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29 February-5 March 1904

Much Ado About Nothing (etc.)

Location Lyceum, Tudor Street, Sheffield, UK
Plays performed Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice; Henry VIII


1. Programme

Date 29 February 1904
Play(s) The Merchant of Venice; Henry VIII; Much Ado About Nothing
Production Date(s) 29 February 1904 to 5 March 1904
Venue Lyceum Theatre
Venue address Tudor St, Sheffield
Producer Edward Gordon Craig
Scene Designer Edward Gordon Craig
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig [Edith Craig]
Music Director C. W. Chambers
Document ID ET-D291 Original record
Held by The British Library
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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 29 February-5 March 1904, Image 1 of 5

The Lyceum Theatre, Tudor Street, Sheffield. Proprietors The Sheffield Lyceum Theatre Ltd Managing Director Mr John Hart. The drama's laws, the drama's patrons give, for they that live to please, must please to live. British produce. Use only pure yeast. "D.C.L." Malt Extract. Note the Brand, "D.C.L." Wholesale Depot : 53, Nursery-St. Programme. Williams Stones, Limited, Cannon Ales and Stout, in cask and bottle. Cannon Brewery, Sheffield. [?]: Printer, St. Peter's Close, Hartshead, Sheffield.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 29 February-5 March 1904, Image 2 of 5

The trade supplied Pickering for cheese. Telephone 338 [?] Cheshire Cheese Direct from the Farms. Broomhall St. 68, The Moor. Four gold medals and diplomas awarded. Hardy & Shaw Photographers, 19, The Moor. Speciality Cabinets, 2/9 Half-Dozen. Best quality. Special Care taken with Children. Devonshire Cycle and Motor Co. Phonographs & Records. (All latest selections). Prompt, Cheap and up-to-date. Brookhill, Sheffield. Sydney Hawson, Auctioneer, hotel and public-house valuer, rent collector, 94, Queen Street, Sheffield. Telephone 3490. C. R. Pleasance Art Jeweller. Silversmith watch and clock mater &c, &c. 76, Pinstone Street, Sheffield. City Arms, proprietor – W. Smallwood. Two Minutes from this Theatre. Billiard room just open. Ales, wines and spirits. 23, Eyre Street. Why Smith left home. Because you will find him at the Garrick Hotel. Sycamore Street. Call and see Arthur Smith, Late Brunswick Hotel, Haymarket. That makes you Laugh. Ha! Ha! Bentley's Sparking beers in fine condition. Lyceum Theatre, Tudor Street, Sheffield. Proprietors: The Sheffield Lyceum Theatre, Limited. Managing Director and Licensee: John Hart. 17, Heaton Grove, Frizinghall, Bradford. General Manager and Treasurer Mr. J. E. B. Beaumont. Musical Director – Mr. C. W. Chambers. Scenic Artist – Mr. D. G. Hall. Times of last cars leaving city for each terminus. Brightside 11-20 p.m.; Darnall, 11-30 p.m.; Crookes, 11.27 p.m.; Nether Green 11.35 p.m.; Nether Edge, 11-30 p.m.; Millhouses, 11-50 p.m. ; Woodbank Crescent, 11-22 p.m. ; Owlerton, 11-34 p.m. ; Walkley, 11.30 p.m. ; Pitsmoor 11.38 p.m. ; Intake. 11-18 p.m. ; Upwell Street (via Pitmoor), 10.30 p.m. ; Newhall Road (Steam Clock), 11.26 p.m. ; Tinsley, 12.25 a.m. ; Hunter's Bar and Hangingwater, 11-30 p.m. Buy Barringer's Pickles. They are the best. Queen Street. For high-class photographs try J. H. Ainley, day and electric light studio, 426, London Road, opposite Board School. J. T. Brookes, cycle and motor Manufacturer. Give me a trial. Note the address: 417, London Rd. Heeley, Sheffield. Wheatley & Bates, Ltd. Aerated Waters, Hop Bitters, & Bottled Beers. Wine and Spirit Merchants. Wholesale only: Sheffield. Monday, Feb, 29th, 1904, for six nights, and Matinee, Saturday, March 5th, at 2. Visit of England's greatest actress Miss Ellen Terry and her entire London Company. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Feb 29th, Mar, 1st and 2nd. The Merchant of Venice. Dresses by Miss Ailsa Craig. Duke of Venice – Mr George Fitzgerald, Prince of Morocco (Suitor to Portia) –Mr William Luff, Antonio (a Merchant of Venice) Mr Charles Thursby, Bassanio ( his friend, suitor to Portia) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Friends to Antonio and Bassanio – Gratiano – Mr E. Harcourt Williams, Salarino – Mr. F. H. Darch, Solanio – Mr. Halliwell Hobbs, Lorenza in love with Jessica - Mr T. A. Shannon, Shylock (a Jew) Mr Hubert Carter, Tubal (a Jew, his friend) – Mr Leonard Craske, Launcelot (a Clown, Servant to Shylock and afterwards Servant to Bassanio) – Mr. William Cuthbert, Old Gobbo (Father to Launcelot) Mr. Charles Whittle, Servants to Portia – Balthazar – Mr. Paul Burnand, Stephano – Mr. Penderel Price, Nerissa (Waiting Maid to Portia) Miss Audrey Campbell, Jessica (daughter of Shylock) – Miss Hutin Britton, Portia (a Rich Heiress) Miss Ellen Terry. Manificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaolers, Servants to Portia, and Other Attendants. Act 1 – Venice. Act 2, Scenes 1 and 3 – Venice. Scene 2 – A Street in Venice. Act 3. Scenes 1 and 3 – Portia's House, Belmont. Scenes 2 and 4 – A Street in Venice. Scene 5 – Portia's House, Belmont. Act 4 – A Court of Justice, Venice. Act 5 – Belmont. There will be no interval between Acts 1 and 2. Do you want good bread then ask for Bell's Wholesale at 727 Abbeydale Rd. H. S. Davy & Co Coal Merchants. 18, Canal Wharf, Park Stn. And Beauchief Station, Sheffield. Best House Coats at Lowest Prices. Prompt attention given to all orders and enquiries. H. T. Lowe & Son. Pianofortes and organs by all good makers. Iron-frame pianos from 15 Guineas. Organs from 6 Guineas. 2, 2, 6 & 8, Bow Street. The Hillsbro's Owlerton van and carriage works. Samuel Wilson Carriage Builder. Carriages repaired and painted in first class style. Rubber tires fitted on short notice. All kinds of vans built to order. Owlerton Green, Sheffield. Telephone No. ; Owlerton 91. A, Hickson, bespoke Tailor and Gent's Outfitter. 29, Netherthorpe Place, Sheffield. An admirable Food of the Epps's Cocoa finest quality and flavour. Nutritious and Economical.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 29 February-5 March 1904, Image 3 of 5

Wooding's for high-class foot wear, 66, High Street next Walsh's. Go to Hale's wholesale and retail tobacco and cigar stores 39, Barker's Pool (Top of Fargate) and 477, London Road, Heeley, Sheffield. The Bodega Telephone [?] 66, 68 & 70, High Street, Wines and Spirits. By the glass, dozen or cask. Grill room and restaurant. Billiards [?] first class Tables. Parker's umbrellas. The cheapest and best for all purposes. Umbrellas recovered and repaired. Parker's 18, The Moor, 29, West Bar, 189, Glossop Road, 57, Club garden grow. Gold medal awarded for ladies and gents umbrellas, C. H. Rhodes, Hatter, 37, South St., Moor, Sheffield. Agent for Lincoln and Bennett's Christy's and Battersby's London Hats. Coffee in perfection and light refreshments of every description of Field's Oriental Cafes, 34, Fargate; also at Leeds, Hull, Huddersfield, &c. Thursday evening only, Mar. 3rd, A Triple Bill. A New One Act Play, Punchinello. Adapted from the French by Mr. Hubert Carter. Punchinello – Mr. Hubert Carter, Diderot – Mr. William Luff, Eienne – Mr. F. H. Darch, Madame Edouard – Miss Penelope Wheeler, Mdlle Elise – Miss Isabel Roland, Nanon – Miss Ailsa Craig. Scene – Diderot's study in Paris. Two Scene from Henry VIII. Scene 1 – The Trial of Queen Katherine. King Henry the Eighth – Mr. Charles Thursby. Cardinal Wolsey – Mr. Matheson Lang, Cardinal Campeius – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Griffith – Mr. T. A. Shannon, Queen Katherine – Miss Ellen Terry. Scene – The Castle of Kimbolton. Nance Oldfield Mr. Nathan Oldworthy – Mr. Hubert Carter, Susan Oldfield – Miss Aubrey Campbell, Alexander Oldworthy – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams. Mistress Anne Oldfield – Miss Ellen Terry. Scene – A Room in Mistress Oldfield's House. Ask everywhere for Strout's Noted Ales & Stout. For Family Use. Speciality – light B B Bitter. 1/- per Gallon. Strout's Brewer Co., Ltd., Burton Road, Sheffield. Casks all sizes. For umbrellas re-covers [?] walking sticks go to Bradwell Bros. Athol Hotel. Pianos Organs by all the best makers. A. Wilson, Peck & Co. Limited. 2-6, Pinstone Street, Sheffield. Friday, Saturday (Matinee and Evening) March 4th and 5th. Shakespeare's Comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Designed and Produced under the Direction of Mr. Edward Gordon Craig. Don Pedro (Prince of Aragon) – Mr. Charles Thursby, Don John (his Bastard Brother) – Mr. William Luff, Claudio (a young Lord of Florence) – Mr. E. Harcourt Williams, Benedick, (a young lord of Padua) – Mr. Matheson Lang, Leonato, (Governor of Messina) – Mr. George Fitzgerald, Antonio (his Brother) – Mr. T. A. Shannon, Balthazar (attendant on Don Pedro) – Mr. Penderel Price, Followers of Don Juan, Borachio Mr. Hubert Carter, Conrade – Mr. F. H. Darch, Two City Officers, Dogberry – Mr. William Cuthbert, Verges – Mr. Charles Whittle, Friar Francis – Mr. Halliwell Hobbes, A Sexton – Mr. Lornard Craske, A Boy – Miss Penelope Wheeler, Oatcake – Mr. Paul Burnard, Seacole – Mr. Bert Zardi, Watchman – Mr. John Church, 2nd Watchman – Mr. Charles A. Staite, Messenger – Mr. J. S. Hamilton, Hero – Miss Hutin Britton, Margaret – Miss Edith King, Ursula – Miss Audrey Campbell Beatrice – Miss Ellen Terry. Act 1. Scene – Leonato's House. Act 2. Scenes 1, 2, and 3 – Leonato's Garden. Scene 4 – A Street. Act 3. Scene – A Church. Act 4 – Scene 1 – A Prison,. Scene 2 – Leonato's Garden. Scene 3 – Monument of Leonato. Scene 4 – Leonato's Garden. For smart Millinery at popular prices go to Daniel Evans & Co., George Street, Off High Street. Specialite The American Shoulder Stewart and Stewart, The Great Tailors 52, 60, 62, Pinstone Street, Ladies' Branch 53, Pinstone Street. Smart coats & skirts from 2 ½ Guineas. Telephone 1597. The Sheffield furnishing Co. The Cheapest and best House Furnishers for cash or credit in Sheffield. 306 & 310, London Road, Highfields. The old original ‘Cloth Lumps' 9d. per Pound. The Danish Dairy Co. Heeley Bottom, (Near Railway bridge).

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 29 February-5 March 1904, Image 4 of 5

National telephone 2857. Sheffield sports Depot, GEO, Wood & Co., fishing rod and tackle manufacturers, Athletic outfitters, 127 Pinstone St. and 41, Button Lane, Sheffield. Special Bottoms for Match Fishing. J. W. Bell & Co. Practical watchmakers and jewellers, 63, London-Rd, Sheffield. Nicholson for human hair, fringe nets, frames, &c. 8, Mulberry-St. W.M. Artindale & Son. Fruiterers and Florists, 90, High Street, Sheffield for bouquets, sprays, wreaths, &c. Floral Decorators to all the Sheffield theatres. H. B. Rayner, Ladies & Gent's outfitter, London Road (corner of Hermitage Street) Sheffield. Table appointments. 50,000 knives, forks, and spoons, table linen, &c. On loan for large or small parties at lowest price. John Stephenson, hiring cutler, 4, Paradise Street. Telephone number 2527. The Creamery, 100, Pinstone Street, Sheffield. Proprietor – J. E. Bannister. Pure new milk. Double thick cream for whipping. Tea cream. Fresh butter daily. Eggs. Finest honey. Refreshments. Next week for six nights and matinee, Saturday, March 12th. The Eminent Actor, Mr E. S. Willard. With the Entire Company and Production from St. James' Theatre London in "The Cardinal." By Louise N. Parker. Booking plan now open. Prices – Boxes, £2 10s. and £1 15s.; Dress Circle, 5s.; Stalls, 4s,' Upper Circle, 2s. 6d,; Balcony, 2s.; Pit 1s.; Gallery, 6d. The floral decorations in this Theatre supplied by Messrs. Wilson, Peck & Co., Ld., Fargate. National Telephone 122. Order your car from Joseph Tomlinson & Son, Ld, cab and carriage proprietors, Borough Mews, Sheffield. Broomhall Mews, Broomhall Street. Telephone 482. Oxford Mews off Ecclesall Road. Telephone 2024. Royal Victoria Mews, Victoria Station. Telephone 1778. Peter Thwaites, wholesale and retail firewood merchant. Dealer in Halfpenny and Penny bundles, City Fire Wood Works, 17, Surrey Lane, Sheffield. Orders promptly Attended to. For best quality of beers, wines, spirits, and cigars, go to M. Waddell, Old Pump Tavern, Sheffield Moor, Billiards. Sure to please: for Christmas & New Year presents. Anson's umbrellas and furs. The Best value in the city. The cheapest place in Sheffield for all kinds of boiled sweets. S. Waterhouse, "Queen's" confectionary works Scotland-St., Sheffield. Proprietor of "Queen's" Cream Toffee. "Queen's" Malted Toffee. "Queen's" Fig Toffee. "Queen's" Wonderful Surprise Packets. Prices of admission : Private Boxes, £2 10s. and £1 15s.; Grand Circle, 5s.; Orchestra Stalls, 4s. Upper Circle, 2s. 6d.; Balcony, 2s,; Pit, 1s. 6d.; Gallery, 6d. Ordinary Doors open at 7. To commence at 7.30. Half-price at 9'o'clock to Grand Circle, 2s. 6d.; Orchestra Stalls, 2s,; and Upper Circle, 1s. 6d. Early Doors to all parts (at 6.30 o'clock) 6d. extra. No Money Returned. Children in arms not admitted. Seats not guaranteed unless previously booked. Tradesmen are cautioned not to supply Goods to the Lyceum Theatre without a printed signed order. Box office open at the Theatre from 9 to 5.30. Telephone 640. Late trains from Sheffield (Nightly : and subject to such alterations at the companies' Time bills may show). Midland Station – 10.58 for Heeley, Ecclesall, Beauchief, Dore and Totley, Dronfield, and Chesterfield. Stops Tuesday and Saturday Nights at all Stations to Chesterfield and at Sheepbridge on Wednesdays. 10.45 (Tuesdays and Saturdays only) all Stations to Hope. 11-20 for all Stations to Rotherham. 11-3, Holmes and Treeton (Saturdays only). 11-30 (Saturday's only) and 11-0 (Wednesdays and Thursdays only) all Stations to Barnsley via Chapeltown. 11-0 (Saturdays only), to Langwith Junction and intermediate Stations. Victoria Station – 10-50 to Kiveton Park, Worksop, and Retford. 11 o'clock (Tuesdays and Saturdays), all Stations to Penistone. 10-55 o'clock (Saturdays only) for all Stations to Barnsley. 11-5 for all Stations to Chesterfield (Excursion Fares Tuesday and Saturdays). 11-26 (Nightly), all Stations to Rotherham. 11-26 (Thursdays and Saturdays), for all Stations to Doncaster except Rotherham Road (Stops at Rotherham Road Saturday's only). Tennant Bros., Ltd., brewers and bottlers. Mild ales and bitter beer, Bass' and Guinness', Exchange Brewery, Sheffield. Telephone No. 818. Beautify your homes with Brown's high-class pictures. 16, 20 Ecclesall Road, Opposite the Union Bank. Exchange Co., Limited for sewing and wringing machines, mail carts, and complete house finishing cash or easy terms. 136, Bramall Lane, Sheffield. Write for illustrated catalogue.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 29 February-5 March 1904, Image 5 of 5

Telephone – Owlerton.27 Woodview Domestic Laundry Company, Woodview Road, Walkley, Sheffield. Laundry work done on domestic principles. Open and drying. Prompt collection and dispatch. National Telephone No. 534. John Turner, manufacture of Wire Work. 47 & 49, Surrey Street, Sheffield. (Opposite New Town Hall). After the play call at the Portland Arms, Brown-St., proprietor – Joe Stead. Hooson's Portland Beer. Always in good condition. Cigars of the best brand. T. H. Swindin, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 17, Watery Lane, Portmahon, Sheffield. Cheapest shop for diamond rings, watches, &c. See windows. Talbot Hotel, Arundel-St. Recently rebuilt. Good billiard room. Every accommodation at a reasonable charges. Proprietor – W. H. Beaumont. Telephone No. 1681. A. E. Belton, Coal Merchant and Removal Contractor, 116 Onslow Road, Endcliffe, Sheffield. Hooson Brothers' popular Ales & Beers supplied in Casks (all sizes), direct from Park Brewery, Sheffield. Wheatcroft,' The Photographer, 129, London-Rd. (Opposite Coffee House). Portraits by day or electric light. Satisfaction guaranteed in every case, Speciality : One Highly-Finished Cabinet, 1/-. Howard Hotel, opposite Midland Station. Proprietor Tom Sharp. Best quality of beers, wines, spirits, and cigars. Billiard room on ground floor. J. A. & Me. E. Peirson Florists, 132, Barker's Pool, (Opposite Albert Hall,) Sheffield. A choice selection of cut flowers always on hand. Table Decorations, Bouquets, Wreaths and Crosses, Dress Sprays, &c. If you want a shave, go to B. Marshall, hairdresser 76, Division Street, Sheffield. John Heath & Sons, Embalmers, Funeral Furnishers, Cab and Carriage Proprietors. 14, Earsham Street. Telephone No. 2029, 653, Attercliffe Road Telephone No. 60, 230, Duke Street, Telephone No. 1128.

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2. Programme

Date 1904
Play(s) The Merchant of Venice; Much Ado About Nothingq; Henry VIII
Production Date(s) Monday Feb 29th 1904 to Saturday 5th March 1904
Venue The Lyceum Theatre
Venue address Tudor Street, Sheffield
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig
Document ID ET-D291a Original record
Held by The British Library

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