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17-22 October 1904

Much Ado About Nothing (etc.)

Location Theatre Royal, Bath, UK
Plays performed Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice

Programme, two copies

Date 17 October 1904
Play(s) Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) 17 October 1904 to 22 October 1904
Venue Theatre Royal
Venue address Bath
Time of performance 2.30pm 7.30pm
Producer Edward Gordon Craig
Stage Manager Charles La Trobe
Scene Designer Edward Gordon Craig
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig [Edith Craig]
Music Director Christopher Wilson
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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 17-22 October 1904, Image 1 of 3

Programme Theatre Royal Bath. Acting Manager – Mr. Lewis A. Long, Musical Director – Mr. W. F. C. Schottler. The Box Office is open daily from 11 to 4 at the Theatre. Telephone No. 67. Admission – Private Boxes, 42/-, 30/- and 25/- Lower Circle – Reserved or Unreserved, 5/-; Upper Circle – Reserved or Unreserved, 3/-; Pit, 1/- ; Gallery, 6d. Matinees – Pit, 1.6 ; Gallery, 9d. Doors Open at 7. Commence at 7.30.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 17-22 October 1904, Image 2 of 3

Drink Brooke & Co's High-Class Mineral Waters, as supplied at the Bars of this Theatre, Manufactory, Grove Street. Telephone 01074. The largest, cheapest and best house in the West of England for pianos, organs and music. Lists Free. Duck, Son and Pinker, The Great Music Warehouse, Pulteney Bridge, Bath. Sole Agents for the world-renowned Bechstein Pianos and Apollo Piano Player illustrated price lists free. Every successful businessman advertises his business. Advertise yours on this Programme. Monday, October 17th, 1904, and during the week, Matinee Saturday, October 22nd, The Merchant of Venice. Doors open at 2. Commence at 2.30. Pit, 1/6. Gallery 9d. Early Doors, 1.30. England's Greatest Actress Miss Ellen Terry and her Company. Monday, Oct, 17th, Tuesday Oct, 18th and Friday October 21st. Much Ado About Nothing. Designed and Produced under the Direction of Mr. Edward Gordon Craig. Don Pedro (Prince of Aragon) – Mr. Charles Thursby, Don John (his Bastard Brother) – Mr. T. A. Shannon, Claudio (a young Lord of Florence) – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams, Benedick, (a young Lord of Padua) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Leonato, (Governor of Messina) – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio (his Brother) – Mr. J. S. Hamilton, Balthazar (attendant on Don Pedro) – Mr. Penderel Price, Followers of Don John, Borachio Mr. Alfred Bucklaw, Conrade – Mr. Eustace Le Grand, Two City Officers, Dogberry – Mr. John Willes, Verges – Mr. Tom Paulton, Friar Francis – Mr. Halliwell Hobbes, A Sexton – Mr. Paul Burnand, A Boy – Miss Phyllis Carr, Oatcake – Mr. Goodwin Nock, Seacole – Mr. Charles A. Staite. If you want good, substantial and reliable furniture go to W. H. Short, Cabinet Maker, Upholster, &c. 19, Westgate St. The well-known Shop for Furniture of every description (New and Second-hand) at Lowest Prices. Fry's "Five Boys" Milk Chocolate. "Unrivalled as a Chocolate confection." Medical Magazine. British Milk – British Labour. A choice selection of chocolates can be obtained at the Theatre Bars. The Best Medium for Advertisers, the Theatre Royal Programme. For space see The Acting Manager. 1905. Post Office Bath Directory Subscribers, 2/6 ; Non-Subscribers, 3/6. Alterations, Corrections, and Orders to the Publishers. William Lewis & Son, Herald Office, Bath. Ask for Brooke & Co.'s celebrated Lemonade & Soda Water. Specialities for invalids – Lithia Water, Seltzer Water, Potass Water. Tea, Coffee, Ices, and Chocolates may be obtained from the Attendants. [?][?][?][?][?] The Daily Bath Herald, every evening, halfpenny. The Brightest & Smartest evening paper in the West of England. Larger circulation than any Daily Paper in the County of Somerset. Latest Telegraphic Reports of Sporting & Racing. The weekly Bath Herald, established 1792. Every Saturday, One Penny. Best papers for advertisements of all Classes. J. W. Knight & Son, The House Decorators, 3 and 4, Beau Street, 34, Milsom Street, Bath. A. J. Stone, opposite St. Michael's Church Bath, Printseller, Mount Cutter and Picture Frame Maker. Best Coals (of all kinds) at lowest prices. J. E. Henshaw 4, Orange Grove, Bath. Telephone 89. Weight and quality guaranteed. Send Post Card for Price List. Watchman – Mr. James Cazenove, 2nd Watchman – Mr. George Herbert, Messenger – Mr. Leonard Craske, Hero – Miss Hutin Britton, Margaret – Miss Edith King, Ursula – Miss Penelope Wheeler, Beatrice – Miss Ellen Terry. Act 1. Scene - Leonato's House. Act 2. Scenes 1, 2 & 3 - Leonato's Garden. Scene 4 – A Street. Act 3. Scene - A Church. Act 4. Scene 1 - A Prison. Scene 2 - Leonato's Garden. Scene 3 - Monument of Leonato. Scene 4 - Leonato's Garden. Wednesday, Oct, 19th, Saturday, Oct, 22nd, Matinee and Evening Shakespeare's Comedy the Merchant of Venice. Dresses by Miss Ailsa Craig. Duke of Venice – Mr. J. S. Hamilton, Prince of Morocco (Suitor to Portia) – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio (a Merchant of Venice) Mr Charles Thursby, Bassanio ( his Friend, suitor to Portia) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Friends to Antonia and Bassanio – Gratiano – Mr E. Harcourt Williams, Salarino – Mr. Eustace Le Grand, Solanio – Mr. Halliwell Hobbs, Lorenza in love with Jessica - Mr T. A. Shannon, Shylock (a Jew) M. Alfred Bucklaw, Tubal (a Jew, his friend) – Mr. Charles Whittle, Launcelot (a Clown, Servant to Shylock and afterwards Servant to Bassanio) – Mr. John Willes, Old Gobbo (Father to Launcelot) Mr. Leonard Craske, Servants to Portia – Balthazar – Mr. Paul Burnand, Stephano – Mr. Penderel Price, Nerissa (Waiting Maid to Portia) Miss Audrey Campbell, Jessica (Daughter of Shylock) – Miss Hutin Britton, Portia (a Rich Heiress) Miss Ellen Terry. Manificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaolers, Servants to Portia, and Other Attendants. W. Veal, 6a, Stall Street Bath, 84, Regent St., Swindon. Newest & Best Designs. Silver & Electro Plate Jewellery, watches. Opal, Sapphire, Diamond Ruby Rings. Engagement and wedding rings. Best quality paste pendants and brooches, gold necklets and pendants. Gilbert Hall, 56, Southgate St. (opposite St. James Church) Dispensing & Photographic Chemist. Theatrical Requisites of Every Description kept in stock. Notice. – The Refreshment Bars are now under the direct control of the Management. Wines, Beers, Spirits, Cigars & Cigarettes of the Best Quality only supplied. Thomas for Carriage Lamps, Thomas for Table Lamps, Thomas for Phonographs and Records, Thomas for Incandescent Lamps, Thomas for Cycle Tyres, Thomas for Enamelling and Plating. James Thomas, Walcot Street, Bath. Montpelier Rising School Bath. Ladies and Gentlemen requiring Tuition or High Class Hunters & Hacks should apply to the above address. Telephone 314.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 17-22 October 1904, Image 3 of 3

Ask for Walker, Raggatt & Co's High-Class Aerated Waters. Supplied to all the principal Hotels, Clubs & Restaurants, &c., of this City. Telephone 01068. F. Moody & Co. Bill Posters and Advertising Contractors, Bath. Act 1 – Venice. Act 2, Scenes 1 and 3 – Venice. Scene 2 and 4 – A Street in Venice. Act 3. Scenes 1 and 3 – Portia's House, Belmont. Scenes 2 and 4 – A Street in Venice. Scene 5 – Portia's House, Belmont. Act 4 – A Court of Justice, Venice. Act 5 – The Garden, Belmont. There will be no interval between Acts 1 and 2. General Manager For Miss Ellen Terry – Mr. Alfred Courtenay, Acting Manager – Mr. Thomas J. Courtly, Advance Representative - Mr. G. Aubrey Hall, Stage Manager – Mr. Charles La Trobe, Musical Director – Mr. Christopher Wilson. Thursday, October 20th, The Good Hope and Nance Oldfield. The Fire resisting curtain will be raised and lowered once during each performance. Programme of Music. To be performed by the Bath Theatre Royal Orchestra. Musical Director – Mr. W. F. C. Schottler, I. S. M. Overture "La Perie du Bresil" - [?] David, (Between Acts I, and II), Suite Portique – Josef Bloch, 1. Souvenir ; 2. Gavotte ‘ 3. Berceuse ; 4, March (Between Acts II and III). Selection "Merrie England) – Ed. German. (Between Acts III and IV) Marceau De Salon – "Le Chat Carressant" – Eilenberg. Monday, October 24th, 1904, for six nights, at 7:30, and Matinee Saturday, Oct, 29th, at 2.30, Mr. Tom B. Davis's Company in the Musical Comedy, The Medal and the Maid. This space to be let. Apply to the Acting Manager. This space to be let. Apply to the Acting Manager. The celebrated "Argyle" Scotch Whisky, a carefully selected matured spirit, sold at all the Theatre Bars. To be obtained Wholesale and Retail of the Sole Proprietors, The Bathe Brewery Ltd., 13, Westgate St., Bath. The furniture used in this play is supplied by W. H. Short General House Furnisher, 19, Westgate Street.

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Edith Craig and Pamela Colman Smith designed scenes for a play by W. B. Yeats.

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