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10-12 March 1904

Much Ado About Nothing

Location Grand Theatre, North Bridge, Halifax, UK
Plays performed Much Ado About Nothing


Date 10 March 1904
Play(s) Much Ado About Nothing
Production Date(s) 10 March [1904] to 12 March [1904]
Venue Grand Theatre and Opera House
Venue address Halifax
Stage Manager Fred Boustead
Music Director Christopher Wilson
Document ID ET-D425 Original record
Held by The British Library
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Much Ado About Nothing, 10-12 March 1904, Image 1 of 3

Proprietors – The Northern Theatres Co., Ltd. Managing Director – Mr. William Robinson, General Manager – Mr. Otto C. Culling, Acting Manager – Mr. W. James Heald. Programme entire change of programme each week. Ask for Lingard's Old Crown special scotch whisky at the Bars. Buy Kodak Films from C. A. Higgins, Photo Chemist, Bull Green, Halifax. Old Judge Scotch.

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Much Ado About Nothing, 10-12 March 1904, Image 2 of 3

Brear & Brown Ltd., Green Box Cigars – No better value. Universal sale of old Judge Scotch. Telephone 492. Ask at the Bar for Dry Ginger Ale and English Lager Beer. Inman Bros., Ltd., 14, Union Street, South. 18504. Maurice Cohen & Co., D.B.O.A., F.S.M.C., "The Eyesight Specialists" 4, Southgate. Eyestrain is the cause of a great number of nervous ailments especially headaches. In most cases entire relief may be obtained by having suitable spectacles to relieve the strain. Messrs. Maurice Cohen have paid special attention to the correction of all defects of vision and will test the eyesight, and give advice on any matter relating to the eyesight or spectacles. Free of Charge. 3,1104. Satisfaction guaranteed, reasonable charges, spectacles and eyeglasses from 2/6 per pair. Do you wear two pairs of spectacles. Ask to see our new "Far and Near" (Bi-focal) Spectacles. One pair instead of two. Repairs a speciality. The cosmopolitan system of dress-cutting. Lessons in the above given daily by Miss Greenwood. 2, Milner Street, Hanson Lane. Certified Teacher and Sole Agent in Halifax. Perfect fitting patterns cut to measure [?].A Gentleman's Boot the Everybody's ‘K' Boot. 15/9 per pair. Seed Bros., 8 Crown St., and 28, Hanson Lane. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 10, 11, and 12, Miss Ellen Terry in "Much Ado About Nothing" Don Pedro Prince of Aragon – Mr. Charles Thursby, Don John his Bastard Brother – Mr. William Luff, Claudio a young Lord of Florence – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams, Benedick, a young Lord of Padua – Mr. Matheson Lang, Leonato, Governor of Messina – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio his Brother – Mr. T. A. Shannon, Balthazar Attendant on Don Pedro – Mr. Penderel Price, Followers of Don John, Borachio Mr. Hubert Carter, Conrade – Mr. F. H. Dench, Two City Officers, Dogberry – Mr. William Cuthbert, Verges Officers – Mr. Charles Whittle, Friar Francis – Mr. Halliwell Hobbes, A Sexton – Mr. Leonard Craske, A Boy – Miss Penelope Wheeler, Oatcake – Mr. Paul Burnand, Seacole – Mr. Bert Zardi, Watchman – Mr. John Church, 2nd Watchman – Mr. Charles A. Staite, Messenger – Mr. J. S. Hamilton, Hero – Miss Hutin Britton, Margaret – Miss Edith King, Ursula – Miss Audrey Campbell, Beatrice – Miss Ellen Terry. Synopsis of Scenery Act 1. Scene - Leonato's House. Act 2. Scenes 1, 2 and 3 - Leonato's Garden. Scene. 4 – A Street. Act 3. Scene - A Church. Act 4. Scene. 1 - A Prison. Scene. 2 - Leonato's Garden. Scene. 3 - Monument of Leonato. Scene. 4 - Leonato's Garden. The whole of the original scenery and costumes specially carried for this production. Matinee, Saturday March 12th, at 2.30. Manager – Mr. Alfred Courtenay, Stage Manager – Mr. Fred Boustead, Musical Director – Mr. Christopher Wilson, Advance Representative - Mr. G. Aubrey Hall for Miss Ellen Terry. Next Week: The Eternal City. Ladies say that Cutine Cream is just the nicest preparation for chapped hands, rough skin, &c., in bottles, 7½d. & 1/6. Gibson Dixon, Chemist, 1, Corn Market, HX. Story & Nephew, (from 5, Woolshops), Watchmakers, Jewellers, Silversmiths and Opticians. 38, Northgate, Halifax. A choice of stock of new goods. Gent's silver watches from 20/- to £5. Gold Engagement Rings from 6/- to £30/ 22ct Gold Wedding Rings, 15/- to 50/-. A present with each ring. 2/- in the £ returned to all purchasers. Special attention given to repairs of all kinds. Ladies use Hemingway's dry soap. Brear & Brown Ltd., Old Judge Scotch, The Cream of Whiskies. Green Box Cigars – no better value.

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Much Ado About Nothing, 10-12 March 1904, Image 3 of 3

Brear & Brown, Ltd., "O wad some power the Giftie gie us to see oursel's as ithers see us". Call and be photographed at T. Illingsworth's New Studio, 8, Lord Street, Telephone, 0922. Halifax. Messrs. M. Lumb & Son. High-Class Pianoforte Manufacturers beg to announce that they have been appointed sole agents for the Erard Pianos. All persons interested in these charming instruments are invited to call. Agents for Collard and Collard Pianos. Also appointed Sole Agents for the Malcolm Piano Player. British, Best, Perfect Touch Unlimited, Expression, Easy Pedalling, &c. Reliable Repairs. Showrooms: Palace Buildings. Booking Office for Palace Theatre. 161104. Telephone 0886. Greenwood Howarth, Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer, Halifax. Furniture, up-to-date, well made, in-expensive. All our Own Make, guaranteed. Fitment Furniture a speciality. Bedsteads, from best makers at lowest prices. Beddings, made up on our own premises, and guaranteed pure material. Lowest possible prices consistent with good work. Show-rooms – Crown Street Factory, Warley Road, Halifax. C.J.J T. We save our customers 10 per cent. Try us and be convinced. Cash supply stores limited per 1/8 lb. Silver Street and Branches. Green Box Cigars.

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Ellen Terry was on tour in Australia and New Zealand when the First World War broke out.

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