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15 April 1900


Location Royal Lyceum Theatre, London, UK
Plays performed Coriolanus


Date 15 April 1901
Play(s) Coriolanus
Production Date(s) Monday April 15th
Venue Lyceum Theatre
Time of performance 8pm
Producer [Henry Irving]
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer J. Harker, Hawes Craven, W.Hann
Costume Maker Mr Karl, L. & H. Nathan, Mrs Nettleship
Music Director J. H. Pitt
Document ID ET-D241a Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Henry Irving as Coriolanus, Laurence Irving as Velutus, Ellen Terry as Volumnia. Production designed by Sir L. Alma Tadema. Music composed by A. C. Mackenzie.

Did you know?

Ellen Terry was on tour in Australia and New Zealand when the First World War broke out.

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