1911 - 1913Ellen Terry UK lecture tour
16 January 1912

Shakespeare's Heroines

Location Huddersfield, UK


Date 1912
Production Date(s) January 8th 1912 to February 3rd 1912
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Notes Tour programme of Ellen Terry's recital The Pathetic and Triumphant Heroines of Shakespeare. Gives venues, time and date. Some authorial assistance from Christopher St John.
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MISS ELLEN TERRY [image of Ellen Terry] RECITAL PROGRAMME THREEPENCE. By arrangement with the QUINLAN INTERNATIONAL MUSICAL AGENCY, 318 Regent Street, London, W.

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Miss ELLEN TERRY WILL GIVE A Shakespearean Recital With Illustrative Acting, ON Some of the Heroines from Shakespeare's Plays. THE Recital will be divided into Two Parts (with an interval of five minutes). In the course of the First Part Miss TERRY will comment on the following Heroines of Shakespeare's Plays:- VIOLA, DESDEMONA, EMILIA, JULIET. In the Second Part the Subjects will be :- KATHERINE, LADY ANNE, HELENA, JULIA, CONSTANCE, CORDELIA, CLEOPATRA, KATHERINE OF ARRAGON, HERMIONE, lMOGEN, CRESSIDA, LADY MACBETH, OPHELIA, PORTIA. Some of Shakespeare's Heroines. THE PATHETIC WOMEN Part I. Viola - With Extracts from "Twelfth Night." Desdemona - with Scene from "Othello." Emilia - with Scene from "Othello." Juliet - with Scene from "Romeo and Juliet." (including the Potion ccnc). INTERVAL OF FIVE MINUTES. Part II. Katherine - "Taming of the Shrew." Lady Anne -"Richard III." Helena - "All's Well That Ends Well." Julia - "Two Gentlemen of Verona." Constance - "King John." Cordelia - With Scene from "King Lear." Cleopatra - with Extracts from" Antony & Cleopatra." Katherine of Arragon - with Extracts from Henry VIII. Hermione - with Scene from "A Winter's Tale." Imogen - "Cymbeline." Cressida "Troilus and Cressida." Lady Macbeth - with Extracts from "Macbeth." Ophelia - with Scenes from "Hamlet." (Including the Mad Scene).

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Ellen Terry Tour, 1912. JANUARY AND FEBRUARY. ---- Monday, January 8, SHEFFIELD, at 8 Wednesday, January 10, NEWCASTLE, at 8 Thursday, January 11, SUNDERLAND, at 8 Saturday, January 13, MIDDLESBOROUGH, at 8 Monday, January 15, HULL, at 8 Tuesday, January 16, HUDDERSFIELD, at 8 Thursday, January 18, KENDAL, at 8 Saturday, January 20, BLACKPOOL, at 8 Monday, January 22, CAMBRIDGE, at 8.15 Thursday, January 25, NORWICH, at 8 Tuesday, January 30, NORTHAMPTON, , at 8 Wednesday, January 31 OXFORD, at 8 and Saturday, February 3, Special Flying Matinee at BRIGHTON [photograph of Ellen Terry ] Photo by Window & Grove Miss ELLEN TERRY AS "PORTIA."

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Ellen Terry is mentioned in Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula (1897).

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