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28 November-3 December 1904

The Merchant of Venice

Location Camden Theatre, High Street, Camden, UK
Plays performed The Merchant of Venice


1. Programme

Date 28 November 1904
Play(s) The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) 28 November 1904 to 3 December 1904
Venue Camden Theatre
Time of performance 8pm
Stage Manager Charles La Trobe
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig [Edith Craig]
Music Director Christopher Wilson
Document ID ET-D318 Original record
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The Merchant of Venice, 28 November-3 December 1904, Image 1 of 7

Camden Theatre Mr. Robert Arthur, Lessee and Manager. Managing Director Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, Theatre Royal, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Theatre Royal, Nottingham, Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee, His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen. London Theatres: Managing Director Crown Theatre, Peckham, S.E. Proprietor and Manager, Kennington Theatre, S.E. Lessee and Manager Coronet Theatre, W, Camden Theatre, N. W. Programme this week. Miss Ellen Terry. Seats booked by letter or telegram at the Theatre, and at all libraries. Seats booked by telephone will not be kept after the rise of the Curtain, unless previously paid for. Seats not guaranteed unless booked. No Money Returned. Telephone No: 325 King's Cross. Mr. Arthur will be glad to receive suggestions by letter, from visitors. Any cause of complaint should be at once referred to the Acting Manager. Cloak Rooms Free. No Gratuities.

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The Merchant of Venice, 28 November-3 December 1904, Image 2 of 7

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The Merchant of Venice, 28 November-3 December 1904, Image 3 of 7

For Advertisement Spaces in this Programme apply to Theatrical Gossip. London Theatres under the Management of Mr. Robert Arthur. Crown Theatre, Peckham, S. E. This Week. "Rogues of the Turf". Kennington Theatre, Notting Hill, W. This weeks. Mrs. Langtry in "Mrs. Dering's Divorce." Camden Theatre, N.W. This week – Miss Ellen Terry in "The Merchant of Venice" "Much Ado About Nothing" and "The Good Hope". Miss Lena Ashwell brought her successful autumn tour to a close in Bristol last Saturday. Early in the coming year she hopes to inaugurate her London management by the production at a West-end house of Mr. Michael Morton's adaptation of Maurice Donnay's interesting play "Les Oiseaux de Passage," originally done at the Theatre Antoine, Paris. The English version is to be entitled "Birds of Passage." Mr. Tree's project in connection with a Shakespearean Festival to take place at His Majesty's next April, has attracted so much attention, that there need be no apology for referring to the matter again. The performances will extend over a fortnight, and will embrace, apart from special productions by other eminent artists, which may possibly be arranged for, revivals of "Julius Caesar." "The Merry Wives of Windsor, ""Twelfth Night," "Hamlet", "Richard II," "Macbeth," and "Much Ado About Nothing." Mr. Tree, by the bye, has undertaken to lecture next Monday afternoon to the members of his dramatic academy on the subject of "Hamlet", from the Actor's Point of View. Restaurant opposite this Theatre, special teas, dinners & suppers after and before the Play. Camden Theatre Prospective Engagements. Monday, Nov. 28th, 1904 for six nights at 8, and Matinee Saturday at 2.30 Miss Ellen Terry. Monday, Tuesday and Saturday evenings. "The Merchant of Venice", Wednesday and Friday Evenings – "Much Ado About Nothing" Thursday Evening "Nance Oldfield" said "The Good Hope" Saturday Matinee – "The Good Hope" only. December 5th – Mr. & Mrs. Kendal and their Company. Mon. & Tues. For the First Time in London – "The Housekeeper." A farce in three Acts by Metcalfe Wood and Beatrice Heron-Maxwell. Wednesday – "Still Waters Run Deep." Thursday, Saturday Matinee & Saturday Evening – "The Elder Miss Blossom." Friday – "A Scrap of Paper." December 12th – "Letty," with Mr. H. B. Irving and Miss Irene Vanbrugh. Christmas Eve, Saturday, December 25th Mr. Robert Arthur will produce, on a scale of unequalled magnificence, his first Camden Pantomime Robinson Crusoe. Seats may now be booked. Matinees Saturdays at 2.30. George & Battin expert cutters & tailors 4a. Camden Road. N.W. Two Doors from "Red Cap." Francis Walton & Co., Ltd., Advertising Contractors, 161 Strand, W.C. 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The Merchant of Venice, 28 November-3 December 1904, Image 4 of 7

Theatre Blouses 16/11. Lovely Blouse of all Silk Merv with extra full gauged berthe of same. Trimmed exceedingly handsome floral mimosa insertion. Made in Cream, Sky, Pink, Pale, Green, Cardinal, Navy, Brown and Black. Other Shades made in three days. A Perfect Example of the Latest Trend of Fashion. C. & A. Daniels. General Drapers, blouse designers & manufacturers, Kentish Town Road. Call or write for our new Catalogue of Blouses, over 100 beautiful illustrations. A different style will be shown in this space every week until ‘Xmas. A. Mears & Co., 73 & 75, High Street, Camden Town, large and choice selection of Gem Rings, set with Diamond, Rubies, Sapphires, Pears, &c. Special New Designs. Best Workmanship. Diamond 18-ct. Gold Hall Marked. £1 10s. 8 Diamonds, 18-ct. Gold, Hall Marked£1 15s. All Pears or Pearl & Turquoise, 18-ct. Gold, Hall Marked, £1 12s 6d. Support Home Industries Bryant & May's Matches are used in the Bars of this Theatre. F. 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The Camden Theatre, High St., Camden Town, N.W. Lessee and Manager, Mr. Robert Arthur. Monday, November 28th, 1904, for six nights at 8; Matinee, Saturday, December 3rd, 1904, at 2.30. Return visit of Miss Ellen Terry and her Company. Monday, November 28th, for this Night Only. The First Four Acts of Shakespeare's Comedy, The Merchant of Venice. Dresses by Miss Ailsa Craig. Duke of Venice – Mr. F. S. Hamilton, Prince of Morocco (Suitor to Portia) – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio (a Merchant of Venice) Mr Charles Thursby, Bassanio ( his Friend, suitor to Portia) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Friends to Antonia and Bassanio – Gratiano – – Mr E. Harcourt Williams, Salarino – Mr. Eustace Le Grand, Solanio – Mr. Halliwell Hobbs, Lorenzo (in love with Jessica) - Mr T. A. Shannon, Shylock (a Jew) M. Alfred Bucklaw, Tubal (a Jew, his friend) – Mr. Charles Whittle, Launcelot (a Clown, Servant to Shylock and afterwards Servant to Bassanio) – Mr. John Willes, Old Gobbo (Father to Launcelot) - Mr. Leonard Craske, Servants to Portia – Balthazar – Mr. Paul Burnand, Stephano – Mr. Penderel Price, Nerissa (Waiting Maid to Portia) Miss Audrey Campbell, Jessica (Daughter of Shylock) – Miss Hutin Britton, Portia (a Rich Heiress) Miss Ellen Terry. Manificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaolers, Servants to Portia, and Other Attendants. Act 1 – Venice. Act 2, Scenes 1 and 3 – Venice. Scenes 2 and 4 – A Street in Venice, Scenes 1 and 3 – Portia's House, Belmont. Scenes 2 and 4 – A Street in Venice. Scene 5 – Portia's House, Belmont. Act 4 – A Court of Justice, Venice. There will be no interval between Acts 1 and 2. Preceded by Eriksson's Wife an original play, in One Act by Christopher St. John. Halvor Erkisson – Mr. T. A Shannon, Erik Eriksson – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams, Karvin (his housekeeper) – Miss Ailsa Craig, Ingmar (an Old Servant) – Mr. Tom Paulton, The Pastor – Mr. Halliwell Hobbes, The Pastor's Man – Mr. Paul Burnand, Brita – Miss Ellen Terry. For Miss Ellen Terry, Manager – Mr. Alfred Courtenay, Acting Manager – Mr. Thomas, J. Courtly, Stage Manager – Mr. Charles La Trobe, Advance Representative - Mr. G. Aubrey Hall, Musical Director – Mr. Christopher Wilson. Monday, December 5th, for six nights at 8: and Matinee, Saturday at 2.30 – Monday and Tuesday, "The Housekeeper"; Wednesday, "Still Waters Run Deep", Thurs & Sat. Matinee & Evening, "The Elder Miss Blossom"; Friday, "A Scrap of Paper." Price of this Programme – Threepence. Business Manager, Mr. Leslie Hughes. Musical Director, Mr. George F. Ford. Treasurer, Mr. E. G. Tyler. Notice.- at the beginning of the performance, and during one interval, a series of novel and interesting pictures will be shown by "The World's Advertising Co., Ltd.," of 34 and 35, High Holborn, W.C. The Act Drop, representing "A Tribute to the Dramatic Muse" and the Allegorical Painting to the Dome of the Auditorium, representing the twenty-four Hours, are designed and executed by Mr. A. J. Black. Palms and Natural Flowers supplied by Anderson's Nurseries, Hampstead, N.W. The Furnishing of the Stage by A, H. Brown, 392, Fulham Road, London, S.W. Evening performances – Doors open at 7.45; Commence at 8. Matinee – Doors open 2.15; Commence at 2.30. Early Doors to avoid the Crush – Matinee 1.45 to 2.15; Evening 7.15 to 7.45, sixpence extra to Pit Stalls, Balcony, Pit and Gallery. Prices: - Private Boxes, £2 2s. and £1 1s,; Orchestra Stalls 5s.; Dress Circle, 4s & 3s.; Balcony 2s. 6d. & 2s.' Pit Stalls, 2s.; Pit, 2s; Gallery, 6d. Infants in arms not admitted. Box office from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Telephone No : 328 King's Cross). Where seats can be booked in advance.

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The Merchant of Venice, 28 November-3 December 1904, Image 5 of 7

For Advertisement Spaces in this Programme apply to Francis Walton & Co., Ltd., Advertising Contractors, 161, Strand, W.C. Forbes & Son Tailors, 156, High Street, Camden Town. Loose-hanging Chesterfield, lined throughout £3 3s. Dress Suit, silk linins - £5 5s. Don't get wet go to Grinstead's umbrella factory, 137, Fortess Road. New umbrellas. Recovers & Repairs. Stationery. Toys. Library. National Sunday League Concerts are held at the Camden Theatre every Sunday Evening at 7 o'clock. I was just laundried at the Fleet Laundry and high class shirt & collar dressing work. Office 144, Fleet Road, Hampstead. Camden Theatre, Lessee & Manager, Mr. Robert Arthur. The public can leave the Theatre at the end of the Performance by all Exit and Entrance Doors which open outwards. The Fireproof Curtain will be lowered once during every Performance to ensure its being in proper working order. Smoking is not permitted in the Auditorium. All Gangways, Passages and Staircases are kept free from Chairs or any other obstructions, either permanent or temporary. Miss Stella Bereton (Mrs. Richard Douglass) of the St. James's, Drury Lane & Garrick Theatres, &c. Receives at her Residence for Tuition in Elocution & Deportment. Private lessons. Schools attended. Pupils are prepared for the Dramatic and Lyric Stage, the Platform, the Bar Lectures, the Recitations, Reading and Speaking, and the Pulpit. Deportment a special study, 30, Park Village East, Regent's Park, London, N.W. People who are Talked About. Miss Florence St. John learnt her stage laugh – which has done so much to help her in her career – by the merest accident. She had always had the greatest trouble in laughing on the stage, and both she and the manager were somewhat anxious as to how she would laugh "loud and long" in "Madame Favart." On the first night the manager was watching the performance through a hole in one of the wings, and just before the moment for the laugh he, in his excitement, dropped his artificial teeth from his mouth through the hole on the stage. Miss St. John saw the accident, which sent her off into peals of laughter, and next morning all the papers all spoke highly of her entrancing laugh, which she repeated ever after. By the conduct which gained him the V.C., Vice Admiral Sir A. K. Wilson long since proved himself to be a "cool hand" in an emergency. It was when the Naval Brigade were in the fighting at El-Teb that Captain Wilson, as he then was, performed an act of gallantry which Sir Redvers Buller, who was present, declared to be the most courageous thing he had ever witnesses. A gap was made in the British square, and half-a-dozen of the enemy rushed forward to pierce the ranks. Captain Wilson, who advanced alone to meet them, broke his sword in attempting to cut one of them down. Without receding a step he threw aside his broken weapon and tackled his assailants with his fists, flooring each in turn while the square closed up. When he was at Eton it is said that the Duke of Westminster was known as "Jack Sheppard." He was at that time a small, think boy, with a sharp figure and face. He wore his hair somewhat closely cropped, after the French fashion, so that he was the living image of Cruikshank's picture of Jack Sheppard in Ainsworth's famous novel. The late Mr. Val Prinsep's unusual name was the cause of not a few amusing blunders, which no one recalled with such gusto as their victim. Thus, on one occasion, having been invited to a dinner-party at Lady Cowper's in St. James's Square, the artist was asked his name in the usual way, but from the footman's repetition of the question he perceived that it had not been grasped, and said it again very clearly, "Prinsep." Judge of his astonishment, however, when the man proceeded to announce him in stentorian tones as "Prince Hep!" Lord Turnour, the new M.P. for Horsham, is by six years the youngest member of the House of Commons. He is only twenty-one, and Mr. Richard Rigg, member for the Appleby Division of Westmoreland, who entered Parliament in 1900, is twenty-seven. King Edward is largely his own physician, and a happy combination of exercise and self-denial accounts for the preservation of a fine constitution. It is universally admitted that a house without a piano is not completely furnished. Some years ago this was excusable, prices were high and the instalment system was not in vogue. Now, however, Mr. Chas. Brinnie, the well-known pianoforte dealer of High Street, Camden Town, manufactures a thoroughly reliable upright grand piano at the low price of 25 gns., which may be acquired for the small amount of 12/- per month, and in addition keeps the instrument in tune during the period the instalments are being paid, free of charge.

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Telegrams: " Vanilocus, London." Telephone, 2749 Gerrard. Joseph May only offices – 8, Howland Street, Tottenham Court Road. Pantechnicons, Trollies, and Covered Vans. In 50 sizes for hire. Firms supplied with Horses with or without Vehicles, by Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Contract. Spacious depositories for Warehousing Furniture, Pianos, Luggage, &c. Write for Free Estimate, taking all Risks. James Edwardes Turf Accountant, 65 Guilford St., Russell Square, W.C. Write for a handsome Book containing Rules, Ready Reckoner, and a budget of useful information. No limit to win or place. Weekly account opened on Satisfactory References. Telegraphic Address – "Ethelus, Lonon." Telephone No: 12095 Central. Bankers – London and South Western, National and Provincial, London Joint Stock, and London and Westminster. In Ireland – Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, and Belfast Banking Co. Messrs. Wickmer Photographers, 169, Hampstead Rd. (opposite Ampthill Square). High-class portraiture at reasonable prices. Midgets, 18 copies – 5/-, Cartes de Visite, 1 doz. 7/6, Cabinets 1 doz. – 12/6, Cabinet Panels 1 doz. 15/6. This advertisement produced at time of order will be equivalent to – 1/- on order of 5/-, 1/6 on order of 7/6, 2/- on order of 10/-. Miss Ellen Terry. "A Guide to the Stage." By Austin Fryers (Author of "A Pauper Millionaire," &c. With a Special Introduction by Mr. H. Beerbohm Tree. Principal Contents – Is Preliminary Training Necessary? How to get on the Stage. Advantages of Touring. A Practical View of Touring. Theatrical Pitfalls. The "Bogus" Manager. Life on Tour. Final Words on Touring. Starting in the Profession. The Art of the Actor. The Paris Conservatoire. &c., &c. Special Chapters are contributed by Mr. Ben Nathan on "The Variety Stage." and by Mr. W. Clarkson and Miss Gertrude Kingston on "The Art of Making-up." Cloth extra. 2s. 6d. net, Postage 3d. London: R. A. Everett & Co., Ltd., Essex Street, London, W.C. "This book gives a sensible and well informed view of the prospects of the stage as a profession." Scotsman. We study your dress Ladies' and Gents' Tailors Olive Bros. 308, Kentish Town Road. N.B. – All Garments pressed free of charge up to three months from date of purchase. We wash well. Curtains per 8d. Pair cleaned. Shirts 2/3 refitted. Universal Hygenic Laundry Co. Art Dyers & Cleaners. Note Address: 84, Camden Road (situate on Canal Bridge), 136, Brecknock Rd. (opposite Leighton Arms) A Model Sanitary Laundry. We please all. Suits and dresses from 3/6 "Dry Cleaned". L. Turner Coach & Brake Proprietor, 169, Ossulston St., Euston Road, N.W. Telephone – 344, King's Cross. Castell's Cycles 154 and 164, Malden Road, N.W. The Latest "Castell" Cycle (£10 10s. Model) fitted with the Fagan Two-Speed Hub, Two Rim Brakes, Clipper Reflex Tyres. Fully Guaranteed. £10 10 0 immediate delivery. Mons. Louis' Portrait and Painting Rooms 326, Euston Road, N.W. Corner of Stanhope Street. Superior Portraits taken daily. All the New Popular Styles, [?], Reds, Sepia, etc. Coples and enlargements from any old Photos. Portraits Painted in Oils. Price Lists Free. [?] from 3/6 per doz. Cabinets 12/- per doz. Outdoor Photography of every description, Groups, Houses, Views, &c. Geo. Morgan & Son wholesale & retail Tobacconists. Bedford Cigar Stores. 116, High Street, Camden Town. Nargrom. This is a fine specially blended mixture from a secret recipe. It is blended to suit the taste of Pipe Smokers, and will be found to be free from any Biting Flavour, give it a trial! 4d. &c. 5d. per Oz. Furniture Buyers should economise by inspecting wholesale makers' showrooms. Designs and estimates free, of suites of every description and all household requisites. Saving 50 per cent on low commission. Re-upholstering, cabinet-making, removals and warehousing. Note. Our Cork Lines excel the much advertised case in quality and 15 per cent lower in price. C. W. Birthwright, 187, King's Road, N.W. The Want ready for supply, to be obtained from J. Rickard, Fancy & General Draper, &c. 32, 36, 38, 40, Hampstead Road, - N.W. – Special reduced end-of –season prices. Throughout every department. Important show of goods now on. Bells. Motors. Telephones. Telephone 2311 King's [?]. The Worster-Hounslow Electrical Engineering Company, 12, Albany Street, Regent's Park, [?]. Electric Lighting. Installations Tested and Maintained. Electrical-Medical Apparatus a Speciality. Estimates free. Can a working man dress smart? Why, Certainly! Goldstein Bros. 47, High Street, Camden Town, N.W. Have a gigantic selection of rainproof overcoats to measure or for immediate wear, 18/8. Suits to Measure – 21/-, Trousers – 6/11. The Best House for boys' & juvenile clothing. All visitors to the Camden Theatre should not fail to visit S. Barker & Co. The World-Renowned Furnisher, 113, Hampstead Road, N.W. Where they will see a large stock of all kinds of Household Furniture which can be had for cash or on their Easy Payment System. £3 worth to £300 from 1s. weekly. No Security, No Employer's References. Catalogue Free on application. Free Delivery. S. Baker & Co., 113, Hampstead Rd., N.W. Branch – 312, Caledonian Rd., King's Cross. To Let Apply Francis Walton & Co., Advertising Agents 161, Strand, W.C.

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The Merchant of Venice, 28 November-3 December 1904, Image 7 of 7

Hawes Brothers Grocers and Italian Warehousemen Wine and Spirit Merchants. [?] & 18, High Street, Camden Town. [?] & [?], Hampstead Road. [?] [?], Leighton Road, Kentish Town. Bottled Beers in Splendid Condition. Mineral Waters in Bottles and Syphons. Keep Moving when you can get covered vans of all sizes. Estimates on Application. Furniture Remover Frank Harden [?] Road. From 1/6 per hour. Van Office : F. Harden, 98, Camden Road, N.W. Opposite North London Rly, Station. (Late of Great College Street). Henry Hooke & Sons 93, Hampstead Road, N.W. Seasonable Delicacies: - [?] Pork. Ox Tails. Pork and Beef Sausages. Sheeps' and Calves' Liver. Ox and Sheeps' Kidneys, &c. [?] for List. Special quotations to large consumers. Telephone No. 1659 Mayfair. Chas. W. French & Sons, Job Masters and Commercial Contractors. 153, Great College Street, Camden Town. [?] [?] and Victorias to let by the hour, day, month or year. Coaches, [?] and private busses for Race and [?] [?]. Wedding Carriages a Speciality. [?] [?] 55 King's Cross, 704 King's Cross, 1619 [?]. L. B. Ingram High-Class Tailor 292, Euston Road, N.W. ([?] Doors from Hampstead Road), and at 56, Bishopsgate Without, E.C. Overcoats to Measure, 25s. [?] [?], [?], Rainproofs, Saxonys, &c. Suits to Measure, 30s. In [?], [?], West [?] England's, &c. All garments tailored to your taste no extras whatever. I am often asked – "How is it possible for you to sell your goods at such a price?" My answer is – "I buy direct from Manufacturers only and pay each for everything, thereby saving intermediate profits. All garments being made in our own workrooms under my personal supervision, I have no costly alterations to pay for. My Clothes Fit. And, lastly, I would rather make one shilling profit out of [?] [?] than twenty shillings out of one." Write for patterns, which are sent post free. "The Playhouse." Edited by Austin Fryers. The New Illustrated Weekly Organ of the Drama. The First Number will appear on Thursday, Dec, 8th. Photographic Studio (the Largest in the World): Photollnol, Ltd., 154, Holland Park Avenue, W. £5,000 will be distributed in 1,000 Free Gifts Value £5 each to Members of the Theatrical and Variety Professions. Call or Write for full particulars: - "The Playhouse," 11, Adam Street, Strand, W.O. Smith & Bayley, Theatrical Printers, 192, Kennington Park Road, London, S.E – Phone 2389 Hop.

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2. Programme

Date 1904
Play(s) The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) Monday November 28th 1904 to Saturday December 3rd 1904
Venue Camden Theatre
Venue address High Street, Camden Town
Time of performance 2.30pm 8pm
Stage Manager Charles La Trobe
Music Director Christopher Wilson
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In 1895 Henry Irving became the first British actor to receive a knighthood.

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