1893 - 1894Fourth Lyceum company tour of North America
8 November-30 December 1893

Henry VIII

Location Abbey's Theatre, 1396 Broadway, New York, USA
Plays performed Henry VIII


Date Monday 4 December 1893 [15]
Play(s) Henry VIII
Production Date(s) 8 November 1893 to [30 December 1893]
Venue Abbey's Theatre
Venue address Broadway and 38th St, New York [USA]
Time of performance 2pm 8pm
Stage Manager H. J. Loveday
Scene Designer J. Harker, Hawes Craven, W. Telbin
Music Director Meredith Ball
Document ID ET-D681 Original record
Held by The British Library
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Henry VIII, 8 November-30 December 1893, Image 1 of 3

Abbey's Theatre. Abbey Schoeffel & Grau Proprietors. A new dining room, with entrance on 9th St., has been added to the celebrated Restaurant Martin. University Place, cor. 9th Street. One block from Broadway. The best table d'hote dinner in New York for $1.25 from 5 to 8.30 p.m. Cuisine Francaise. Dejeuner a la Carte. A Prelude. In youth, beside the lonely sea, voices and visions came to me. Titania and her furtive broods were my familiars in the woods. From every flower that broke in flame some half-articulate whisper came. In every wind I felt the stir of some celestial messenger. Later, amid the city's din and toil and wealth and want and sin, they followed me from street to street, the dreams that made my boyhood sweet. As in the silence-haunted glen, so, mid the crowded ways of men: strange lights my errant fancy led, strange watchers sat beside my bed. Ill fortune had no shafts for me. In this aerial company. Now one by one the visions fly, and one by one the voices die. More distantly the accents ring, more frequent the receding wing. Full dark shall be the days in store, when voice and vision come no more! – Thomas Bailey Aldrich in Scribner's Magazine. J. Dreicer & Son. Finest Materials and Original Designs in Diamond Jewellery, 292 Fifth Avenue, between 30th and 31st Streets. De Pinna, 394 Fifth Avenue, near 36th St. Youth's Boys' & Children's clothing. Ladies will be pleased to find our house the most exquisite styles for Dancing School Parties, etc. English Sailor Suits, Eton Suits, Tuxedo Suits, Tweed Suits, Reefers, Ulsters, Overcoats, English Hats and Caps. Delighted thousands visit the wonderful Crystal Maze, at Broadway and 38th Street. Open from 1 p.m. until midnight. It is the only novelty in New York. Marvelous and Mysterious. Opposite Abbey's Theatre. MME. C. Phillipson, Successor to Mme. S. Ponchon, 399 Fifth Ave. Near 36th St. Importer of French Corsets. Corsets to order. Choicest line of Corset Materials always on hand. "Seeing is believing," and those who love a beautiful lamp will be glad to hear this dispatch: To Chas. S. Upton, Pres't 42 Park Place, New York. The Rochester Lamp Co. is granted highest awards for lamps, lamp shades, appurtenances and artistic display over all competition at the World's Fair C. A. Pomeroy, Manager. Weatherley models of the newest and most recherché character. Ladies' Tailor and Habit Maker, 420 Fifth Ave. and 2 West 38th St. A farewell to yesterday. Where is the road to Yesterday? O tell in prose or rhyme; for I could trace my backward way to that enchanting clime. Life was so fresh and good and true, and friends so kind and fair. Why should a day so bright and new all fade away in air? Who knows the road to Yesterday? Is every seeker blind? Say, does it cast no single ray to pilot those behind? O there's a road that leads our feet to hours more glad and bright: - a road so short, a joy complete, a journey of a night! Come, bid fare well to Yesterday! For in to-morrow's face the happiest days now flown away shine with a sweeter grace. – C. H. Crandall in Companion. J. T. Cowdery. Publisher. 123 West 42nd St. N. Y.
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Henry VIII, 8 November-30 December 1893, Image 2 of 3

Hilton, Hughes & Co., (successors to A. T. Stewart & Co.) Ladies Suits, newest styles and of most artistic finish. Exquisite Paris Costumes, for Theatre, Reception and Evening Wear. Our dressmaking department will furnish beautifully designed gowns on shortest notice. Broadway, 4th Avenue, 9th and 10th Sts. Mlle. Dennin, Modes De Paris, 945 Broadway and 173 Fifth Avenue, New York. Thibault, cleaning and dyeing, 389 Fifth Avenue, 909 Seventh Avenue, New York and 287 Fulton Street, opp. Clinton Brooklyn. Do you wear Knox's Hats? Poety and Prose. Prose is the lofty wall, the fort, the tower, the palace built of marbles rich and rare; but poetry is the gracious shape of power and beauty which the sculptor fashions fair. – Arlo Bates in Companion. V. Grand, Ladies' Tailor. Riding Habits and Fancy Suits. Perfect Fit Guaranteed. 57 West 24th Street, Bet Broadway and 6th Avenue. New York. Abbey's Theatre, Broadway and 38th Street. Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau, Props. And Mgrs. Evenings at 8.00. Matinees at 2. Beginning December 4th, '93, fifth week of the engagement of Mr. Henry Irving, Miss Ellen Terry, and the London Lyceum Theatre Company, under the direction of Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau. Beginning Monday, December 4th, 1893, every evening at 8, (except Saturday), and Saturday Matinee at 2, will be presented. Shakespeare's Play, the famous history of the life of King Henry VIII. In five acts. Cast as follows: Cardinal Wolsey – Mr. Irving, King Henry VIII – Mr. William Terriss, Cardinal Campeius – Mr. Lacy Capucius (Ambassador from Charles V.) – Mr. Tabb, Cranmer (Archbishop of Canterbury) – Mr. Vincent, Duke of Norfolk – Mr. Haviland, Duke of Buckingham – Mr. Frank Cooper, Duke of Suffolk – Mr. Tyars, Earl of Surrey, Mr. Clarence Hague, Lord Chamberlain – Mr. Alfred Bishop, Gardiner (afterwards Bishop of Winchester) – Mr. Archer, Lord Sands – Mr. S. Johnson, Sir Thomas Lovell – Mr. Belmore, Sir Anthony Denny – Mr. Davis, Sir Nicholas Vaux – Mr Cushing, Cromwell (Usher to Queen Katherine) – Mr. Howe, Garter, Knight-At-Arms – Mr. Bedford, Surveyor to Duke of Buckingham – Mr. Buckley, Brandon – Mr. Seldon, Sergeant-at-Arms – Mr. Yeldham, A Messenger – Mr Lorriss, A Scribe – Mr. Reynolds, A Secretary – Mr. Marion, Queen Katherine – Miss Ellen Terry, Anne Bullen – Miss Coleridhe, An Old Lady – Miss Maud Milton, Patience – Mrs. Tyars. Lord, Ladies, Archbishops, Bishops, Judges, Lord Mayor and Aldermen, Barons of the Cinque Ports, Doctors of Divinity, Doctors of Law, Chaplains, Priests, Monks, Secretaries, Gentlemen, Choristers, Pursuviants, Vergers, Rowers, Tipstaves, Guards, Trumpeters, Henchmen, Torchbearers. Drummers, Fifers, Macebearers, Gentlemen Ushers, Pillarbearers, Cross-bearers, Footmen, Citizens, Soldiers, Executioner, &c., &c. Moet & Chandon White Seal Champagne. Hotel Metropole, Broadway, 41st to 42d Streets. Restaurant and Cage. Orchestra During Dinner, Theatre Suppers a Speciality. Green & Putney, Proprietors. B. Altman & Co., 18th Street, 19th Street, and Sixth Avenue, Order Department for Ladies' Costumes, (third floor). In the above department we are showing choice lines of Materials and Trimmings, and are prepared to take orders for walking, reception, wedding, carriage and tailor dresses at very moderate prices. "Delbeck" Champagnes 1889. Vin Brut and Extra Dry. We recommend these wines as the very best imported. E. La. Montagne & Sons. Mary Scott Rowland, world-renowned authority on care and preservation of the skin and complexion. Mme. Patti, Mrs. Kendal, and celebrities throughout the world (whose original testimonials and mementos of appreciation can be seen by calling) unqualifiedly indorse Mary Scott Rowland's marvellous skill and wonderful preparations for permanently improving and restoring the skin and complexion. A fresh, clear, youthful complexion is guaranteed. Consultation without charge, strictly confidential. Mary Scott Rowland's Parlors, 288 Fifth Avenue, New York near 30th Street. Perfect Face Powder. In 3 tints, white, flesh and cream, price $1.00. Finest in the world. Established 1887. Knabe Pianos. Eugen D'Albert: from the fullest convictions I declare them to be the best Instruments of America. Dr. Hans Von Bulow: I declare them the absolutely best in America. Alfred Grunfield: I consider them the Best Instruments of our times. P. Tschaikowsky: combined with great volume of Tone a rare sympathetic and noble Tone Colour and perfect action. New York. No. 148 Fifth Avenue. Baltimore, 22 & 24 E, Baltimore St. Washington, 817 Pennsylvania Ave. Knox the Hatter's world-renowned. The standard of fashion everywhere. 194 Fifth Ave, under Fifth Ave. Hotel, N. Y. 212 B'way, cor Fulton St., N. Y., 340 Fulton St., Brooklyn, 191 & 193 State St., Palmer House, Chicago. Agents in all the principal cities. Six highest awards at the Columbian Exposition. First Premium at the World's Fair. The Singer Manufacturing Co, received 54 First Awards, being the largest number of awards obtained by any exhibitor, and more than double the number received by all other Sewing Machine Companies. The Singer Manufacturing Co., "All Over the World." No hero to him. Bonnet in hand, obsequious and discreet, the butcher that served Shakespeare with his meat, doubtless esteemed him little, as a man who knew not how the market-prices ran. – T. B. Aldrich in Century. A comforter. Vexed with the trials of a dismal day, I sat me down to rail at God and man, to pour into a bitter, venomed lay all the vile anathema, a curse, a ban; hope seemed to stumble on her weary way. And a dark purpose, like a river ran through my sad soul. But how, oh friend I pray. Can one long murmur at the ordained plan when to the haven of his arms there slips a baby daughter, robed in snowy white, who, with love's prattle on her infant lips, has come to kiss and bid a sweet good night and whispers, cuddling close her precious head. "I'm sleepy, papa, come put me to bed?" – New York Tribune. Abbey's Theatre, Broadway and 38th Street, Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau, Props. and Mgrs. Evenings at 8.00. Matinees at 2. Act I. Scene 1. – London – The Palace at Bridewell – J. Harker, Scene 2. – Outside the Palace, Scene 3. – The Council Chamber in the Palace, Scene 4. – A Courtyard, Scene 5. – A Hall in York Place – Hawes Craven. Act II. Scene 1. – The King's Stairs, Westminster, Scene 2. – An Antechamber in the Palace, Scene 3. – A Garden in the Palace, Scene 4. – A Hall in Blackfriars – Hawes Craven. Act III. Scene 1. – The Queen's Apartment, Scene 2. – The Palace at Bridewell – J. Harker. Act IV. Scene 1. – A Street in Westminster, Scene 2. – Kimbolton – W. Telbin, Act V. Greenwich – Church of the Grey Friars – Hawes Craven. The Overture, Entr'actes and Incidental Music have been composed expressly for the Play by Mr. Edward German. Musical Director – Mr. Meredith Ball. For Mr. Irving. Stage Manager – Mr. H. Loveday, Musical Director – Mr. Meredith Ball, Treasurer – Mr. C. E. Howson, Acting Manager – Mr. Bram Stoker. Saturday Night, December 9. "The Lyons Mail." Lesurques and Dubosc – Mr. Irving. The Knabe Piano is used at Abbey's Theatre. The Mason & Hamlin Organ is used at this Theatre. E. A. Morrison & Son, 893 Broadway, are offering Ladies' Hats from $7.00 to $20.00 and Children's Hats $3.75 to $18.00. Rich Materials. Latest Styles. Piper-Heidsieck sec. Finest Dry Wine Imported. For sale everywhere. Heigler's Fresh! Pure!! Delicious!!! Bonbons and chocolates. A large assortment of fancy boxes and baskets suitable for Xmas presents. 863 Broadway, bet, 17th & 18th Sts., 150 Broadway, cor. Liberty St., 21 West 42d Street, near 5th Ave, New York. Candies carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the country by mail or express. Burns' Restaurant and Oyster House, (established 1852) 781, 783, 785 Sixth Avenue and 102 West 45th St., New York. Recently enlarged for accommodation of Theatre and Supper Parties. Ladies' Entrance, 102 W. 45th St. Game, Salads, Oysters – a speciality. Within the heart. Within our lives of conscious care there lies another, fair and sweet; all gracious sanctities are there, and trust and consecration mete; a heaven that lieth not apart, a spirit world within the heart. – A. C. Bristol. Take joy home. And make a place in thy great heart for her, and give her time to grow, and cherish her; then will she come, and oft will sing to thee. When thou art working in the furrows; ay, or wedding in the sacred hour of dawn, it is a comely fashion to be glad. Joy is the grace we say to God. – Jean Ingelow. Faithfullness in the humblest part is better at least than proud success; and patience and love in a chastened heart are pearls more precious than happiness; and in the morning when we shall awake to the spring time freshness of youth again, all troubles will seem but a flying flake, and lifelong sorrow a breath on the pane. – Selected. Vienna, Paris, Berlin. Wm. Fels. W. S. Spiegelberg. The Vienna Fancy Case Co. Importers and Manufacturers of Fancy Cases, Novelties, Etc. For holiday, birthday and wedding gifts. 37 West 23rd Street, New York. D. Reid manufacturer of Umbrellas and Canes, 1337 Broadway, Opposite new Herald Building. A fine selection of Canes and Umbrellas for Holiday presents.
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Henry VIII, 8 November-30 December 1893, Image 3 of 3

Abbey's Theatre, Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau, Proprietors and Managers. Horace McVicker – Business Manager, Myron B. Rice – Secretary and Treasurer, James F. Geary – Advertising Agent, Jesse Williams – Leader of Orchestra, Henry E. Hoyt – Scenic Artist. World's Fair Prizes. Telegram from Chicago. World's Fair Ground, Chigaco, III., October 18, 1893. C. C. Shayne, Furrier, 124 and 126 West 42d St., New York. Shayne's exhibits received highest awards over all competitors, for fine furs – Garments of Russian Sable, Hudson Bay Otter, Mink, Sealskin, Natural [?]. Fisher and Pelts, natural and dyed, ready for use, all kinds, which embraces skins of Russian Sable, Hudson Bay Sable, Stone Marter, Royal Ermine, Chinchilla, Persian Lamb, Mink, Moire Astakhan. Fox natural and dyed Lynx, Sea Otter, etc. Official. W. H. Mather, Supt. of Exhibits. Jackson Park, Chicago, III., October 18, 1895. C. C. Shayne, Esq., New York City. Dear Sir: It affords us great pleasure to inform you that the World's Columbian Exposition has awarded you premiums for fine furs as per enclosed memorandum received by us from the Jury of Awards. The official ribbons will be forwarded to you in a few days. Yours truly. W. B. Conkey Co. Mr. Shayne also received from the World's Columbian Exposition copies of the medals (numbered) awarded to him, signed by J. Boyd Thacher, Chairman of the Executive Committee on Awards. The prize winners are now on exhibition at 124 and 126 West 42d St. Mr. Shayne has removed his entire manufacturing, wholesale and retail, business from Prince St. to his new building on 42d St., between Broadway and 6th Ave., where all his business will be conducted in the future. After Theatre go to The Vigilant, first-class family resort. All kinds of cold cuts and refreshments. Café and Lunch room. 1409 Broadway, Cor. 39th Street, New York. Next to Metropolitan Opera House. Opp. Casino. W. A. Rekersdres, Prop. Dr. J. T. Whelan, Chiropodist, between 21st and 22d Sts., 933 Broadway, N. Y. Wishes to call the attention of his patrons to his present offices. Manicuring by competent operators, 50 cents. Ladies maid in attendance. All instruments sterilized by the most approved antiseptics. Hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 4711 extract of cologne (blue and gold label) the purest and strongest yet most delicate ever produced. Once having used it, repetition is a foregone conclusion. Wholesale agents. Mulhens & Kropff, N. Y. The management will consider it a favour if any lack of inattention, or demand for fees by employees, is reported at once to the Business Manager. Ladies' Parlor on 38th Street side of each floor. Attendants in charge. Gentlemen's smoking room in basement. Articles lost or found should be reported at the Box Office. District Messenger service can be secured at the Box Office. Ladies ordering carriages to call at the 38th Street entrance will find Ladies' Parlor a convenient waiting room. Reserved seat sale opens every Thursday, 9 a.m. for the following week. Seats cannot be reserved before the announced date. Beware of speculators. Abbey's Theatre, beginning Monday, January 1st. M. Coquelin – Jane Hading. And French Company. Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau, Managers. Abbey's Theatre, beginning Monday, March 26th, the greatest of French Tragedians, Mounet-Sully and French Company. Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau, Managers. New Metropolitan Opera House. Imre Kiralfy's Grand Operatic historical Spectacle, America. Produced by Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings and matinees Wednesday and Friday. Popular prices – 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50. New Metropolitan Opera House, Grand Sunday Night Concerts at popular prices – 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50. The principal Artists of the Opera Co., and the entire Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra under the direction of Herr Anton Seidl. Tremont Theatre, Boston, Mass. Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau, Proprietors and Managers. Handsomest Theatre in New England. Leading Attractions. Ninth year of Mme. Sarah Bernhardt. Under the direction of Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau. Now at the Theatre de la Renaissance, Paris. Metropolitan Opera House, Grand Opera under the direction of Henry E. Abbey and Maurice Grau. Wednesday evening, Dec. 6, Ambroise Thomas' Opera. Hamlet. Friday evening. December 8th, Gounod's Opera Romeo and Juliet. Saturday Matinee, December [?] at 2, Gounod's Opera, Philemon et Baucis and Cavilleria Rusticana. "Seeing is Believing" Simple, beautiful, good – These words mean much, but to see "The Rochester" will impress the truth more forcibly. The choicest bric-a-brac of a Vanderbilt reveals nothing finer. We have 2,700 artistic varieties, in brass, bronze, silver and black iron. Ladies often like to go down among the large wholesale houses and buy of first hands. They will find at our salesrooms (the largest in the world) a rare collection of Art in lamps. The Rochester Lamp Co., 42 Park Place, 37 Barclay St., New York. "The Rochester." Conrad! Conrad! Conrad! A card to the public. While it is true that I have been chosen the President of the Louisiana State Lottery Company, vice M. A. Dauphin, deceased, I still retain the Presidency of the Gulf Coast Ice and Manufacturing Company; so that all proposals for supplies, machinery, etc. as well as all business communications on other subjects should be addressed to me as heretofore. After January 1st, 1894, my business will be removed to Puerto Cortez, Honduras, Central America, and will there go on as now without any break. Paul Conrad. Lock Box 1358. New Orleans, LA. Press of Pusey & Trozell, 123 West 42d Street. Family Circle Tier, Balcony Tier, Orchestra, Orchestra Circle. Dyspepsia. Horsford's Acid Phosphate reaches various forms of Dyspepsia that no other medicine seems to touch, assisting the weakened stomach, and making the process of digestion natural and easy. For sale by all Druggists. Cantrell, 25 W. 23d St., N. Y. City. Fineshoes. For all send for catalogue mailed free. Air mattresses. Air. The most perfect bed made. It is not rubber. Absolutely clean and healthy. No vermin or disease germs possible. Indispensible in cases of prolonged illness. Write for catalogue. Metropolitan Air Goods Co., 41 Union Square. Ira Perego & Co. 23 Park Row, off Astor House. Bicycle Shoes, Running Shows, Foot Ball Shoes, Outing Shoes. All Styles and Sizes. Wholesale and Retail. Illustrated Catalogue Mailed Free. We call your attention to the Decorative Glass Work in the lobby of this theatre, made by Metallic Setting Co., Providence. Boston. Philadelphia. "The Colonial" Café, Cor. 40th Street and Broadway. Opp. Metropolitan Opera House. Finest Grades. Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Branch Station Café, 395 Third Avenue. Cor. 28th Street. Jason H. Miller, Proprietor. 2 Medals. S. Liehmann's Sons Brewing Co. Brooklyn, N. Y. Rheingold Wuerzbuger Lager Beers have received the highest awards at the World's Fair Chicago. Bottled for hotel and family trade ask for our brands.

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