournemouth, Tel. 869. Gives best prices for every description of left-off wearing apparel, &c. All letters and parcels promptly attended to. Specially high prices for clothing of good quality and in good condition. The Bournemouth Guardian for Local and District News. The Bournemouth Guardian for local and district news. Tuesday and Saturday. One Penny. Electric Lighting. High-class work. Bacon & Curtis Ltd., Electrical Lighting Engineers, 106 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. Parkstone and Poole. We can reduce your lighting bill 70 per cent. Estimate and Expert Advice Free, Tel. 11. Miss Gwenydd Powell (Gold Medallist), also available for concerts and at-homes. For further Particulars apply, "Llivior" Calthorpe Road, Queen's Park, Bournemouth. To Let. Apply Manager "Guardian" Office. The Hydro, West Cliff (known as the Bournemouth Hydro). A modern residential and bath establishment. It is the only Hydro in Bournemouth on the sea front. Turkish Baths, Ladies 10 to 12 noon except Sundays. Gentlemen 2 to 5 p.m. These Baths are free to Residents in the Hydro. Every kind of Massage and Electric Treatment carried out by highly trained attendants. Under resident Medical supervision. Telephone 341. Winter Gardens. The Municipal Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Dan Godfrey, Hon. R.A.M., Musical Director to the Corporation, daily at 3 (not 3.15), and 8, except when otherwise announced. Week commencing Nov. 27. Each Evening and Tuesday and Friday Afternoons, Mr. Edward H. Lucas. In Characters and Scenes from Dickens. On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Evenings he will be assisted by his daughter, Edna May. Each Evening – Weekly Gazette of Current Events on the Chrono-Bioscope. Thursday Afternoon – The Municipal Orchestra augmented to 50 performers. Conductor – Mr. Dan Godfrey. Symphony Concert No. 9. Overture, "Liebesfruhling" (Georg Schumann) ; Symphony, "From the New World" (Dvorak) ; Symphonie Espagnole for Violin and Orchestra (Lalo). Miss Leila Doubelday, Admission 1s, or by transferable Subscription Ticket. Reserved Seats 6d and 1s extra. Ordinary Admission 6d. Reserved Seats 6d extra, may be booked at the Winter Gardens. N. B. – Books of twelve 6d. admission Tickets can be had at 5s General Manager – Dan Godfrey. Secretary and Assistant Manager – Wm. T. Skeates. The Symphony Concert Programmes will, when possible, be on sale on Wednesday and Thursday Mornings at the Winter Gardens Entrance and at Messrs. Slade & Wood's Music Stores, Old Christchurch Road. Swanage. High School for Girls. Accomodation for Boarders. Good modern education. Inclusive terms. Principals: Miss Dawson and Miss Moore. For artistic and general printing send your orders to the Guardian Office, Poole Hill, Bournemouth. Mr. Gerald Lee (Tenor), voice specialist (Pupil of Mr. Sims Reeves). Voice Production. Tone colouring, voice mending, the art of breathing, and the aesthetics of singing taught. Speech defects. Lisping, nasaling, stammering, etc., removed. Concerts, at homes, etc. Terms on application to Pine Hurst, Princess Road, Bournemouth West. For artistic and general printing send your orders to the "Guardian" office, 142 Commercial Road, Bournemouth. To Let. Apply Manager Guardian Office.

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Shakespeare's Heroines, 29 November 1911, Image 5 of 5

W. Carter & Co., Ornamental Confectioners, &c. 6, The Parade, Boscombe, and 220, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. Awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals for Bread and Confectionery. Also the Hampshire "Trophy" and to Silver Cups for the Best White Bread in Hampshire. National Telephone 1042. Mr. and Mrs. Strachan. 6, Palmerston Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, dealers in left-off and misfit clothing, Boots, Underlinen, Bed and Table Linen. On receipt of instructions will call and give a good price in cash. Prompt payment for parcels received. Established in Boscombe 1891. Firgrove Castle Hill, Parkstone school for daughters of gentlewomen. Situated on high ground overlooking Poole Harbour and the Purbeck Hulls. Nearly 3 miles from the Square, Bournemouth (lower tram route passes the gate). A limited number of Boarders and Day Pupils can be received. For Prospectus apply to : Miss Clare Brennand. (Final Hon. Sch. Of Mod. Lang. Oxford; Cambridge Diploma in Education:) Formerly Student at Newnham College, the Royal College of Music and the Cambridge Training College. Highest references. Weddings. A choice and varied assortment of wedding cards can be seen at the Guardian Office, 142 Commercial Road (Opposite West Hill Post Office, Bournemouth) A dainty and prettily designed card can be obtained at a moderate cost. Copies of the Pier and Winter Gardens Programme may be obtained daily at Sydenham's Paper Kiosk. The Pier. Winter Gardens. Thursday Evening, St. Andrew's Day. Special Scotch Concert. Under the patronage of the Bournemouth and District Caledonian Society. March, "The Kilties" (Max Darewski) ; Overtures, "Rob Roy" (Foster) and "The Little Minister" (A.C. Mackenzie) ; Scotch Patrol, "Wee Macgreegor" (Amers) ; Selections, "Reminiscenes of Scotland" (Fred Godfrey) and "The Thistle" (Mydletton) ; Cornet Solo, "Mary of Argyle" (Old Scotch), Mr. W. M. Pearce. Songs by Miss Marjorie Stone. Special Engagement of The Pipers of H. M. Scots Guards, who will give a selection of reels, sword dance, and high land fling. Admission 6d. Reserved Seats 1s and 6d extra. Friday, at 3 and 8, Special Engagement of the world-famous Imperial Russian Dancers, Mdlle. Valdya Lodowska, M. Andreas Pavley and Corps de Ballet. From the Imperial Opera House, St. Petersburg. The Municipal Orchestra, Mr. H. E. Lucas, and (Evening only), the Chrono-Bioscope. Stalls, 3s. Reserved Seats 2s 6d, 2s, and 1s 6d. Balcony, 1s 6d. Admission, 1s. Saturday Afternoon Recital by Mdme. Carreno, the celebrated Pianist, and Mischa Elman, the world-famed violinist. Programme will include: Sonata in A, op. 47, for Violin and Piano, "Kreutzer" (Beethoven) ; Piano Solos of Chopin, MacDowell and Schubert-Tausig, Violin Solos of Wieniawski, Schubert-Willhelmj, Mendelssohn-Burmeister, and Paganini. Accompanist – Mr. Percy B. Khan. Stalls 5s. Reserved Seats 4s and 3s. Balcony (unreserved), 2s 6d. Admission (no seat guaranteed). 1s. For particulars of this Advertising Space, apply Manager, Bournemouth Guardian. Massage and Electricity. "Rasta" Undercliffe, Boscombe. Overlooking Gardens and Sea, South Rooms. RestCure, Convalescents, Baths, &c. Established 1892. Tel 814. Terms on application to Nurse Harvey (late of Chine Road, Bournemouth.) Reduced Terms to Nurses. N.B. – Ladies' and Gentlemen's visiting cards printed in the best style at the "Guardian" General Printing Works. West Hill, Bournemouth. Raphael Tuck & Sons' Private Christmas Greeting Cards. The most welcome and up-to-date. Sample Book sent to intending Purchasers on application. Guardian Office, 142, Commercial Road, Bournemouth. Established 1861. For Autumn Dyeing send to J. H. Laney & Co., 230, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. Branches – Boscombe, Southbourne, Westbourne, Richmond Park Tel. 604.

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