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2-7 October 1905

The Merchant of Venice

Location Lyceum, Tudor Street, Sheffield, UK
Plays performed The Merchant of Venice


Date 2 October 1905
Play(s) The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) Monday October 2nd 1905 to Saturday October 7th 1905
Venue Lyceum Theatre
Venue address Tudor Street, Sheffield
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Music Director Sidney Faulks
Document ID ET-D985 Original record
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The Merchant of Venice, 2-7 October 1905, Image 1 of 5

The Lyceum Theatre, Tudor Street, Sheffield Proprietors. The Sheffield Lyceum Theatre Ltd. Managing Director Mr John Hart. The drama's laws, the drama's patrons give, for they that live to please, must please to live. British Produce. Use only Pure Yeast "D.C.L." Malt Extract. Note the Brand, "D.C.L." Wholesale Depot: 52, Nursery-St. Programme. William Stones, Limited Cannon Ales and Stout, in Cask and Bottle Cannon Brewery, Sheffield. J. Robertson Printer, &c., St. Peter's Close, Hartshead, Sheffield.

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The Merchant of Venice, 2-7 October 1905, Image 2 of 5

Buy Barringer's Pure Pickles. They are the best. Queen St., Sheffield. Devonshire Motor & Cycle Co. Brookhill & Glossop Road, Sheffield. Phonographs and Records (all latest selections) prompt, cheap, and up-to-date. Parker's Umbrellas the cheapest and best for all purposes. Umbrellas Re-covered & repaired. Parker's, 18, The Moor, 28, West Bar, 189, Glossop Road, 57, Club Garden Road. The Old Horse Hotel. High Bradfield. Proprietor – Charles Booth. Wines & Spirits. Everything of the best. Pleased to see Old & New Friends. The "Rapid" Photo Co. 137, Pinstone Street novelties photography day or night studio open on Sundays. The Sheffield patent carpet beating, cleaning and steam dye works, Ecclesall Road, Near the Moor. Lyceum. Clem Woodrow, (Thirteen Years with Whitmarsh, Watson & Co) Mansfield Arms Division St. Beers and Wines of the Finest Quality. Established 1873 do you act in Amateur Theatricals, &c. Obtain all you require at Harry C. Bewley's (Late John Gaunt Tandy) The City Theatrical Stores, 134, South St., Moor, fancy costumes, wigs, &c. on sale or hire everything for the stage. Lyceum Theatre, Tudor Street, Sheffield. Proprietors: The Sheffield Lyceum Theatre Limited Managing Director and Licensee: John Hart, 17, Heaton Grove, Frizinghall, Bradford. General Manager and Treasurer – Mr. J. E. B. Beaumont. Musical Director – Mr. Henry Dean. Scenic Artist – Mr. D. G. Hall. Times of last cars leaving city for each terminus. Brightside, 11-20 p.m.; Darnall, 11.30 p.m.; Crookes, 11.27 p.m.; Nether Green, 11.35 p.m. ; Nether Edge, 11.30 p.m.; Millhouses, 11.30 p.m. ; Woodbank Crescent, 11.22 p.m.; Owlerton, 11.34 p.m. ; Walkley, 11.38 p.m.; Pitsmoor, 11.38 p.m.; Intake 11.18 p.m. ; Upwell Street (via Pitsmoor), 10.30 p.m.; Newhall Road (Steam Clock), 11.26 p.m.; Tinsley, 12.25 a.m.; Hunter's Bar and Hangingwater, 11.30 p.m. For smart millinery at popular prices, go to Daniel Evans & Co., George Street (off High Street). Wheatley & Bates, Ltd. Aerated Waters, Hop Bitters, & Bottled Beers. Wine & Spirit Merchants. Wholesale only. Sheffield. Monday, October 2nd, 1905 for six nights only. Farewell visit of Henry Irving and his company Stage Manager – Mr. H. J. Loveday, Assistant Stage Manager – Mr. Lionel Belmore, Musical Director – Mr. Sidney Faulks, Advance Representative – Mr. Percy Burton, Acting Manager – Mr. Bram Stoker. For Henry Irving. For high class portraiture of every description E, Oswald Parkin, The Grosvenor Studio 46, Pinstone St, Sheffield. Coal!! Good! Cheap! Just try a ton of our special house coal, 10/3 at Depot. H. S. Davy & Co., 18, Canal Wharf and Brauchief Station. H. T. Lowe & Son Pianofortes and organs by LL Good Makers. Iron-Frame Pianos from 15 Guineas. Organs, from 6 Guineas. 2, 4, 6 & 8, Bow Street, Top of Church Street. When our for a drive call at The Yew Tree Inn, Malin Bridge. Proprietor – J. W. Ibbotson. Beers, Wines, Spirits and Cigars of the Best Quality. Comfortable smoke room. R.A.O.B. Lodge every Wednesday. Fredk. E. Douglas, hairdresser Artist, 28, Hounsfield Road. A trial solicited. J. E. Shires, Wine, Spirit, Ale & Porter Merchant. 478, Glossop Road, Broomhill, Sheffield. Agent for W. & A. Gilbey, Ltd.

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The Merchant of Venice, 2-7 October 1905, Image 3 of 5

Lockwood's Antique Galleries, 104, Devonshire Street. Established 60 years. A large, varied and interesting collection of Genuine old Chippendale and Antique Furniture. Rare Old China, Books, Pictures, &c at Trade Prices. Restorations by expert workmen. A full chorus of Ladies & Gentlemen sing The Praises of Tennants' Light Dinner Ale and Luncheon Stout. Large per 2/6 dox. Bottles. Exchange Brewery telephone 318. Notice Centre Disc or curtain puzzle "Find the Collarman." Profession House of Call. R. Hynett, (Late of Cambridge Hotel) Albert Hotel, top of Barker's Pool, Sheffield. Coffee in perfection and light refreshments of every description, of Field's Oriental Cafes, 34 Fargate; also, at Leeds, Hull, Huddersfield, &c. Monday & Saturday nights, October 2nd & 7th, the Merchant of Venice Shylock – Henry Irving. Tuesday and Friday Nights, October 3rd and 6th, Becket by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Adapted for the stage by Henry Irving. Becket (Chancellor and Archbishop) Henry Irving. Wednesday night, October 4th (only time), King Rene's Daughter followed by The Bells Mathias – Henry Irving, Thursday night, October 5th. (Only time) Louis XI. By Casimir Delavigne, adapted and arranged by Dion Boucicault. Louis XI – Henry Irving. Ask everywhere for Strout's noted Ales & Strouts' casks, all sizes, for family use. Speciality – Light BB Bitter/ 1/- per Gallon. Strouts Brewery Co., Ltd., Burton Road, Sheffield. Furs, Furs, Furs, Furs, Furs, Furs, Furs, Sealskin Jackets Sealskin Jackets, Harry Cassell, 8 and 10 George St. Sheffield. Speciality: Sealskin Jackets and Furs remodelled to latest style. Telephone No. 855 Joseph I. Howard, Meat Purchaser. 74 South Street, Moor, Sheffield. Important attraction Monday October 9th, for six nights and Saturday Matinee. First time in Sheffield, Mr. George Dance's London Co. In the popular Comic Opera Veronique from the Apollo Theatre. London. See over leaf. Specialite the American Shoulder Stewart and Stewart the Great Tailors, 52, 60, 62, Pinstone Street. Ladies' Branch, 52, Pinstone Street. Smart coats & skirts, from 2 ½ Guineas. Telephone 1597. J. F. Jones, Brincliffe Oaks Hotel. Public & Private Bowling Green. Dinner, Teas and Parties Catered for. Tontine Hotel Haymarket. Proprietress – Mrs. Lee. (Late of Three Travellers). The above well-known Commercial Hotel has been entirely reconstructed, and is now one of the most comfortable Hotels in Sheffield. Free for Beers, Wines, & Spirits.

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The Merchant of Venice, 2-7 October 1905, Image 4 of 5

Light Horseman Hotel, Penistone Road. Proprietor – T. Barber. Rawsons Fine Ales. Free for Wines, Spirits, and Cigars. Ask for the "Briton" Incandescent Mantle extra double strength. Obtainable from all dealers. Wholesale from the Sole Proprietors. W. Shingler & Co., 347, London Road, Sheffield. Vilborg & Co., Ladies Tailors, Furriers, & Fashion Artists, Barker's Pool next to Albert Hall, Sheffield. Wellington Hotel, Cambridge Street, Proprietor – Geo. Miller. (Late Bine Boy, Shepherd Street). Tennant's Beers in Fine Condition. Spirits from Bond; Wines of the Best Vintage. Three Minutes from Lyceum, Theatre Royal, and Empire. 1d for this Programme will be allowed to all Purchasers of a Bottle of Hewitt's Gout & Rheumatic Pills the Sheffield cure for Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, &c. Price, 7 ½ d.; Double Size, 1/-. J. P. Hewiit, Chemist and Druggist, 66 & 68, Division St., Sheffield. Bell Hotel, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield. Proprietor, Ernest Evans, Wine & Spirit Merchant, Billiards. L. E. Thompson, the West End Hotel, Glossop Road. One minute from entrance to Weston Park and the University. Billiards. Monday, October 16th, for six nights, two special matinees, Tuesday, October 17th, and Saturday, October 21st Miss Ellaline Terriss, Mr. Seymour Hicks and Entire Company from the Vaudeville Theatre, London. In the Greatest of all Musical Comedy Successes, "The Catch of the Season." Prices – Boxes, £2 2s. and £1 11s. 6d.; Dress Circle and Stalls, 5s. ; Upper Circle, 2s. 6d. ; Balcony, 2s. ; pit, 1s. 6d. ; Gallery, 6d. Booking Plan Open. A few other attractions this autumn: Beauty and the Barge. Walls of Jericho F. R. Benson. The talk of the town. The dictator, &c. National Telephone 122 order your cab from Joseph Tomlinson & Sons Ld. Cab and Carriage Proprietors, Borough Mews, Sheffield. Broomhall Mews, Broomhall Street. Telephone 482. Oxford Mews, off Ecclesall Road. Telephone 2024. Royal Victoria Mews, Victoria Station. Telephone 1778. A. Wilson, Peck & Co., Ltd., Beethoven House, Pinstone St, Sheffield. Pianoforte & Organ Merchants. Tuners and Repairers. Pianos from 16 Guineas. Organs from 5 Guineas. Sole Agency for the Bechstein Pianos. Prices of Admission: Boxes £2 10s and £1 15s; Dress Circle and Stalls, 6s; Upper Circle, 3s ; Balcony, 2s ; Pit, 1s 6d ; Gallery, 6d. Ordinary doors open at 7. To commence at 7.30. Early doors at 6.30 p.m., extra to all parts. Half-price at 9 o'clock to Grand Circle, 3s.; Orchestra Stalls . : and Upper Circle, 1s. 6d. No money returned. Children in arms not admitted. Seats not guaranteed unless previously booked. Tradesmen are cautioned not to supply goods to the Lyceum Theatre without a printed signed order. Box office open at the Theatre from 9 to 5.30. Telephone 640. Telegrams – Dramatic, Sheffield. Late Trains from Sheffield (Nightly: and subject to such alterations as the Companies' Time Bills may show). Midland Station – 10.58 for all Stations to Chesterfield. 10.45 (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only), all Stations to Hope. 11.20 for all Stations to Rotherham. 11.3 (Saturdays only), all Stations to Eckington. 11.30 (Saturdays only) and 11.0 p.m. (Wednesdays and Thursdays only), al Stations to Barnsley via Chapeltown. 11.0 (Saturdays only) to Langwith Junction and intermediate stations. Victoria Station – 10.50 to Kiveton Park, Worskop, and Retford. 11 (Tuesday and Saturdays), all Stations to Penistone. 10.55 (Saturdays only) for all Stations to Barnsley. 11-0 for all Stations to Chesterfield (Excursion Fares, Tuesdays and Saturdays). 11.26 (Nightly), all Stations to Rotherham. 11.26 (Thursdays and Saturdays) for all Stations to Doncaster except Rotherham Road. A. H. Holland's Tea and Luncheon rooms. Fargate & Chapel Walk. "A most beautiful Café and everything is equally nice." – A Visitor's Opinion. Mr. Chas. Callum's Music Daily, 1 to 2.30 & 3.30 to 6 p.m. Telephone No. 132 Y. S. W. James & Co. The original makers of the Fairfield Cycles & Motors. 353, Ecclesall Road. All kinds of motors bought or sold on commission. Repairs a speciality. Spares, Petrol, Oil & Grease always in stock. Breakdowns attended day or night. W. H. Garside, Ladies and Gents' Practical Tailor, 137, Upperthorpe Road. Smart coat & Skirt, 50/-, Suits, 37/6 ; Trousers, 10/6. Ted Ellin, Harwood House, Hill Street (off Highfields). Old Albion Sparkling Beers. Red Lion Hotel Eyre Street. Proprietor – C. Braithwaite. Truswell's Mild and Bitter Ales always in fine condition. Comfortable smoke room fishing club held here. First-class bed & sitting rooms. Professionals please note. Charles Hepworth. Don Inn. Penistone Road. P.G. Sec., R.A.O.B., G.L.E. Forrests Rheumatic Gout Pills. Hundreds of testimonials. Price, 1 1/1 ½ ; Post, 1/2 ½ Forrest, Chemist, St. Mary's Road (Bottom), Five Minutes from Midland Station, Sheffield.

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The Merchant of Venice, 2-7 October 1905, Image 5 of 5

Come and look round at the extensive furniture depot. Royal Exchange Cash Furnishing Stores, 2, Royal Exchange Buildings, Lady's Bridge, Wicker, Sheffield. (The only cash furnishers in the city.) Solid drawing room suites from £3 19 6, Solid Bedroom Suites, from £4 12 6, Solid Walnut Sideboards, from £3 3 0, Well made wringers from £0 19 6. A special five per cent. discount allowed off all prices to call producing this Programme. Please note address – Telephone 8175. Do it now! Try our speciality four highly finished cabinets for 2/6 any position. Wheatcroft, The Photographer 129, London Road, (Opposite Coffee House). Professor Crosswaite, 117, West Bar, Skin Specialist. Eczema and all kinds of Skin Complaints treated by Herbal Remedies the most successful in England. E. Foster, Picture Frame Maker, Gilder and Print Seller, 96, Abbeydale Road, Sheffield. Old Oil Paintings re-lined and restored. Old Frames re-gilt equal to new. Picture cleaning and re-hanging a speciality. Estimates Free. 16 years practical experience. King William Hotel Alma Street. Proprietor V. Hartley. Truswell's Fine Sparkling Ales. Spirits of the Best Blends. Wines of the finest vintage and the choicest brands of cigars kept. Comfortable smoke room. Sun Inn, West Bar. Fully Licenced. Proprietor – E. B. Gent. Berry's Lion Ales. Spirits Direct from Bond. Everything of the best. Comfortable smoke and billiard rooms. Opposite Town Hall for the smartest and latest shades in all types of Scotch Tweeds & West of England Suitings watch the windows of John Garlick, Merchant Tailor. 10, Pinstone St. 10, Pinstone St. I don't ask you to buy, but simply look, and you wont be able to resist buying.

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