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20 April 1917

The Merry Wives of Windsor (etc.)

Location YMCA Shakespeare Hut, Gower and Keppel Streets, London, UK
Plays performed The Merry Wives of Windsor; King John; Henry V; Richard III; Henry VIII; Coriolanus


Date 20 April 1917
Play(s) King John; Henry VIII; King Richard III; Henry V; Coriolanus; The Merry Wives of Windsor
Production Date(s) April 20th [1917]
Venue YMCA Shakespeare Hut
Venue address Gower and Keppel Streets WC1
Time of performance 7.30pm
Director Edith Craig
Document ID ET-D517 Original record
Held by The British Library
Notes Shakespeare Celebration Performance. Men of H. M. and Allied Forces only.
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SIR JOHNSTON FORBES-ROBERTSON, Chairman, LADY FORBES-ROBERTSON, Hon. Treas. DR. I. GOLLANCZ, Hon. Sec. Y.M.C.A. Shakespeare Hut (GOWER AND KEPPEL STREETS, W.C. 1) --- Shakespeare Celebration Performance APRIL 20th, 7.30 p.m. To the Memory of William Shakespeare- (April 23. 1564-1616.) --- Under the direction of MISS EDITH CRAIG --- MEN OF H.M. & ALLIED FORCES ONLY. ADMISSION FREE.
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Programme --- 1. ORGAN RECITAL by Mr. W. F. AMIES. 2. Scene from "KING JOHN." (Room in a Castle. ) Hubert - GRACE SEPPINGS Prince Arthur - STELLA BONHEUR *Two Attendants - VERA HARPHAM, NORA ROBINSON By kind perm1ss1on of Miss ITALIA CONTI. * NOTE:- King JOhn seized the English Throne in spite of the undoubted right of the Prince Arthur. He could not rest while Arthur lived, and plotted with Hubert to have him killed. 3. Scene from "KING HENRY VIII." (A Street in Westminster.) Duke of Buckingham - Mr. COWLEY WRIGHT Sir Thomas Lovel - Miss GABAIN 1st and 2nd Gentleman - MSS POTTER, MISS LYLE NOTE- Cardinal Wolsey, thinking tha tBuckingham was growing too powerful, persuaded King Henry that he was conspiring against him in order to seize the Throne for himself. 4. Recitation from "KING RICHARD III." The Duke of Gloucester - Mr. ACTON BOND The Lady Anne - Miss EVE ACTON 5. Scenes from "KlNG HENRY V." By Junior Players. Henry FABIA DRAKE Exeter ETHEL HODGSON Westmoreland, Mountjoy DOLLY NEAVE King of France ETHEL HODGSON Bedford MURIEL CLARKE Queen of France DOLLY NEAVE Katherine MURIEL CLARKE Alice AUDREY CAMERON 1. The English Camp. 2. Another part of the Field 3. The French Court. 6. Scene from "CORIOLANUS." Act I. Scene 3. Volumnia. Mother to Coriolanus Mrs. SABA RALEIGH Virgilia. Wife to Coriolanus Miss HAZEL JONES Valeria . Friend to Virgilia Mrss RUTH BOWER Gentlewoman Miss BLOMFIELD Young Marcus, son to Coriolanus Miss PRUNELLA PAGE 7. Scenes from "THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR.' Mistress Page Miss ELLEN TERRY Mistress Ford MISS EDITH EVANS Sir John Falstaff Mr. ROY BYFORD Robin, his page MISS AUDREY CAMERON Servants to Mistress Ford: Sir ALBERT SEYMOUR, Mr. A. DICKSON, Mr. STUART ANDERSON, MR. E.RICE 1. A Street in Windsor. 2. Mistress Ford's House. --- "God Save the King"
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The Merry Wives of Windsor (etc.), 20 April 1917, Image 3 of 3

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Edith Craig directed the first modern production in 1925 of John Webster's The White Devil (1612).

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