1914Ellen Terry lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand
28 July 1914

Programme in honour of Ellen Terry

Location Her Majesty's Theatre, Pitt and Market Street, Sydney, Australia
Plays performed The Merchant of Venice; Julius Caesar


Date 28 July 1914
Play(s) Julius Caesar; The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) July 28th 1914
Venue Her Majesty's Theatre
Venue address Sydney, Australia
Director Walter Bentley
Conductor Lewis de Groen
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Notes Programme in honour of Ellen Terry; Ellen Terry as Portia.
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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 1 of 11

Her Majesty's Theatre, Lessees Messrs J. C. Williamson Ltd. Syndey, Australia, July 28th 1914. Souvenir Programme. The Actor's Association of Australasia by kind permission of Joseph Blascheck Esq. Tender this Performance as an Australian appreciation of her genius and their respect and love. To Miss Ellen Terry, Queen of the English Stage. Sir Gerald Strickland K.C. M. G. Patron. Mr. George S. Titheradge, President, Mr. Walter Bentley, Secretary.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 2 of 11

Actors' Association of Australasia Patron: Sir Gerald Strickland, K.C.M.G. President: Mr. Geo. S. Titheradge. Vice-Presidents: Mr. H. R. Roberts and Mr. Claude Bantock. Council. Mrs. Ross Simpson, Miss Beatrice Day, Miss Olive Godwin, Miss Grace Palotta, Mr. Jack Cannot, Mr. Harry Sweeney, Mr. Leslie Holland, Mr. Fred Niblo, Mr. Reg Roberts, Mr. Walter Baker, Mr Roland Conway, Mr. Alfred Scarlett, Mr. Reg Wykeham, Mr. Chas. Lawrence, Mr. Frank Greene, Mr Arthur Styan, Mr. Harry Halley, Mr. H. J. Bentley, Mr. E. Sherras, Mr. C. R. Stanford. Hon. Treasurer; Mr. Robert Greig, Hon. Solicitor: Mr. Neville Montague, General Secretary: Mr. Walter Bentley.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 3 of 11

An Appreciation of Ellen Terry, Tragedy. That the Actor's Association of Australasia should have arranged the Programme which follows, as an Australian appreciation of Miss Ellen Terry, it is not to be wondered at. Miss Terry holds on the English Stage an analagous position to that which Sarah Bernhardt holds on the French stage. Her beauty and grace of movement, allied to an intense appreciation of all dramatic possibilities, long ago, caused her to be acclaimed the Queen of English Dramatic Art. Kings, Queens, Princes, Nobles and people of all nations have worshipped at her shrine, and we in Australia who have been privileged to witness her magnificent impersonations, know the supreme effect which her genius has created. To all she comes as an exalted exponent of Stage Art, and slight as our tribute is when compared to that given to her at Drury Lane on June 12th 1906, the occasion of her Jubilee, it is none the less genuine and spontaneous. As a woman, her personality is one to delight, as an Artist she is one to worship, and as both she is one to love. In honouring her we feel we are honouring ourselves. Walter Bentley. Miss Ellen Terry as "Lady Macbeth". Programme Stage under Direction of Mr. Walter Bentley, Overture, Orchestra conducted by Mr. Lewis de Groen.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 4 of 11

No 1. First Performance of a new Play in one act entitled "Little Sloe Eyes" By Frederick Ward. Mother Gurney – Miss Katie Towers (proprietor of an East End Eating-House), Joe Saunders (a coster) – Mr. Frederick Ward, Liz (his wife) – Miss Mary Worth, Flash Billy (a burglar) – Mr. Eric Maxon, Em'ly (a waitress) – Miss Marjorie Soper. Scene: The Parlour of an East-End Eating House. No 2. Miss Grace Palotta will sing "A Laughing Song." No. 3. Selection from "His House in Order" By Arthur Wing Pinero. Characters. Geraldine Ridgeley – Miss Lilian Lloyd, Lady Ridgeley – Miss Tempe Pigott, Millie Thorne – Miss Janet Warden, Nina – Miss Violet Paget, Sir Daniel Ridgeley – Mr. Arthur Cornell, Pryce Ridgeley – Mr. Kenneth Brampton, Harding – Mr. Edgar Dickeson, Filner Jesson, M.P – Mr. Alfred Bristowe, Hilary Jesson – Mr. Hugh Buckler, Derek Jesson – Master Jack Buckler. Act III. – The Hall at the Towers.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 5 of 11

No. 4 Mr. Joseph Blascheck – Society Snap Shots. No. 5 "The Wedding Morning" One of a sequence of dialogues by Arthur Schnitzler. Paraphrased for the English Stage by Granville Barker. First time in Australia. Anatol – Mr. Eric Maxon, Max – Mr. Reg. Wykeham, Lona – Miss Muriel Starr, Franz – Mr. Harry Sweeney, Scene: Anatol's Bachelor Apartments in Vienna. No. 6. Mr. Jack Cannot An item of Political Interest. No. 7. Mr. Lawrence Campbell. Scene 1, Act 1, Shakespeare's Tragedy. "Julius Caesar."

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 6 of 11

No. 8 "Till The Bells Ring" A Scottish Comedy in One Act, by Graham Moffat. (As played at the Playhouse Theatre, London, and for the first time in Australia). Cast John Snodgrass – Mr. Graham Moffat. Sam'l Dowie – Mr. David Urquhart, Erchie Dowie – Mr. John Campbell, Aggie (niece of Janet Struthers) – Miss Ella Young, Janet Struthers – Mrs. Graham Moffat. Scene – Interior of Miss Struther's House, Ladywell, Glasgow, about 1847. No. 9 Mr. W. F. Grant will recite "The Tramp". No. 10 Miss M. Congdon will recite "A Month's Notice." Interval of ten minutes.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 7 of 11

Miss Ellen Terry in her world-famous impersonation of "Portia". The Trial Scene from Shakespeare's Comedy "The Merchant of Venice". In which Miss Ellen Terry will appear as Portia. Duke of Venice – Mr. Robert Inman, Antonio (Merchant of Venice) – Mr. Walter Bentley, Bassanio – Mr. Hugh Buckler, Gratiano – Mr. H. R. Roberts, Salerio – Mr. Roland Conway, Shylock – Mr. G. S. Titheradge, Tubal – Mr. W. Holman, Sen, Clerk of the Court – Mr. Harry Halley, Usher of the Court – Mr. Arthur Cornell, Council of Ten, by Messrs. Arthur Styan, E. Sherras, C. R. Stanford. Reg. Wykeham, Kingston Hewitt, Alfred Shea, H.H. Wallace, Frank Shepherd, Claude Bantock, Arthur Shirley. Nerissa – Miss Essie Jenyns and Portia Miss Ellen Terry.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 8 of 11

The following Artists will also appear in the Trial Scene: Messrs. E. Lashbrook, A, Leonard, Cyril Mackar, H, Nightingale, C. Outrim, G. K. Souper, W. Hall, Roy Redgrave, G. Chalmers, jun., G. Chalmers, sen., H. Rchards, F. Morris, D. Bellbridge, N. Easty, F. Pettit, E. Younger, W. H. Hunter, Dereck Hudson, J. Ralston, E. Wynne, A. Lissant, H. Burrell, A. Blandford, F. Fisher, Cecil Aldrich, David Asher, J. R. Goodall, G. Emery, F. Hughes, T.E. Tilton, Arthur Sefton, Claude Betram, Ivor Trevor, A. P. Roxburgh, F. Cadman, H. Buckingham, A. Buckingham, J. Fraser, N. Joyce, L. Bidekoft, R. Mansfield, F.M. Sheppard, R. Arnold, A. Boati, W. Chapman, H. Hebley, J. M'Aneny, C. Brown, A. Sparks, Abie Barker, Lowe MacKenzie, Bob Anderson, David Urquhart, J. Chas. Humphry's, John Campbell. Mesdames Maude Appleton, Dorothy Brunton, V. Cantym A, Claudius, M. Dale, Lily Dampier, Helen Fergus, Olive Godwin, Celia Ghilona, F. Gretton, S. Huxley, Kate Howarde, A. Keogh, M. Lynne, E. Mitchell, A. Shirley, F. St. George, F. Seymour, D. Deane, V. Wallace, F. Irving, Netter Ralston, C. Reardon, Shaw-Mayer, D. Beresford, Gertie Creemer, Nan Taylor, Winifred Moffat, Linck, Jeanie Douglas-Hicks, Jean Clyde, Margaret Gordon, Maye McKittrick and others. Hon. Officials for The Actors' Association of Australasia. Hon. Stage Director – Mr. Walter Bentley, Hon. Stage Manager – Mr. Dick Shortland, Hon. Musical Conductor – Mr. L. de Groen, Joint Hon. Treasurer – Messrs. R. Beeston and M. Gandy, Hon. Business Manager – Mr. Gero. Mathieson, Hon. General Manager – Mr. M. J. Bloomfield.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 9 of 11

The Artists and any others appearing do so by kind permission of J.C. Williamson, Ltd., George Willoughby, Ltd. Messrs. Beaumont Smith and Louis Meyer, Hugh Buckler, Ltd., Mr. Joseph Blascheck and Mr. J. E. Carroll. Grand Piano lent by Nicholson & Co. Wigs supplied by Micheau. Programmes will be sold by the following Ladies of the "Gipsy Love" Company, under the direction of Mrs. Ross Simpson (Miss Jennie Pollock): Miss Andrews, Miss Breon, Miss Buxton, Miss Clinton, Miss Collins, Miss Esdaile, Miss Guy, Miss Lusk, Miss Paul, Miss De Baere, Miss Yates, Miss Weel, Miss King, Miss Stocks, Miss Shettle, Miss Boam, Miss Lacey, Miss O'Brien, Miss Foy, Miss Nepean, Miss Myers, Miss Tate, Miss Elliot, Miss Hood.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 10 of 11

Comedy Miss Ellen Terry as "Letitia Hardy. Wholly set up and printed by F. E. Moore & Co., 26 Market Street, Sydney.

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Programme in honour of Ellen Terry, 28 July 1914, Image 11 of 11

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