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14 June 1887

Much Ado About Nothing

Location Royal Lyceum Theatre, London, UK
Plays performed Much Ado About Nothing

Programmes, two copies

Date 14 June 1887
Play(s) Much Ado About Nothing
Production Date(s) Tuesday June 14 1887
Venue Royal Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 8.15pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer Hawes Craven, W. Cuthbert, William Telbin
Costume Designer Auguste & Co., Mrs Reid
Choreographer M. Dewinne
Music Director Meredith Ball
Document ID ET-D90 Original record
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THIS EVENING, TUESDAY, JUNE 14th, 1887, AT A QUARTER PAST EIGHT O'CLOCK, WILL BE PRESENTED Shakespeare's Comedy MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING --- The Scenery by HAWES CRAVEN, W. CUTHBERT and WILLIAM TELBIN. The Overture and Incidental Music composed and arranged by the Musical Director, Mr. MEREDITH BALL. Hymn, "Pardon Goddess of the Night," by the Rev. Canon DUNCOMBE. "Sigh no more,Ladies," STEVENS. The Costumes by Mrs. REID and AUGUSTE et Cie. The Dances Arranged hy M. DEWINNE. Machinist, Mr. KNIGHT. Appointments, Tapestries, &c., by Mr. ARNOTT. --- Benedick (A Young Lord of Padua): Mr HENRY IRVING. Don Pedro (Prince of Arragon): Mr. C.GLENNEY. Don John (His Bastard Brother): Mr. HAVILAND. Claudio (A Young Lord of Florence): Mr. ALEXANDER. Leonato (Governor of Messina): Mr. WENMAN. Antonio (His Brother) : MR. HOWE. Balthazar (Attendant on Don Pedro): Mr J.ROBERTSON Borachio, Conrade (Followers of Don John): Mr. F.TYARS, Mr. HARBURY. Friar Francis : Mr. MEAD. Dogberry,Verges (Two City Officers) Mr. S.JOHNSON, Mr CLIFFORD. Seacol,Oatcake (Watchmen): Mr. ARCHER, Mr. BAKER. A Sexton: Mr. CARTER. A Messenger: Mr. HARVEY. A Boy: Mss K. BROWN. Hero (Daughter to Leonato): Miss EMERY. Margaret, Ursula (Gentlewomen attending on Hero): Miss. MILLS, Miss MATTHEWS. AND Beatrice (Niece to Leonato): Miss ELLEN TERRY. Ladies, Gentlemen, Maskers, Pages, Attendants, Musicians, Guards, Watchmen, Soldiers, Servants &c. &c. SCENE-MESSINA. Synopsis of Scenery ACT I. SCENE 1. LEONATO'S HOUSE - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 2. BEFORE LEONATO'S HOUSE - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 3. HALL IN LEONATO'S HOUSE - W.CUTHBERT ACT II. SCENE 1. THE CEDAR WALK - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 2. LEONATO'S GARDEN (Evening) - HAWES CRAVEN ACT III. SCENE 1. LEONATO'S GARDEN (Morning) - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 2. THE CEDAR WALK - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 5. A STREET - HAWES CRAVEN ACT IV SCENE. INSIDE OF A CHURCH - W.TELBIN. ACT V. SCENE 1. LEONATO'S GARDEN - HAWES CRAVEN SCENE 2. THE MONUMENT OF LEONATO - W.TELBIN. SCENE 3. HALL IN LEONATO'S HOUSE - W.CUTHBERT --- Programme of Music: Pot-pourri "Much Ado About Nothing": Meredith Ball. Entr'acte "Danse Characteristique": Meredith Ball. March "La Reine d Saba": Gounod. Tarantella "Italian Suite": Raff.

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The Bill of the Play is in every part of the House SUPPLIED WITHOUT CHARGE. No Fees of any kind are permitted, and Mr. IRVING trusts that in his endeavour to carry out this arrangement, he may rely on the co-operation of the Public, who are requested, should there be any cause of complaints, or especial satisfaction, to refer to the Acting Manager. --- Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY. Musical Director - Mr MEREDITH BALL. Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. --- DOORS OPEN AT 7.45, PERFORMANCE COMMENCES AT 8.15. CARRIAGES AT ELEVEN. --- Opera Glasses can be had on Hire from the Cloak-room Attendants, One Shilling each, in all parts of the House. --- Stalls, 10s 6d.; Dress Circle, 6s.6d.; Upper Circle, 4s.; Amphitheatre, 2s.6d.; Pit, 2s.; Gallery, 1s. Private Boxes, £2 2S. to £4 4s. --- NO FEES OF ANY KIND. --- Box Office open 10 till 5, under tbe direction of Mr. JOSEPH HURST, of whom seats can be booked One Month in advance, also by Letter. Every Friday Evening, AT A QUARTER-PAST EIGHT O'CLOCK, FAUST. Mephistopheles: Mr HENRY IRVING. Margaret: Miss ELLEN TERRY.

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PROSPECTIVE ARRANGEMENTS. --- In accordance with a promise made, Mr. IRVING begs to annouce thatthe following Plays from the Lyceum repertoire will be presented during the present season:- JUNE 13 TO 28 (Friday evening excepted): MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (10 NIGHTS). JUNE 29 & 30 AND JULY 4 & 5: OLIVIA. (4 NIGHTS.) --- Every Friday Evening until the Close of the Season. FAUST. And on Saturday Morning, July 2nd. --- NOTICE. MORNING PERFORMANCES --- On Saturdays, June 18th and 25th, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING --- On Saturday, July 2nd, FAUST. --- EVERY SATURDAY EVENING IN JUNE, AND JULY 2nd and 9th, THE THEATRE WILL BE CLOSED. --- The Season will terminate on Saturday, 16th July, last appearance of Mr HENRY IRVING, Miss ELLEN TERRY and the Lyceum Company till April, 1888. On Thursday Aftaernoon, June 16th, 1887, A GRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT (Prior to her First Provincial Tour) will be terndered to Miss ANY ROSELLE (Mrs. ARTHUR DACRE) For which Mr. HENRY IRVING has generously granted the use of his Theatre. --- The Performance wil commence at 1.30 with the First Act of Lord LYTTON'S Comedy, MONEY. Sir John Vesey: Mr. CHARLES COLLETTE. Evelyn, Mr H.B.CONWAY. Sir Frederick Blount, Mr. H. BEERBOHM TREE. Graves, Mr. DAVID JAMES. Stout, Mr. EDWARD BIGHTON. Lord Glassmore, Mr. JOHN CLAYTON. Sharp, Mr. JOHN MACLEAN. Servants, Mr. W. HERBERT and Mr. BEAUCHAMP. Clara Douglas, Miss MARION TERRY. Georgina, Miss CARLOTTA ADDISON. Lady Franklin, Mrs. JOHN WOOD. (Produced under the Stage Management of Mr. EDWARD HASTINGS.) --- Sketch: Mr. GEORGE GROSSMITH. --- Scene (Queen KATHERINE'S Death) from: KING HENRY VIII. Queen Katherine of Arragon: Miss GENEVIEVE WARD. --- The Trial Scene from THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. Shylock, Mr HENRY IRVING. Duke of Venice, Mr. H. HOWE. Antonio: Mr. WENMAN. Bassanio, Mr. G.ALEXANDER. Salanio, Mr. HAVILAND. Salarino, Mr HARBURY. Gratiano, Mr. GLENNEY. Clerk of the Court, Mr. CALVERT. Nerissa, Miss MATTHEWS. Portia, Miss ELLEN TERRY. --- Reciation: Lord Tennyson's "Rizpah": Miss AMY ROSELLE. --- The Famous Farce, ICI ON PARLE FRANCAIS. Mr. Spriggins, Mr. J.L.TOOLE. Mons. Victor Dubois, Mr. ARTHUR CECIL. Major Rattan, Mr. LIONEL BROUGH. Mrs. Spriggins, Miss EMILY THORNE. Angelina, Miss MARIE LINDEN. Mrs. Rattan, Miss KATE RORKE. Anna Maria, Miss ELIZA JOHNSTONE. --- Song: Mr. SANTLEY. --- To Conclude with TRIAL BY JURY. Written by W.S.GILBERT. Composed by ARTHUR SULLIVAN. Conductor Mr F.CELLIER. The Defendant, Mr HENRY BRACY. The Learned Judge, Mr. RUTLAND BARRINGTON. Counsel for the Plaintiff, Mr. RICHARD TEMPLE. Usher, Mr. RUDOLPH LEWIS. The Plaintiff, Miss GERALDINE ULMAR. Foreman of the Jury, Mr. ARTHUR ROBERTS. Jury: - Messrs. FRED LESLIE, GEORGE BARRETT, HARRY KEMBLE, HARRY NICHOLLS, JULIAN CROSS, E.W. GARDEN, ROBERT PATEMAN, W.BLAKELEY, GEORGE GIDDENS, FRED THORNE, T.P.HAYNES, EGBERT ROBERTS, HERBERT WARING. Bridesmaids: Mesdames MARY MOORE, WINIFRED EMERY, MILLWARD, ANNIE HUGHES, CISSY GRAHAME, GRACE HUNTLEY, VIOLET VANBRUGH, HELEN FORSYTHE, MABEL MILLET, ANNIE ROSE, LAURA LINDEN. The body of the Court will be filled by some leading Actors and Actresses of the London Stage. --- The whole of the Artistes have generously given their valuable services by kind permission of their respective Managers. --- Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY. Hon. Treasurer, Mr. EDWARD LEDGER. Hon. Secs., Messrs. BRANDON THOMAS and MAURICE DE VERNEY. --- BOX OFFICE Open 10 til l5, under the Direction of Mr. Joseph Hurst. --- Dorrs Open at 1, Commence at 1.30.

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[illustration: Theatre masks, crown and sword]. W. S. Johnson-" Nassau Steam Press," 60, St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.

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