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18 January 1892

Henry VIII

Location Royal Lyceum Theatre, London, UK
Plays performed Henry VIII


Date 18 January 1892
Play(s) King Henry VIII
Production Date(s) Monday January 18 1892
Venue Royal Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 8pm
Producer [Henry Irving]
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer J. Harker, Hawes Craven, W. Telbin
Costume Maker Auguste & Co., Mrs Nettleship, May & Co., Pratt & Sons, Henry Heath, Pocock & Co., Kennedy & Co., Thurkle & Co., Mrs Reid
Costume Designer Seymour Lucas, Mrs Comyns Carr
Music Director Meredith Ball
Document ID ET-D133 Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Henry Irving as Wolsey, Ellen Terry as Queen Katharine and Edward Gordon Craig as Cromwell. Annotated with date and Edward Gordon Craig's name marked in cast list.
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ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE. Sole Lessee and Manager, Mr HENRY IRVING. KING HENRY THE EIGHTH The Fourteenth Season of the present Management.

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THIS EVENING, MONDAY, JANUARY 18 1892, AND DURING THE WEEK, AT EIGHT O'CLOCK, WILL BE PRESENTED FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDER MR. IRVING'S MANAGEMENT Shakespeare's Play, THE FAMOUS HISTORY OF THE LIFE OF KING HENRY THE EIGHTH. King Henry VIII. ... Mr. WILLIAM TERRISS. Cardinal Wolsey ... Mr. IRVING. Cardinal Campeius ... Mr. BEAUMONT Capucius (Ambassador from Charles V.) ... Mr. TABB. Cranmer (Archbishop of Canterbury) ... Mr. ARTHUR STIRLING Duke of Norfolk ... Mr. WENMAN. Duke of Buckingham ... MR. FORBES ROBERTSON. Duke of Suffolk ... Mr. TYARS Earl of Surrey ... Mr. CLARENCE HAGUE. Lord Chamberlain ... Mr. ALFRED BISHOP. Gardiner (afterwards Bishop of Winchester) ... Mr. LACY Lord Sands ... Mr GILBERT FARQUHAR. Sir Henry Guildford ... Mr. HARVEY Sir Thomas Lovell ... Mr. STEWART Sir Anthony Denny ... Mr. DAVIS Sir Nicholas Vaux ... Mr. BELMORE. Cromwell (Servant to Wolsey) ... Mr. GORDON CRAIG. Griffith (Gentleman-Usher to Queen Katherine) ... Mr. HOWE. Gentlemen ... Mr. JOHNSON, Mr. ARCHER Garter, King-at-Arms ... Mr. BELFORD Surveyor to Duke of Buckingham ... Mr. HAVILAND Brandon ... Mr. SELDON Sergeant-at-Arms ... Mr. POWELL A Messenger ... Mr. LORRISS. A Scribe ... Mr. REYNOLDS A Secretary ... Mr. CUSHING. Queen Katherine ... Miss ELLEN TERRY Anne Bullen ...Miss VIOLET VANBRUGH. An Old Lady ... Miss LE THIERE. Patience ... MRS. PAUNCEFORT. Lords, Ladies, Archbishops, Bishops, Judges, Lord Mayor and Aldermen, Barons of the Cinque Ports, Doctors of Divinity, Doctors of Law, Chaplains, Priests, Monks, Secetaries, Gentlemen, Choristers, Pursuivants, Vergers, Rowers, Tipstaves, Guards, Trumpeters, Henchmen, Torchbearers, Drummers, Fifers Macebearers, Gentlemen Ushers, Pillar-bearers, Cross-bearers, Footmen, Citizens, Soldiers, Executioner, &c., &c. Synopsis of Scenery. Act I. SCENE 1 .-London-The Palace at Bridewell - J. Harker. SCENE 2.-Outside the Palace - Hawes Craven SCENE 3.-The Council Chamber in the Palace - Hawes Craven SCENE 4.-A Courtyard - Hawes Craven SCENE 5.-A Hall in York Place - Hawes Craven Act II. SCENE 1.-The King's Stairs, Westminster - Hawes Craven SCENE 2.-An Antechamber in the Palace - Hawes Craven SCENE 3.-A Garden in the Palace - Hawes Craven SCENE 4.-A Hall in Blackfriars - Hawes Craven Act III. SCENE 1.-The Queen's Apartment - J. Harker. SCENE 2.-The Palace at Bridewell - J. Harker. Act IV. SCENE 1.-A Street in Westminster - W.Telbin. SCENE 2.-Kimbolton - W.Telbin. Act V. Greenwich-Church of the Grey Friars - Hawes Craven --- The Overture, Entr'actes, and Incidental Music have been composed expressly for the Play by MR. EDWARD GERMAN. Musical Director-Mr. MEREDITH BALL. Chorus-Master-:Mr. TABB. The Trio, "Orpheus with his Lute," sung by Misses KATE LEWIS, LANCASTER, & MINNIE ROBERTSON. The Costumes, &c., from Designs by Mr. SEYMOUR LUCAS, A.R.A., and also by Mrs. COMYNS CARR, executed by Messrs. AUGUSTE ET CIE., Mrs. NETTLESHIP, Messrs. MAY & Co., T. PRATT & SONS, HENRY HEATH, G. POCOCK & Co., KENNEDY & Co., THURKLE & Co., and Mrs. REID. Perruquier, Mr. Fox. Appointments by Mr. ARNOTT. Machinist, Mr. FILLERY. --- The Intervals between the Acts are :-After Act I., 10 minutes; after Act II., 12 minutes; after Act III., 15 minutes; after Act IV., 6 minutes --- Stage Manager - Mr. H. J. LOVEDAY. Acting Manager - Mr. BRAM STOKER. --- THE BILL OF THE PLAY IS IN EVERY PART OF THE HOUSE SUPPLIED WITHOUT CHARGE. --- No Fees of any kind are permitted, and Mr. IRVING trusts that in his endeavour to carry out this arrangement, he may rely on the co-operation of the Public, who are requested, should there be any cause of complaints, or especial satisfaction, to refer to the Acting Manager. --- Doors open At 7.30, Performance commences at 8. Carriages at 10.45. --- This Theatre is lighted by Electricity, supplied by The Electricity Supply Corporation, Limited. --- Opera Glasses can be had on Hire from the Cloak-room Attendants, One Shilling each --- Private Boxes, £2 2s. to £4 4s.; Stalls, 10s 6d.; Dress Circle, 7s.; Upper Circle, 4s.; Amphitheatre, 2s.6d.; Pit, 2s. 6d.; Gallery, 1s. --- Box Office open 10 till 5, under the direction of Mr. JOSEPH HURST, of whom seats can be booked Four Weeks in advance, also by Letter. --- NO FEES OF ANY KIND.

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Henry VIII, 18 January 1892, Image 3 of 3

Literary Announcements. CHEAP RE-ISSUE of WILLIAM BLACK'S NOVELS. A DAUGHTER OF HETH. By WILLIAM BLACK Being the First Volume in the New, Uniform, and com- pletely Revised Monthly Issue. With New Preface and Photo· gravure Portrait of the Author. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d. --- Now ready, the January number of SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE. An Illustrated Monthly. Price One Shilling. So far as the beauty and artistic excellence of its illustrations and the literary charm and varied interest of its stories and articles are concerned, Scribner's Magazine has held for years a foremost place. --- THE SNAKE'S PASS. By BRAM STOKER. Second Edition 3s 6d. --- LONDON: SAMPSON LOW, MARSTON & COL, LIMITED. --- EDITION de LUXE of LORD LYTTON'S NOVELS. - Limited to 500 numbered copies, to be completed in 32 Fortnightly Volumes with full-page illustrations. Price 10s. 6d a volume. EUGENE ARAM, PELHAM, & THE CAXTONS (Volume I.) are now ready. Intending subscribers are requested to place their orders with their booksellers as soon as possible, as the publishers reserve to themselves the right to raisee the subscfription price as soon as 400 sets have been ordered. --- GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS (LIMITED), BROADWAY, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. --- KING HENRY THE EIGHTH. MR. IRVING'S Acting Version. To be had in the Threare, Price One Shilling. --- MESSRS. MACMILLAN & C.'S BOOKS. LIFE OF ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL TAIT, Arch-bishop of Canterbury. by RANDALL THOMAS DAVIDSON, D.D., Bishop of Rochester, and W.BENHAM, B.D., Hon. Canon of Canterbury. Third and Cheaper Edition. 2 Vols., crown 8vo, cloth, 10s.net. THE REAILWAY MAN AND HIS CHILDREN A Novel by Mrs. OLIPHANT, Author of "Kirsteen," "Hester," &c. 3 Vols., crown 8vo, 31s.6d. KHALED: A Tale of Arabia. By F.MARION CRAWFORD. New and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. ANTI-JACOBIN. - "Mr Crawford has written some stories more powerful, but none more attractive than this." CECILIA DE NOEL. By LANOE FALCONER, Author of "Mademoiselle Ixe" Crown 8vo, 3s.6d. SPEAKER.-"There has been nothing for many a day to equal this charming book." THE CAMBRIDGE SHAKSPEARE. THE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE. Edited by W.ALDIS WRIGHT, in Nine Volumes, Vol.V. containing King Henry VI., First, Second, and Third Parts; King Richard III. King Henry VIII. 8vo, clogh, 10s.6d. THE ENGLISH ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE for January. Read the Article by MR. FREDERICK HAWKINS on "HENRY VIII." ON THE STAGE. Illustrated. MACMILLAN & CO., LONDON. --- MR. WM. HEINEMANN'S NEW NOVELS. MAMMON. By MRS. ALEXANDER. 3 Vols. (Ready). THE SCAPEGOAT. By HALL CAINE. Fourth Edition. 2 Vols. TIMES.-"Matchless" INCONSEQUENT LIVES. By J.H.PEARCE. 5s. LITERARY WORLD.- "Powerful and pthetic." ACCORDING TO ST.JOHN. By AMELIE RIVES. SCOTTISH LEADER.-"Beautiful and powerful" 5s. PENANCE OF PORTIA JAMES. By "TASMA." 5s. ANTI-JACOBIN.-"A well-told story." LONDON: WM. HEINEMANN, 21, BEDFORD STREET, W.C. Novella, London.

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