1900 - 1909Other Shakespeare performances
22-23 February 1900


Location Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill Gate, London, UK
Plays performed Othello


Date 22 February 1900
Play(s) Othello
Production Date(s) 22 February [1900] to 23 February [1900]
Venue Coronet Theatre
Venue address Notting Hill Gate W
Time of performance 8pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Music Director Victor Hollander
Document ID ET-D422 Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Ellen Terry as Desdemona and Frank Cooper as Othello.
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Othello, 22-23 February 1900, Image 1 of 5

Coronet Theatre. David Allen and Sons Ltd. Harrow. Copyright reserved.

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Othello, 22-23 February 1900, Image 2 of 5

For high-class tailoring Alf. G. Todd. 178, Queen's Road, W. (Opposite Whiteley's). Bond Street Cut and Finish at one third the cost. Patronised by the Chief Club Houses, Hotels, and Restaurants in Town and Country. Horton Ices. Ice Puddings, Creams and Jellies. Fancy ices and table decorations in ice. Suitable for Balls, Parties, Dinners, and every kind of Entertainment. As supplied to the Royal Family, all the Theatres, Opera Houses, Private Families, and the Principal Mail Steamship Companies. Automatic & Horton Ices, Ltd., 56, Queen's Road, Bayswater, London. W. Three minutes from this Theatre. "Sun in Splendour" Pembridge Road, Notting Hill Gate, W. Charlie Treadaway, Proprietor. Bass & Co's Ales only drawn. Guiness's Stout. Champagne & Wines of the finest vintages. Cigars a speciality. All spirits of the Best Brands. "Sun in Splendour" Lounge. Charlie Stuart's Special Scotch. Coronet Bakery, A. Wittekind, 32, Uxbridge Street, W., Opposite Theatre and at 37, Westbourne Terrace, North, W. Parties contracted for. Vienna and all Fancy Breads. Wedding Cakes made to order from 1s. 1b. Families waited on daily. Established 1851. Birckbeck Bank, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. Invested Funds – £10,000,000. Number of Accounts 85,094. Two-and-a-half per cent interest allowed on deposits, repayable on demand. Two per cent on current accounts, on the minimum monthly balances, when not drawn below £100. Savings Department. Small deposits received, and interest allowed monthly on each completed £1. The Birkbeck Almanack, with particulars, post free. Francis Ravenscourt, Manager. Norise et Cie, Court & Theatrical Milliners, Army & Navy Mansions, Victoria St., S.W. (Adjoining Stores). Madam Norise has the very latest novelties from Paris in Hats, Toques, Bonnets, Cravats, etc. Inspection Invited. Telegrams "Modele, London." The whole of the decoration and furnishing of this Theatre was done by Warings, who have also decorated or furnished many of the Principal London Theatres. For high-class and artistic furniture in perfect taste, and at moderate prices, Warings are unrivalled. 181, Oxford St. 175, Sloane St. Paris, Liverpool, Manchester. H. D. Rawling's Mineral Waters as supplied to the Queen, The Prince of Wales, and all the Royal Palaces. The only Minerals supplied at the Bars of this Theatre. Brunnen Water a speciality. Prospective Engagements. Three Musketeers, La Poupee, My Friend The Prince, The Great Ruby, Les Cloches De Corneville, The Belle of New York, The Little Minister, The French Maid, The Liars, Charley's Aunt, The Silver King, Sims & Corri's New Opera. L. Hart, complete house furnisher and dealer in Antiques. 6 & 10 Pembridge Road, Notting Hill Gate. A large stock of genuine second-hand furniture. Always in stock. My speciality. Bed-room and dining-room suites. C. Dutton & Son hygienic court, military & family Boot makers, 53 & 55 Pembridge Road, W. Specialities: Hunting, Shooting, and Ladies' Alpine Boots. A Few yards from Theatre finest saloon Bar in the neighbourhood. W. I. Vincent wine & spirit merchant. "Duke of Sussex" Uxbridge Street. All articles sold here are of the Best Qualities at the Very Lowest Prices. Civility and prompt attention. Special Scotches of all well-known brands. Try Vincent's special scotch. Phonograph up to date. Living pictures on view every evening. Electric light fittings. Billiards – Cigars.

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Othello, 22-23 February 1900, Image 3 of 5

G. Culverwell (Late J. B. Cramer & Co.) Pianofortes for sale or hire. New and Second-Hand. 136, Notting Hill Gate. (Nearly Opposite this Theatre). M. Hall "Coach & Horses" wine and spirit establishment. Opposite this Theatre. Luncheons daily. Billiards: Two Tables. Bass's Pale Ale. Cigars: finest brands kept in stock. Two saloon lounges.' The Golden Bells' Hotel and Restaurant, (six doors from this Theatre) Seating Accommodation for 250. Private dining room, first floor. Any kind of meal at any time. Suppers served till 12.30. Prices very moderate. Double and single bedrooms. WM. Magee, Proprietor. J. Thompson 81A High Street, Notting Hill Gate fishmonger & poulterer. Best quality at lowest prices. Families waited upon for orders. Special Terms to Schools. Oysters sent out. A Trial Solicited. Enquiries Solicited and Estimates Given Free of Cost, for all kinds of work. Walter Wallis, Builder, Contractor, and Decorator. "Lincoln House," Ramsden Road, Balham, S.W. Builders of the Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill ; Princess of Wales' Theatre, Kennington ; Royal Duchess Theatre, Balham ; Broadway Theatre, Deptford ; and Terriss Theatre, Rotherhithe. Established in Islington, 1846. Established at Notting Hill, 1862. F. W. Mackinney. Qualified optician. (Diploma Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers). Watch and Clock Maker and Jeweller. 156, High Street, Notting Hill, W. Clocks wound by yearly contract. Repairs. Antique Watches and clocks restored as new. Opposite Theatre Cumber Cycles Accessories and repairs. Thomas's Cash Drug Stores, 99, High Street, Notting Hill Gate (two doors east of Coronet Theatre). Proprietor: J. J. Thomas, M.P.S.; Ph. C., Pereira Medallist of the Pharmaceutical Society. Accurate Dispensing at Store Prices Pure Drugs, Chemicals & Patent Medicines at Wholesale Prices. Speciality in Perfumes & all Theatrical Requisites. Des Clayes & Co. (London) Limited. Wine Merchants. 27, Charles Street, Waterloo Place, S.W. All Wines and Spirits sold by this Firm are Guaranteed Pure, and strictly of kinds and vintages for which they are sold. Sole bottlers of the famous scotch whisky, "Glenartney" Sole Whiskies supplied at this Theatre. Ellis's Coronet Watch. Equal in appearance and time keeping to any £5 5s. watch. Hundreds of testimonials. Opera Glasses from 4/6 to 42/-. Immense stock of Christmas presents. 94 High St., opposite this Theatre. Warranted One Year. Notting Hill Conservatory, (Late J. Maize), 11a, Pembridge Road, Notting Hill Gate, W. T. , decorative florist and garden contractor, (from Wills &Segar, South Kensington). Table decorations, bouquets, wreaths, crosses, &c. Palms and other Choice Plants on hire. Gardens laid out and attended to by contract or otherwise. Window boxes made to order and filled with summer or winter plants. Sole contractor to this Theatre. Allsopp's Ales & Stouts. Exclusively on draught and in bottle at this Theatre. G. A. Norris, Established 50 years. 32, High Street, Notting Hill Gate, W. 2/6 Coronet Brooch 2/6 Jeweller, watch & clock maker. Repairs of every kind undertaken, and Expert and skilled workmen only employed. Antique & Latest designs in jewellery, watches, clocks, etc. Clocks wound by contract from £1 :1 :0 per year. Orders by post receive prompt attention, and customers waited upon by request. Allsopp's Ales & Stouts. Exclusively on draught and in bottle at this Theatre. The Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill Gate, W. Managing Director, Mr. E. G. Saunders. Monday, February 20th, at 8, for Six Nights – Miss Ellen Terry, Mr. Frank Cooper and Members of the Lyceum Company. Wednesday and Thursday, February 22nd and 23rd, at Eight o'clock, Shakespeare's Play Othello. Othello – Mr. Frank Cooper, Iago – Mr. WM. Mollison, Brabantio – Mr. H. Cooper-Cliffe, Cassio – Mr. Charles Vane, Roderigo – Mr. Fuller Mellish, Montana – Mr. Lionel Belmore. Sailors, Messengers, Herald Officers and Attendants. Duke of Venice – Mr. S. Lacy, Messenger – Mr. F. Daviss, First Senator – Mr. E. Blind, Second Senator – Mr. C. Elgar, Emilia – Miss Maud Milton, Desdemona – Miss Ellen Terry. Scenery by Hawes Craven and W. Hann. Friday, February 24th Madam Sans-Gene, Saturday, Feb 25th Olivia. A Play in Four Acts, by W. G. Wills, founded on an Episode in "The Vicar of Wakefield". Stage Manager – Mr. H. J. Loveday for Miss Ellen Terry, Business Manager – Mr W. H. Griffiths. Monday, February 27th, for Six Nights, and One Matinee. The Successful Comic Opera The Dandy Fifth from the Duke of York's Theatre. General Manager – Mr. Richard Mansell, Acting Manager – Mr. Herbert Clarke, Musical Director – Mr. Victor Hollander, Assistant Acting Manager – Mr. D. Forbes Winslow, Treasurer – Mr. Charles A. Coles, Assistant Stage Manager – Mr. Charles Hargrave – Electician - Mr. George Noxon. The Pianofortes are supplied by Geo Culverwell, 136, Notting Hill Gate. For all Advertisements for this Theatre apply to The South West Advertising Co., (S. Presburg) Prested Road, Clapham Junction, S. W.

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Othello, 22-23 February 1900, Image 4 of 5

Stiles & Sons, Bakers, Cooks & Cofectioners, 36 High St., Notting Hill Marloes Road, Kensington. February specialities Barcelona cakes, midget meringues. Luncheons (hot and cold). Afternoon tea. Clement & Co., 89, High Street, Notting Hill Gate, W. Artistic and Theatrical Hairdressers. The Best French Waver in the West End. Antique Furniture. E. King begs to inform the Nobility of Kensington and Bayswater that he has always on view a good supply of Genuine Antique Furniture at very moderate prices. An inspection invited. Address: E. King, 15, Leonard's Place, Kensington High St. Monte Carlo Café Restaurant. 182, Queen's Road, Bayswater, W. A. Lamperti, Proprietor. Newly decorated and lighted with electric light. Luncheons, dinners and suppers at very moderate prices. We invite attention to our special coffee. Wines, beer and cigars, of the best quality. The Criterion. 2/6 = dinner = 2/6. Hors d'oeuvres, two soups, fish entrée, vegetables, roast and salade, sweet, cheese, dessert. From 5 till 8 o'clock. A special table d'hote dinner. Served in the saloons for large or small parties. Special attention is paid to the cuisine, and to the selection of wines. Open on Sundays, 6 till 11 o'clock. After Theatre suppers. Telephone No. 777 Paddington. Empire Furnishing Company. 134, Edgware-rd., London, W. The Empire of our Queen is the envy of every nation. The Empire Furnishing Company is the Envy of the Furnishing World. The best furniture. The lowest terms. Terms so low indeed as to be nearly a gift. Call or write for prices. You pay just as you like and what you like. Prospective Engagements. Private Secretary, The White Heather, Life of Pleasure, Dandy Fifth, Lights o' London, New Barmaid, Orlando Dando, Little Miss Nobody, Two Little Vagabonds, Gentleman Joe, Circus Girl. Geisha. The Royal Dyeing and Cleaning Co. Up to date for blouses, gowns, dresses, and everything, special process, no unpicking. Moderate Charges. 9, Pembridge Road, Notting Hill Gate, W. Fuller's American Confectionery, 206, Regent Street, 131, Queen's Road, Bayswater, 31, High Street, Kensington, 18, East Street, Brighton, 33, Bold St, Liverpool. 10, Dale Street, Liverpool and various branches and agencies all over the Kingdom, Sole purveyors to this Theatre. Lerner & Rosenkrantz, ladies' tailors and habit makers, 22a, Queen's Road, Bayswater, W. Gentlemen's outfitters. Orridge's Stores. 129 & 131, Notting Hill Gate. House cleaning materials, brooms, brushes, mats, twines, oilmen's sundries etc. Sole contractors to Coronet Theatre. All wines, liqueurs, brandies, & c., sold at the Bars of this Theatre are supplied by Burne, Turner & Co., Ltd wine merchants to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. By special warrant of appointment. Head office: 150, Leadenhall Street, E.C. West End Branch: 38a, Old Bond St., W. Where all communications will receive prompt attention. Goss' Drug Stores found: A cure for Neuralgia, faceache, toothache Neuralgic drops price 1/- only. Syrup of Tamarinds for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis. A speedy cure 7½d., 10½d., 2s. Opposite this Theatre. Glass & China Stores, 149, High St., Notting Hill Gate (same side as the Coronet Theatre). Note our grand clearance sale. Special hiring prices for parties. Sole contractors for the glass and china supplied to this Theatre.

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Othello, 22-23 February 1900, Image 5 of 5

Established 25 years. School outfits. Eton Suits. J. M. Levy (Under the Clock). The Celebrated City Tailor & Juvenile Outfitter, King St., Hammersmith. W. Established 25 years, cycling outfits, football jerseys. Gent's D.B. Chesterfield. In Cheviots, Naps, Beavers & Meltons. 16/6 to 50/- To order 27/6 to 63/-. Youths' D.B. Chesterfield. Various Materials. 10/6 to 30/-. To order, 18/6 to 35/-. Eton Suit, Various Materials. Jacket and Vest, 16/6, 18/6, 21/-, 25/- Trousers 5/11, 6/11, 8/11, 10/6, 12/6. Rugby Suit in various cloths, well tested fabrics, 6/11, 8/11, 10/6, 12/6 to 23/-. Highwayman overcoat, Deep Capes, Wool, Lined, 5/11, 6/11, 8/11, 10/6, to 23/. Norfolk Suit well tested fabrics. Numerous Materials. 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 8/11, 10/6 to 21/-. Youths S.B. Chesterfield, various materials 8/6 to 25/- To order, 14/6 to 30/-. Gent's S.B. Chesterfield, Extra long, silk velvet collars, wool lined, 14/11, 16/11, 21/- to 45/-. Order department. Gentlemen's overcoat in Cheviots, Meltons & Beavers, wool 30/- lined. Dress suit silk lined 63/- silk faced. Gentlemen's Business Suit in a variety of materials, style & fit 35/- Guaranteed. W. M. Johnson, job master, 11, Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, W. All kinds of Broughams, Landaus, Victorias let by the hour, day, week, month or year. Private omnibuses and brakes. Carriages of every description, and saddle horses at moderate charges. Estimates given if required. N.B. – Livery and Bait Stables. The Public Cycle Supply Stores 151, High Street, Notting Hill Gate, W. Cycles, £6 10s. Westwood Rims and Dunlop-Welch Licensed Tyres. Complete. Warranted for twelve months. Machines sold on gradual payment system. Repairs done by skilful workmen. Fancy goods of every description in stock. Opera Glasses, in cases, 4s 6d. and 5s., 6d. Satisfaction ensured. Prompt Workmanship. The Kensington Restaurant, 2 Church Street, Kensington, W. (Opposite Kensington, Church). Large first-class dining room (newly decorated) Soups, fish, entrees, and joints. Wines and beer of the best quality. Very moderate prices. Suppers after the Theatres. Open on Sundays from 1 till 3, and from 6 till 11 p.m. Rampazzi Bros. Proprietors. Victoria Café Restaurant 69, Notting Hill Gate, W. (Adjacent to this Theatre). High class cuisine, luncheon, dinners and suppers a la carte, or by special arrangements and sent out if required. Private rooms for parties. Open from 8 a.m. to 12.30. Sundays 1 to 3 and 6 to 11. Biffa and Campini, Proprietors.

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