1911 - 1913Ellen Terry UK lecture tour
7 September 1911

Triumphant Heroines of Shakespeare

Location Kursaal, Harrogate, UK


Date 7 September 1911
Production Date(s) Saturday 7th September [1911]
Venue Kursaal
Venue address Harrogate
Time of performance 3.30pm
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Notes Ellen Terry's dramatic lecture of The Triumphant Heroines of Shakespeare. Some authorial assistance from Christopher St John.
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KURSAAL, HARROGATE General Manager-Mr JOHN E. WILSHERE. Saturday Afternoon, 7th Sept., at 3.30. Miss Ellen Terry [photograph] Photo by Window & Grove, London. In her CHARMING RECITAL 'The Triumphant Heroines of Shakespeare' WITH ILLUSTRATIVE ACTING. Tickets - 5/-, 4/-, 3/-, 2/- and 1/- Early Door 6d. extra to all Parts.

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Miss ELLEN TERRY'S London Recitals (May-June 1911.) A FEW PRESS OPINONS. The Times says- "There is nothing conventional, nothing stereotyped about Miss ELLEN TERRY's' Recitals. Wherever and whenever she speaks it will always, be different and always fresh .... the living, laughing, triumphant, tearful, scornful words of a great actress who is proud to be a woman. The magnetism and charm of her is for ever breaking out. ... The Recital is full of touches of satire, humour, and pathos. It is a happy thing for England, as well as for MISS TERRY, that she has found so effective a way of bringing homn to Shakespeare's country men and women the inner meaning of his plays and the charm of her own art." The Daily Telegraph says- "It was as if the record of those brilliant Shakespearean Seasons at the old Lyceum, extending over a period of years, had been compressed into two brief hours, and memory flew back to the day when Henry Irving and Ellen Terry reigned supreme at that theatre, and by their marvellous art created a gallery of portraits which no one who had the privilege of looking upon will ever permit to lapse into oblivion. On the draped stage of the Haymarket, beside a table almost entirely hidden by heaped-up banks of flowers, Miss TERRY discoursed on the heroines of Shakespeare's plays .. . . Ever and anon she sought to illustrate the poet's text by means of her own exquisite art. In all these Miss TERRY threw herself head and soul, stamping every impersonation with the grace, power, and charm of an individuality which every student of Shakespeare will long hold in loving remembrance. It was a memorable afternoon. The Pall Mall Gazette says- " The Recital showed how much brain-work a great actress puts into her study of a part. Take all 'The Triumphant Women' Miss TERRY dealt with, - Beatrice, Rosalind, Volumnia, Portia, - when you have heard what she has to say about the character of each one, you will realize how poor your own conception of them was, compared with what she reveals to you. In truth .... it is an infinite delight to see her acting bits of Beatrice, Portia, Volumnia, and Rosalind. The Globe says- "There is a charm about Miss ELLEN TERRY that is irresistible, and an enthusiasm that is contagious. It was delightful to watch Miss TERRY'S radiant expressions and graceful movements. " The Referee says- "At the Haymarket Theatre, a crowded and delighted audience listened with rapt attention while Miss ELLEN TERRY addressed them on Shakespeare's Triumphant Heroines.' In rapid succession the great-nay, still our greatest-actress sketched the chief features of such glorious characters as Beatrice, Rosalind, and Portia .... The beautiful way in which she acted certain scenes made this ever-delightful actress's glorious gallery of Shakespearean portraits perfect. Those who miss her Recitals will miss the most graceful, most gracious, and most fascinating exposition of Shakespeare to be found." The People says- "MISS TERRY was in in her most radiant of moos, and looked beautiful in the most picturesque surroundings. She varied her remarks by giving realism to her subject in some delightful illustrative acting, which touched upon scenes and characters inseparable from her career."

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KURSAAL, HARROGATE, Saturday Afternoon, 7th September, at 3.30. Miss Ellen Terry's Recital [photograph] Photo by Window & Grove, London. "The Triumphant Heroines of Shakespeare." WITH ILLUSTRATIVE ACTING.

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