1904Ellen Terry provincial tour
10-15 October 1904

Much Ado About Nothing (etc.)

Location Grand Theatre, Swansea, UK
Plays performed Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice


Date 10 October 1904
Play(s) Much Ado About Nothing; The Merchant of Venice
Production Date(s) 10 October 1904 to 15 October 1904
Venue Grand Theatre
Venue address Swansea
Producer Edward Gordon Craig
Stage Manager Charles La Trobe
Scene Designer Edward Gordon Craig
Costume Maker Ailsa Craig [Edith Craig]
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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 10-15 October 1904, Image 1 of 3

Grand Theatre Swansea. Lessee and Manager - Mr. Frank Boyce. VISIT OF MISS Ellen Terry and her company... Week comencing October 10th, 1904. Matinee, Saturday, Octd. 15th, at 2.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 10-15 October 1904, Image 2 of 3

Monday, Tuesday and Friday Evenings, Oct. 10th, 11th, &14th - SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDY - Much Ado about Nothing Designed and Produced under the Direction of Mr. Edward Gordon Craig. Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon - M. Charles Thursby Don John, his Bastard Brother - Mr. T. A. Shannon Claudio, a young Lord of Florence - Mr. E. Harcourt Williams Benedick, a young Lord of Padua - Mr. Matheson Lang Leonarto, Governor of Messina - Mr. George Fitzgerald Antonio his Brother - Mr. J.S. Hamilton Balthazar, attendant on Don Pedro - Mr. Penderel Price Followers of Don John: Borachio - Mr. Alfred Bucklaw Conrade - Mr. Eustace Le Grand Two City Officers: Dogberry - Mr. John Willes Verges - Mr. Tom Paulton Friar Francis - Mr. Halliwell Hobbes A Sexton - Mr. Paul Burnand A Boy - Miss Phyllis Carr Oatcake - Mr. Goodwin Nock Seacole - Mr. Charles A. Staite Watchman - Mr. James Cazenove 2nd Watchman - Mr. George Herbert Messenger - Mr. Leonard Craske Hero - Miss Hutin Britton Margaret - Miss Edith King Ursula - Miss Penelope Wheeler Beatrice - Miss Ellen Terry Act 1 - Scene - Leonato's House Act 2 Scenes 1 2 and 3 - Leonato's Garden Scene 4 - A Street Act 3 - Scene A Church Act 4 Scene 1 - A Prison Scene 2 - Leonato's Garden Scene 3 - Monument of Leonato Scene 4 - Leonato's Garden --- Wednesday, Oct. 12th and Saturday Matinee and Evening, Oct. 15th SHAKESPEARE'S COMEDY The Merchant of Venice DRESSES by Miss AILSA CRAIG. Duke of Venice - Mr. J.S. Hamilton Prince of Morocco, Suitor to Portia - Mr. George Fitzgerald Antonio, a Merchant of Venice - Mr. Charles Thursby Bassanio, his Friend, Suitor to Portia - Mr. Matheson Lang Friends to Antonio and Bassanio: Gratiano - Mr. E. Harcourt Williams Salarino - Mr. Eustace Le Grand Solanio - Mr. Halliwell Hobbes Lorenzo, in love with Jessica - Mr. T.A. Shannon Shylock, a Jew - Mr. Alfred Bucklaw Tubal, a Jew, his Friend - Mr. Charles Whittle Launcelot, a Clown, Servant to Shylock, and afterwards Servant to Bassanio - Mr. John Willes Old Gobbo, Father to Launcelot - Mr. Leonard Craske Servants to Portia: Balthazar - Mr. Paul Burnand Stephano - Mr. Penderel Price Nerissa, Waiting Maid ot Portia - Miss Audrey Campbell Jessica, Daughter of Shylock - Miss Hutin Britton Portia ( a Rich Heiress) - Miss ELLEN TERRY Magnificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Gaolers, Servants to Portia and other Attendants. Act 1 - Venice Act 2 Scenes 1 and 3 - Venice Scenes 2 and 4 - A Street in Venice Act 3 Scenes 1 and 3 - Portia's House, Belmont Scenes 2 and 4 - A Street in Venice Scene 5 - Portia's House, Belmont Act 4 - A Court of Justice, Venice Act 5 - The Garden, Belmont THERE WILL BE NO INTERVAL BETWEEN ACTS 1AND 2 Thursday Evening, October 13th- For this Night Only. TO BE PRECEDED BY Nance Oldfield. Mr. Nathan Oldworthy - Mr. Alfred Bucklaw Susan Oldfield - Miss Audrey Cambell Alexander Oldworthy - Mr. E. Harcourt Williams Misstress Annie Oldfield - Miss ELLEN TERRY. Scene A ROOM IN MISTRESS OLDFIELD'S HOUSE. --- The Good Hope. (A TALE OF THE SEA) An English Version of Heijerman's Play, "Op Hoop Van Zegen." By CHRISTOPHER ST. JOHN. Kniertje (a Fisherman's Widow) - Miss ELLEN TERRY. Her sons: Geert - Mr. Matheson Lang Barend - Mr. E. Harcourt Williams Joe, Her Niece - Miss Hutin Britton Cobus, her Brother, a Pensioner - Mr. Leonard Craske Dantje, another Pensioner - Mr. Tom Paulton Clemens Bos, a Smack Owner - Mr. George Fitzgerald Mathilde, his Wife - Miss Edith King Clementine, his Daughter - Miss Isabel Roland Simon, a Shipwright - Mr. John Willes Marietje, his Daughter - Miss Audrey Campbell Mees, engaged to Marietje - Mr. Halliwell Hobbes Kaps, a confidential Clerk - Mr. T.A. Shannon Saart, a Fisherman's Widow - Miss Ailsa Craig Truus, a Fisherman's Widow - Miss Penelope Wheeler Jelle, a Beggar - Mr. CharlesA. Staite First Harbour Policeman - Mr. Goodwin Nock Second Harbour Policeman - Mr. Paul Burnand. Acts 1, 2 and 3 Kniertje's Cottage Act 4 Bos' Office THERE WILL BE NO INTERVAL BETWEEN ACTS 1 & 2 and 2 & 3 --- General Manager - Mr. Alfred Courtenay Acting manager - Mr. Thomas J. Courtly Musical Director - Mr. Christopher Wilson Stage Manager - Mr. Charles la Trobe Advance Representative - Mr. G. Aubrey Hall --- Next Week, October 17th, 1904, TWO LITTLE VAGABONDS.

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Much Ado About Nothing (etc.), 10-15 October 1904, Image 3 of 3

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Edith Craig directed plays in support of the women's suffrage movement.

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